5 Simple Ways to Cat Proof a Recliner

Many cats love to curl up on a soft, cozy recliner, and cats especially seem to enjoy the feeling of sinking into it while they are napping or playing. Many cats prefer to chill out and destroy a recliner. Thus, this is frustrating when an expensive piece of furniture gets stretched or loaded with cat fur. This article discusses 5 ways to cat proof your armchair.

Use covers to protect your recliner

One of the simplest ways to cat-proof your recliner is to ensure it can’t be used as a scratching post. Cover these up with furniture covers if there are any areas on the leather or vinyl where your cat likes to scratch. Many different types of covers exist for this specific purpose. Most have a sticky side that attaches right onto the chair and stays put until you remove it. You can also keep the entire thing covered with a slipcover, which is basically just a large piece of fabric that fits over the top of the chair.

If you’re crafty, you could always sew some thick felt into pockets that will fit over each area of exposed material on your recliner, then use Velcro to secure them in place. Make sure to also protect the legs of your chair with feet, so they don’t get scratched up the way the rest of the chair did.

You might want to use more than one type of protector on your best recliner just for good measure. Besides, it would be great to conduct the experiment to determine which option will be best for your cat’s scratching habits. I will not explain this here cause this article will be long enough, and I don’t want to turn this article into a large piece.

Invest in a pet gate

Another great way to cat-proof your recliner is by using a pet gate. This will completely secure your recliner from your cat and prevent them from accessing it at all. You can purchase a simple pet gate or even make one yourself if you’re handy with tools and have the right supplies lying around.

Suppose you don’t want to go through the trouble of making a wooden barrier. In that case, several other options for sale range from temporary gates to more permanent solutions that attach directly to the frame of your door or wall. The only drawback is taking down the barrier every time someone wants to use the recliner. Still, many people find this option well worth any inconvenience for all of its merits as a deterrent against their pets’ scratching habits.

Cats love high places

Many cats like to sleep on comfortable chairs because it provides a good vantage point if predators come by looking for an easy meal. If this sounds like something your precious pet would do, then you might want to try giving them a better place to watch from. You can accomplish this by adding a cat tower right next to the chair.

Just be sure that your kitty has a way of getting down from it without hurting themselves if they need to in case of an emergency. Suppose you have access to an old ladder or another long object with steps on it. In that case, you could attach this to the side of the cat tower so your pet can use these as their own personal staircase when necessary.

You don’t necessarily have to add anything permanent either because many cats will love just having a piece of furniture close enough to reach and climb up on whenever they want. I recommend using one with some padding because cats like to feel like there’s something soft underneath them.

Purchase a scratching post for your cat

Some cats also like to scratch things and do anything for a good stretch. I recommend you buy a particular scratching post for your pet. A popular choice among cat lovers is to buy a sisal scratching post.

Cats love warmth and comfort just as humans do, so you might want to find something that has a nice, cushioned top on it too. That way, when your furry friend jumps up there to take care of some business or just relax, they will have something soft underneath them, so nobody gets hurt if your kitty comes barreling down for some reason.

You can buy a scratching post with just about anything your cat likes typically to scratch on the bottom of it, so they’ll be more inclined to use it. You can even attach cardboard or felt pieces onto it for this purpose, which some cats really enjoy. Just be sure not to get any of these materials at all if you have a kitty that prefers wood because it could ruin its claws and make them very unhappy.  

Groom your cat regularly

Another thing you can do to help your cat stop scratching up your recliner is to groom them regularly. Cats like having their hair brushed because it makes them feel relaxed. By keeping their coats nice and smooth, you’ll reduce the amount of hair that drops into or on top of your favorite piece of furniture too.

You might also want to take them to see a vet if they start acting strangely at any point in time because there could be an underlying issue with them that is causing this behavior.

Getting professional advice from a veterinarian is always your best way if you have no idea what might be wrong. I recommend you trust the professional and follow his or her recommendations. Remember that you are responsible for your pet.


How can I keep my cat away from my recliner?

Keeping your cat away from the recliner shouldn’t be much work. First, you can keep the recliner in an area where your cat doesn’t usually go. Or, when you’re away, you can add crates or gates to block the room that the recliner is in. You can also spray the recliner with a pet-safe repellent or place double-sided tape on it. Finally, training your cat with positive reinforcement can help too!

How do I keep my cat from scratching my recliner?

Apply a clear, heavy-duty vinyl or silicone cover over the area of the recliner that your cat scratches. You can find these covers at most pet stores. Be sure to smooth out any wrinkles on the surface, so your cat doesn’t have anything to grip onto while scratching. Another option is to get your cat a scratching post or pad that they can scratch to their heart’s content. Finally, you can try using a pet-safe repellent on the recliner to deter your cat from scratching it.

How do I stop my cat from peeing on my recliner?

If your cat pees on your recliner a few times, chances are, they’ll continue to do it. But don’t worry; there’s a solution. You can start working on behavioral training. One way to do this is to place a litter box next to the recliner and gradually move it further away until it’s in the desired location. Also, ensure you’re regularly cleaning the recliner with a pet-safe cleaner to remove any lingering urine smells.

Can cats get hurt in recliners?

Unfortunately, recliners can be dangerous for cats and all pets in general. Since cats like to squeeze into small spaces, they can sometimes get stuck between the recliner cushions. If this happens, it’s important to remain calm and gently pull your cat out by their front legs. Do not try to yank them out, as this could injure them.


Recliners are great chairs, but they’re often ruined by pesky pets who like scratching them up and laying in comfortable spots they shouldn’t. Now you’ll be able to use your recliner repeatedly without having to worry about replacing it. Thank you for reading and see you in the next one

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