8 Best Black Leather Recliners in 2022

The need for recliner chairs has increased over the years due to the change in our lifestyles. The world is so busy that we need quick and accessible solutions for all our problems.

Even in home furnishing, recliner chairs have become a must for people to give their bodies and mind some relaxation and comfort. Keeping a recliner chair at home means that a person can return from a long day’s work and lie on the chair to mend their backs with the massage options.

Since most jobs in this modern age are done behind a desk, even offices worldwide have started adopting the idea of letting their employees use comfortable recliner chairs. This also improves productivity in the employees, leading to a better work environment.

Black is a color that is always consistent in home furnishing. Choosing to have black recliner chairs is better because it gives the living room a classy touch.

If you are considering purchasing black recliner chairs, then here is a list of some of the best ones you’ll find online.

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02/01/2023 06:14 am GMT
Best Budget Massage Chair
Esright Massage Recliner Chair
  • Cheap massage chair
  • Good for budget home theater
  • Massage and heating
  • 2 cup holders
  • Remote control
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02/01/2023 02:46 am GMT
Best for Home Theater
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02/01/2023 02:08 am GMT
Best recliner from small business
GDFStudio CHRISTOPHER KNIGHT HOME Merit Black Leather Recliner/Glider Chair
  • Great design
  • Small size
  • High-end gliding feature
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02/01/2023 04:16 am GMT
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
02/01/2023 02:33 am GMT
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02/01/2023 04:28 am GMT
Best overall
Signature Design by Ashley Yandel
  • High-end mechanism and upholstery
  • Smooth gliding
  • Comfortable controls
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02/01/2023 03:11 am GMT

Sophia Traditional Black Leather Recliner

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02/01/2023 06:14 am GMT

The Sophia Traditional Black Leather Recliner is an affordable chair that is good for kicking back and relaxing because of its reclining ability and well-cushioned body. It is good-looking due to its upholstery made of traditional black leather.

After purchasing it online, I was unsure about the quality of the chair after reading reviews online. However, all my doubts were cleared once the recliner chair got delivered to my place. It was a pretty light recliner chair compared to other recliners and had an excellent look because of the black leather.

The extra cushioning on the lumbar is perfect for the back after a long day’s work. It is very comfortable and helps relax your body. The armrests are very padded and give an extraordinarily comfortable feel on the elbows, especially. Perfect seat depth can also be adjusted with an extra seat cushion.

Fortunately, this recliner chair was not meant for my use. It was for a family member that had issues with her back because of hours of sitting at work. She is small in stature and fits perfectly in the Sophia Recliner Chair.

For people larger in size, this chair won’t be ideal as it is a small chair with short dimensions. However, it has all the necessary features that make a good recliner chair.

It also has white stitching over the black leather, giving it some color contrast.


  • The Sophia Black Leather Recliner has a body with extra stuffed paddings, making the chair very comfortable to rest on. These soft cushions help to reduce body aches one might feel after a long day’s work.
  • It can swivel 360 degrees. This allows a user to turn around and reach for things nearby without getting up from the chair.
  • The armrests are well-cushioned with plush so that they can be extra comfortable for your elbows and arms, unlike other old recliner chairs that only have hard surfaces.
  • The chair comes with two steel cupholders on each arm. You can place your beverages in the cupholders to prevent them from spilling on the chair.
  • The footrest raises as you recline back, giving your legs the chance to stretch and relax.
  • The reclination is controlled by a lever below the right armrest, which is easy to release, giving the user maximum comfort with less effort.

Esright Massage Recliner Chair

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02/01/2023 02:46 am GMT

The Esright Massage Recliner Chair suits people who want a stylish recliner with massage features. It comes at an affordable price and has multiple relaxing functions, perfect for recovery.

I did not face any technical issues when reclining back to stretch my body and the leg rest also functioned smoothly. The heating system can heal your aches in the lower back, especially when it’s cold and you need a bit of warmth. You can lie back, relax, and enjoy watching movies if you want to.

The recliner chair is adequately padded from the head to the footrest. It gives the user extra comfort and tranquility. Adding cushions on the arms and the legs are significant features in the Esright Massage Recliner Chair.

I loved the chair’s design as it gives out a very modern look. The bottom of the chair comes in one box, and the back and side arms in another. The massage chair swivels 360 degrees so that the user can turn around effortlessly without getting up from the seat.

One minor inconvenience I have faced is that it is hard to lock the leg rest during the initial stages. It might have something to do with the recliner chair being new. After a couple of months, I have been able to put it back in its place after regular usage.

However, that can be worked out as long as the other parts of the chair work normally. The Esright Massage Recliner Chair also has a rocking function included.

I would suggest people purchase this recliner chair as it has multiple features and is quite affordable compared to other high-end recliners.


