12 Different Types of Recliners for Your Home

Do you remember the feeling when you buy a new item for your house or an apartment? It feels amazing! We suggest you buy a recliner. This piece of furniture supplies comforts for a reasonable price. However, the abundance of choices makes it hard to find the one that will suit your needs. This article will discuss different types of recliners on the market. I hope that this will help you find the one that will suit your needs.   

Recliner mechanism types  

There are three main types of mechanisms on the market:  

Push-back recliner  

A push-back recliner is the most basic type. It has a lever on the side (or at the back of the chair) that you can use to push the chair back into a reclining position. Thanks to the simple mechanism, this armchair is compact and easy to move compared to other models, and it is easy to keep and operate. However, older or big people will have problems with a manual lever.  

Two-position recliner  

The name of this armchair speaks for itself. It has two different reclining positions – upright and reclined. To change between these positions, you need to use a switch found on the side of the chair. It is the most affordable type of armchair on the market. However, it requires much space because the chair’s back moves backward as it reclines. So, you need to consider if you have enough room before buying.  

Power lift recliner  

The power lift recliner is similar to the earlier model, but the main difference is that it has a motor that raises and lowers the footrest and chair. You need to sit and use a controller to change the positions. On the other hand, electric models are more expensive and consume electric energy. However, it is the best choice for older people if you have problems getting up by yourself.  

Categorized by how many people it can accommodate  

Perhaps you are looking comfy seat for yourself or a recliner that you can use as a second bed? Either way, there are a lot of different models that can accommodate your friends and family.  

Reclining loveseat  

Believe it or not, these armchairs were initially called “loveseats” because they could fit a married couple. The average lover seat ranges from 48-72 inches wide, and it has enough to place two average-built adults, but it is better to look for the larger models if you have a big family or group of friends.  

Recliner sofa  

A recliner sofa is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a piece of furniture that can accommodate more than one person. Most sofas have two or four seats.   

You can buy a manual or electric version of this sofa. The manual model controls the recliner with the lever, and an electric version has a remote with unique buttons. Besides, the electric ones are more expensive and consume electricity. Some recliners have a built-in bed in the middle of the couch. So, you can easily use it as an additional bed during sleepovers with your friends.  

Categorized by size  

Every individual is unique. Some of us are smaller, while others are bigger. So, the average armchair can be small and uncomfortable for some people. Manufacturing companies understand this problem and create models perfect for people of different sizes.  


A heavy-duty recliner for tall people can support more weight than other armchairs. Single-person reclining chairs can typically support up to around 300-350 lbs. of weight. At the same time, a heavy-duty model is explicitly designed to keep up to 500 pounds.  

The majority of these armchairs can completely recline so that you can stretch your footrest and back of the seat to your personal preference. Besides, manufacturers attach more padding to the back and seat to prevent spillage. It will be a perfect fit for big individuals that want to feel comfortable in their recliner.  


The main feature of the wall-hugger models lies in their name. You can put this armchair right against the wall without losing functionality, and this makes it the perfect choice for a small household. Besides, short people will feel comfortable in this armchair. Wall-hugger armchairs have a narrow and padded back with a larger seat.   

Overall, wall-hugger recliners are smaller than other reclining furniture styles to accommodate tiny rooms and supply comfort for small people.   

Categorized by design  

There are a variety of recliner designs that you may use in many settings and situations. Over time, armchairs have evolved to meet the demands of a wide range of users, including gaming recliners, living room recliners, RV recliners, and others.   

Club chair recliner  

Chairs and sofas with a narrow base usually have a thick cushion in the seat and back. Relaxing areas, such as a barroom or quiet place, are excellent for this armchair. So, it is better to buy these chairs in pairs, so you can film an interview or discuss different topics with your close ones. They are often somewhat smaller than ordinary armchairs, with a shorter height and narrower width.  

Modern Recliner  

Excellent comfort, extra features, and a beautiful aesthetic are a few benefits of modern recliners. These models often include remote control, heat activation, power reclining, massage choices, and others.   

Thanks to its sleek and smooth style, you can easily differentiate it from other models. Leather and polyester are two common upholstery materials used to make the exterior of modern recliners. This armchair is an excellent suit for homes with a minimalist design and feel.  

Wingback recliner  

The name of the best wingback recliner comes from the ‘wing’–shaped appendages that come off the back of the chair’s sides. These padded extensions connected to the chair’s back and run down the armrest before reaching down at the seat edge are known as wings.  

Wingback armchairs are popular because of their elegant appearance. The back is reclined in the resting position with an elevated footrest. Four wooden legs are often used as the chair’s foundation, making them easier to move.  

Mission-style recliner  

The mission-style recliner, also known as the ‘Morris’s chair,’ is typically made with wooden vertical slats and legs, a low seat, and wooden arms. The heart and back are generally cushioned with leather, removable or non-removable cushions. The slats and legs are often stained or lacquered to darken the wood and give it a more rustic appearance. Mission-style recliners look great and will be an excellent addition to any area of your home.  

Recliners with ottoman  

There are no manual footrests in many recliner models. It is not critical, but it is comfortable to put your feet up while you’re sitting on the armchair. Recliners with ottomans are available in the two-piece form, which matches both design and material. Typically, reclining chairs with ottomans are positioned on a circular base connected by a central mounting pole or attractive legs. Leather and polyester are the most popular upholstery materials.  

Gaming recliner  

Gaming recliners are built to satisfy the demands of gamers. The back of these armchairs is tapered and upright, and they may be reclined almost flat. A neck pillow and an extra lumbar support cushion provide extra comfort during the game. In addition to reducing the strain on your body, normal posture can help you focus better and increase blood flow. Besides, you may pull the lever to recline whenever you’re ready to relax. Some gaming recliners include footrests that you can elevate to chill out.  


What are the best types of recliners for elderly people?

I’d recommend a power lift recliner for the elderly. Though they tend to be expensive, power lift recliners are fully automated and can be controlled via a remote. This makes them perfect for seniors as well as those with mobility issues. Plus, they’re very comfortable and offer a wide range of features.

How do I choose a recliner?

You’ll want to keep a few things in mind when choosing a recliner. First, look into your needs and preferences, and answer a few basic questions:

  • Do you need it for leisure or therapeutic purposes?
  • Do you prefer manual or electric operation?
  • What is your budget?
  • How much space do you have available in your home?

Next, take some time to read online reviews. This will give you a good idea of what’s working for other customers, making it easier for you to decide.

Which type of recliner is the best?

It wouldn’t be fair to pick a single recliner type and declare it the best, as this really depends on individual needs and preferences. Suppose you’re looking for a comfy recliner for you and your spouse, then the reclining loveseat would be best! However, if you’re a gamer, gaming recliners are the winner for you!

What’s the cost of buying a recliner?

The market of recliners is very vast, and the prices vary greatly. The most basic manual recliners can cost around $300, but if you want something more luxurious, then be prepared to spend a few thousand dollars. Ultimately, the price will come down to the features and quality of the recliner.

Are electric recliners better than their manual counterparts?

It’s a matter of preference, as both have their own set of pros and cons. Electric recliners are usually more expensive, but they offer greater convenience since you don’t have to adjust them manually. On the other hand, manual recliners are often more affordable and offer a more traditional experience.


There are a plethora of recliners available to you today. Whereas some allow you to swivel in place, others help you win computer games. Some are designed to fit in small condos, while others may be more suited for your living room. Spend some time, and I’m confident that you will find the armchair that will suit you.  

Thank you for reading. 

Last updated: 25/04/2023

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