How to Assemble a Recliner Sofa?

Did you recently decide to invest in a recliner, but you do not understand how you are supposed to put it together? Does it overwhelm you when you look at all the recliner parts, or perhaps you are looking for some guidance? Assembling a recliner is not a difficult job, even it seems confusing at first. Plus, knowing how to assemble a recliner is a great skill to learn for future times. So, if you want to learn how to assemble a recliner, you have landed on the perfect article for it!

Steps to assembling a recliner

Read through these guidelines once to know the kind of tools and space you will require to assemble your recliner. Once you have a good idea about the steps, follow them carefully to have the optimal recliner comfort experience as soon as possible!

The recliner should take no more than 50 minutes to assemble. A recliner sofa has many different parts that could confuse you, but before assembling the recliner, please look at the user manual to become familiar with all the parts.

Some of the steps mentioned below will require two people to perform them, so if you are thinking of doing this alone, you might want to get an adult partner to help you. Some methods also involve using a drill to make holes in the parts, so it is recommended that you do not assemble your recliner sofa on a carpeted surface. The shards from drilling into the parts can get stuck in your carpet and hurt anyone walking over it. It will be best to assemble on a clean non-marring floor, preferably packing foam. We also recommend that you save all the packaging the recliner parts come in for when you want to disassemble your recliner in the future.

Step no.1

Put your recliner’s frame upside down on an even and flat surface. Ensure the backside of the frame is towards you and the frames on both sides are folded inside.

Step no.2

Halfway around, open one of the frame sides. Open it until you think it has locked against its counterpart, forming the shape of an L.

Step no. 3

Repeat the step mentioned above for the other side and ensure that it forms the shape of the letter T. Place your hand on the top corner of each frame side to ensure they are flattened and leveled. Now grab a screwdriver from the tools available in your house and tighten all bolts with it. Once you have tightened all the bolts, you should see the shape of an L formed.

Step no.4

Turn over one of the frame sides until it evenly rests on the floor with its legs. Push this side frame down to ensure it is flattened, and proceed to tighten all the bolts with your screwdriver.

Step no.5

Repeat the step mentioned above with both the frame sides, ensuring all of them are leveled on the floor before tightening their bolts with your screwdriver.

Step no.6

In this step, you will need to attach to your frame and the back panels of the recliner. You have two side frames in your recliner, and you will need to attach the panel to them both. Grab a marker to mark the holes you will be drilling through. Now grab a power drill and ensure any safety precautions before you start to drill. Wearing protective eye goggles is recommended so you can protect your eyes from any shards. Tighten all the bolts on each side to connect the three sides before attaching the second panel in its position.

Step no.7

The next thing you need to do is attach the frame and the seat panel. Ensure that you align both sides of the frame to the seat panel. You will need your power drill again to make holes through the frame and seat panel. Attach both sides of the frame and the panel by tightening all the necessary bolts and ensuring nothing comes off loose.

The final step

The last thing you need to do before comfortably enjoying your recliner sofa experience is to attach the frame and the arm panels. You will repeat the same process of aligning and drilling the arm panels to the frame. Tighten all the bolts for both the arm panels once you have aligned them to each side of the frame.

At this point, your recliner is assembled and ready to be used. You can test your recliner’s functionalities and ensure that there is no creaking noise. Any creaking noises you might hear may indicate that some bolts have not been tightened properly.

Frequently asked questions

Can I sit on the armrests of my recliner?

It is strongly advised not to sit on the armrests of your recliner since they are not designed to uphold so much weight and can break.

Is it difficult to put together a recliner sofa?

Recliner sofas might look difficult to assemble, but you can assemble them in little to no time with the right instructions and guidelines.

How can I remove the back of my recliner sofa?

You will have to pull down on your recliner’s back to remove it. Pulling down on it will help release its tension and allow the cushions to be separated from it.

Can I remove an arm panel from my recliner sofa?

Yes! You can easily remove an arm panel from one side of the recliner sofa.

What should I look for while buying a recliner sofa?

You should keep an eye on the type of fabric used, the leather grade, and the material the recliner’s frame is made of.

Can I disassemble my recliner sofa?

Yes! You can disassemble your recliner sofa with the same ease as assembling it. Just make sure you follow the instructions and guidelines properly and do not damage any of the recliner parts.


It is important to know and understand how to assemble a recliner sofa because the job barely takes any time at all. Taking 50 minutes from your day to assemble your recliner sofa is worth more than paying a professional, who will charge you a lot of money, to do the same job. You do not need to buy many tools to assemble a recliner sofa because the required tools are probably already lying around your house. Ensure that you follow all safety precautions to avoid causing any safety hazard. Follow all instructions carefully and get the optimal recliner sofa experience in little to no time! If you make a mistake, you can always disassemble the sofa and repeat the steps. Best of luck!

Last updated: 20/04/2022

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