  • The Esright Massage Recliner Chair has a simple but elegant design that gives out a classy vibe. The black leather makes it very attractive and enhances your room’s vibe.
  • It has a special swivel function that allows the user to make a complete 360-degree turn without getting up from the seat.
  • It comes with a heating function in the lumbar, seat, and leg areas, which helps warm the user’s body and reduce aches along the spine, knees, and other places where the muscles are sore.
  • It has a massage function with 5 modes and 2 intensity levels that can be controlled by remote, and the reclining position can be managed manually.
  • It also has a rocking function.

CANMOV Electric Power Recliner Chair

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02/01/2023 02:08 am GMT

When I first bought the CANMOV Electric Power Recline Chair, I wasn’t sure what I was getting into since the price did not fit its features. It had features like high-end luxury chairs at an affordable price.

However, on arrival, I was satisfied with the recliner chair. I was looking for a reclining chair with attractive black leather upholstery, and the CANMOV Electric chair did not disappoint.

It has a silent motor that helps to perform reclining actions. You can recline and stop at any angle using the remote controller. The motion of the backrest is smooth and does not have any sudden jerks in between, giving the user a very comfortable resting session.

The setup of the chair’s parts is simple and does not take up much time. I was able to perform the setup process without any difficulties. I have been using it for a couple of months now, and it is not showing any signs of wear or tear, and there is certainly no sign of the padding thinning down even though I weigh a good 280 pounds.

However, I have had minor inconveniences with the availability of only one button for the reclining function. The leg rest raises the back reclines, which is sometimes unnecessary. It would have been better if CANMOV produced it with separate buttons for both the back and the leg rest.

Overall, the CANMOV Electric Power Recliner Chair is a very comfortable and reliable chair that can be used to relax after a long day’s work. I feel it has all the features required to make a good recliner chair, and it is also affordable.


  • The CANMOV Electric recliner chair is powered by a motor that helps perform reclining functions. It has two buttons to control the reclination – lounging back and getting back up. When the back reclines, no sound is created as it has a silent motor, and the movement of the backrest is smooth.
  • The diamond-shaped stitching on the black leather gives it a classic look, making it perfect for your bedroom, home theaters, etc.
  • It has two cup holders on each arm. You can use them to place your choice of drink to avoid spillage on the chair. The addition of cup holders gives the user a feeling that they are in a theater watching movies.
  • There is a hidden compartment for storing things under the armrests. You can keep your mobile phones, magazines, etc., so that you can easily have access to them whenever you need them.
  • You can also leave your mobile charging under the armrest as there are two USB ports in the hidden compartment while kicking back and relaxing on the comfortable recliner sofa.

Merit Black Leather Recliner/Glider Chair

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02/01/2023 04:16 am GMT

The Merit Black Leather Recliner has a very contemporary look because of the black leather used for the upholstery. The whole body of the chair is layered and is one of the most comfortable recliner chairs I have owned.

I wanted to replace my old sofa set and get the best recliner sofa because of the constant need to relax after coming back from working long office hours. Deciding to buy the Merit Black Leather Recliner has worked out very nicely as I can now relax in the comfort of the padded seats with the back reclined.

The black leather is top-quality, and it is not synthetic or bonded leather. This chair is especially suitable for people who have problems with their backs. It is not a chair that is super soft and spongy.

The chair is on the firmer side, making it perfect for treating backaches. Soft paddings are not that suitable for such issues. Whenever I feel the need to lay flat on my back, I recline the back seat all the way back to catch a quick nap.

The footrest also raises as the back reclines and gives my legs the ability to stretch and relax. When I read reviews online, most people complained about difficulty putting the leg rest back to its original position, but I have faced no such issues so far.

Putting the chair together is also a simple process. All the instructions are given in a booklet, and it doesn’t take time to complete.


  • The backrest has a waterfall design, giving it a very modern look. This swivel recliner has a curvy shape, making it stand out from other recliner chairs. It has genuine black leather that gives it a good feel to the skin. It can be easily be called the best leather recliner.
  • The Merit Black Recliner has a gliding function that gives you the utmost comfort. The sofa is large enough for you to find a comfortable position and relax while the glider does its job.
  • The leather is made of the finest hand-picked materials and is genuine. It provides a very polished and pristine look and enhances the room’s ambiance.
  • It has a 360-degree swivel function which can be used to turn around to reach for things without needing to get out of the recliner.

Irene House Recliner Chair

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02/01/2023 02:33 am GMT

The Irene House recliner chair is an advanced chair with multiple features and is especially beneficial for people with mobility issues. You can spend the whole day sitting in this chair and sleeping in it if you wish to.

I bought this chair for my father, who has problems moving around because of his backaches. The Irene House Recliner Chair has made everything more accessible, and there is no need to be around him 24/7 as he can use the multiple features in the chair to manage himself.

The chair is very comfortable and can be used to recline back fully so that you can sleep on it. The footrest can also be raised if you want it to. There are multiple buttons that can control the recline functions, footrest, and many more.

It was simple to assemble and took less time to complete than anticipated. From the first time I used the chair until now, I have not come across the motor making any noise while reclining.

The worst part about a person with back issues or an injured leg is that it is hard to get them out of bed into an upright standing position. The Irene House chair has a lift option that helps get a sickly person to stand up. It helps a person with mobility issues get in and out of the chair instead of depending on another person to help them up.

The customer support at Irene House is also the best I have come across, and they were very helpful with their responses to my queries from the get-go.


  • The Irene House Recliner Chair comes with massage and heating functions. The heat function can help relieve your backaches and keep you warm during the winter season. There are 4 massage nodes for the back, which the remote controller can control.
  • It has side pockets which are very convenient if you want to store things such as mobile phones, books, snacks, etc.
  • The armrests, footrest, and backrest are thickly padded, making them very comfortable for the user. You can kick back and relax on this chair, which has a widened backrest that gives extra room for your body and supports the back.
  • This chair is powered by a dual-motor which is very silent and does not disturb your peace of mind while relaxing. The chair reclines smoothly and is independent of the footrest. There are different controls for the footrest and the backrest, and you can choose to move them together or separately.
  • You can raise the whole chair to help a person stand up with the push of a button. This feature allows people with mobility issues to move around.
  • The backrest locks itself automatically after you find a comfortable position. There is no limit on the angles you can recline back in.
  • The frame of the chair is made of highly durable metal and conforms to expected standards. The wood used in the formation of the whole structure is also very reliable.
  • The black leather is faux leather but made of the highest quality, durable, and will show no signs of wear and tear for a long time. It is smooth and breathable while also being waterproof.

Seatcraft Julius Home Theater Seating

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02/01/2023 10:14 am GMT

Seatcraft’s Julius is very good-looking because of its black upholstery. It brings out the best in the chair aesthetically. It has a very modern design with a sleek body.

Its tall backrest is one of the stand-out features of this chair, as it is not easy to find backrests that fit tall people. I have been lucky to find this chair while researching tall recliner chairs. It is not as expensive as the other large ones I have come across but helps me get the job done.

It was hard to find a comfortable position on my old recliner chairs as they had short backrests. So, no matter how much I tried to make do, it just did not give me any comfort. It is covered with black leather, which is one of the best to look at, giving the chair a clean look.

The delivery did not take time as it reached my doorsteps in a couple of days. I had no problems setting up the chair, and it was easy to follow the instructions on the manual, which came in the box. It is a single recliner that is large enough to fit people with a tall physique.

The chair’s frame is very sturdy and can last for a long time. Its durability should not be an issue for any interested buyers. It has a headrest that is padded with thick cushions, which you can use to lie your head on.

Its head support is one of the special features, and it also has other modern features which can be used for multiple purposes.

I find this chair very comfortable for relaxing after a long day’s work. It is especially a great help for my neck and lumbar as it has enough padding to give my back a comfortable surface to lie on.

It does not cause any problems while reclining or getting back up. The functioning of the chair is smooth and can be perfect even for home theater seating. You can easily sit back and relax while you watch your favorite movies.


  • This chair can accommodate a user who weighs up to 400 pounds. This shows that tall and heavy people will have enough room to relax in this chair. It is double that of the average recliner chair.
  • The recline function in this chair can cover you from head to toe. The backrest is taller, and the footrest is also lengthier, making it possible for tall people to lie back and relax or watch movies. It has everything it needs for home theater seating.
  • The armrest has a broader area surface to rest your arms on. Unlike older versions of recliners, the recliners these days come with padded armrests, and Seatcraft has done an incredible job by adding more space.
  • The Seatcraft Julius comes with two cupholders – one on each arm. The cupholders are a great addition to the chair as it gives the user to keep his beverages on the chair without spilling them. It gives off a theater-like feeling to have cupholders in the recliner chair.
  • This recliner chair has LED lights fitted to the chair’s base and in each cup holder, which give out a wonderful ambiance, making the user feel like they are in a movie theater.
  • The upholstery is made of the finest handpicked top-grain black leather, a product of the best quality hides. The black leather gives a luxurious vibe and is very compatible with our skin.

Limare Recliner Leather Chair

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02/01/2023 04:28 am GMT

The Limare Recliner Leather Chair is a classic-looking chair that can be used in the bedroom, living room, etc. It comes in different shades, but the black leather is the best one as it gives your room a grand feel.

I had bought not too long ago to rest after coming back from work on a soft, recliner chair. Lying down in bed also made me feel too lazy, so I decided to buy this recliner chair.

The black leather is a blend of genuine and synthetic materials, which is very comfortable to feel on the skin. It has the right amount of padding that provides the utmost comfort for the tired body. The padding is not too soft that your body will be fully submerged under it.

I personally like the little bit of firmness in the padding, which is really good for the spine. It keeps the posture intact and is also durable in the long run.

There are a lot of health benefits that come with the Limare Recliner Chair, as it relaxes the stress in your lower back. The headrest is a wonderful addition that gives your neck and spine the right balance while watching TV.

It is not the fanciest-looking chair, but it has a classy feel. It isn’t easy to find a comfortable recliner chair like the Limare Recliner Chair as it is not motorized. Motorized recliner chairs provide excellent comfort, but this chair is also not far away in terms of comfort.

I would highly recommend this chair to someone looking for an affordable recliner with good comfort and aesthetics. It is easy to assemble and does not require much time and effort. I had to join the back and the base, which was about it.

The best thing about this chair is that you do not have to use any knob or lever to recline back. If you lean back, the chair will automatically recline by itself, and the footrest will also be raised, giving your body and legs ample comfort.


  • It has 5 relaxation modes that help your body relax and chill. You can lie flat on your back, sit up straight, recline halfway according to your convenience, watch movies like in a home theater, or simply rest in the chair.
  • The chair can bear a weight of almost 300 pounds and maintain stability. That is because of the chair’s sturdy frame and the developers’ structural genius. The chair has no chance to flip sideways or backward due to its stable structure and design.
  • The use of natural and artificial black leather makes it compatible with the skin. Your skin will not stick to the leather, and it will last for quite a while.
  • The padding on the sofa is perfect for mending your backaches and other physical issues. The backrest will fit the body curve, helping your spine relieve all stress.

Signature Design by Ashley Yandel

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02/01/2023 03:11 am GMT

The Signature Design by Ashley Yandel is a good option if you are looking for a classy design. What caught my eye was the black polyester leather. It has stitching on the black leather, making it look very rustic.

It has a power lift that can help people with mobility issues to stand up effortlessly. I decided to purchase this recliner chair because of the power lift function and the classy black leather upholstery. After my feet got injured, this recliner chair helped me a lot to stand up without the help of others.

The reclining function also is very smooth and silent because of the dual motor. The chair can recline up to 180 degrees, and you can lock it at any angle that is convenient for you. The footrest is also a unique addition to the chair with enough space.

Since I had an injury to my leg, the footrest needed to be long enough to fit my whole leg. I was able to rest my legs properly and got up anytime using the power lift function by pressing the controls on the remote. The remote controller is attached to the side of the chair using a cord.

The leather is polyester, which means it is synthetic leather, not genuine. However, it looks and feels just like natural leather, and the black color makes it even more realistic.

Whenever I felt the strain on my lower back because of long hours of sitting, I would recline back fully and lie flat on my back. I would suggest people looking to buy an affordable recliner chair with good looks purchase the Signature Design by Ashley Yandel as it gives good value for money.


  • The Signature Design by Ashley Yandel has a power lift recliner that can be controlled using a remote controller attached to the side of the chair. The lift function is powered by a silent dual-motor and does not make any noise while reclining.
  • The black leather upholstery gives the Signature Design a classy look and will fit aesthetically in your room. It has a feel-good touch, and the stitches make it look even better.
  • The padding is filled with plush and makes the user very comfortable while sitting down. It is designed with a tall back and spongy cushions, giving your back a soft surface to lean on.
  • The armrest and the footrest are also well-padded, and the remote controller can control the footrest. Both parts are well-sized.
  • The Signature Design by Ashley Mandel also has side pockets below the armrest which you can use to store mobile phones, magazines, snacks, spectacles, etc.

Why choose black leather?

Black leather recliner chairs are a better choice than other colors as it is possible to notice less fading compared to different colors. Black also goes well with most room interiors and does not attract much attention.

Using bright colors in home theaters, bedrooms, living room furniture, etc., are not very suitable as it can be a little distracting. However, black leather recliner chairs can blend in really well with the room’s interiors and go unnoticed.

Factors that make an excellent recliner chair

Before purchasing a recliner chair, you should consider a few factors to choose the right one.

Having an idea about the features you need in a recliner chair will help you fasten up your decision-making process.

Choose a good recliner chair that fits your budget.

One of the essential factors is the comfort of the chair. Even if you buy an expensive recliner chair, it will be useless if the padding is not comfortable.

The size of the chair should also be taken into account before making a purchase. Measure your height and weight first, and look for the chair’s dimensions online. A small chair for a tall person would be illogical.

Since recliner chairs are not products that can be bought daily, you should purchase a recliner chair for the long run.

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