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6 Best Leather Recliners 2022 (Reviewed & Rated)

When you think about recliners, the first thing on your mind is probably cushioned comfort. The best leather recliner is oversized, with big armrests and the ultimate lumbar support. To make it better, lazy-boy type recliners are manufactured with advanced technology that massages your body as you go into a deep relaxation mode, making it impossible to resist such recliners.

They also carry a lot of style and elegance with their sleek leather and sophisticated looks that allow you to fit these recliners in any room without compromising on the aesthetics. They are also easy to maintain because of the leather material that makes them resistant to dust and moisture.

Best recliner with massage
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Best power recliner
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Best ergonomic
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Best with ottoman
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Best recliner for Elderly
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Best budget recliner
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What to look for in a leather recliner?

  • The recliner should also be made of durable materials for longevity.
  • The weight capacity of the recliner should be significantly heavy so that it can accommodate a majority of body types and weights.
  • The actual weight of the recliner should not be too heavy or too light for your body weight for a comfortable sitting.
  • Look for special features such as footrests, cup holders, additional compartments, swivel features, etc.
  • Ultimately, the comfort of the recliner is the top priority so that you can relax and unwind effortlessly.

Esright recliner massage chair

If you’re into lazy boy lounge chairs, this is for you. The Esright recliner massage chair has ergonomic parts that let you swivel 360 degrees to relax and rest your body. Whether you want it for yourself or as a gift for a friend, this recliner chair does wonders to your body.

One of the best parts of the Esright chair is the extra special features, such as the two cup holders and a high-density sponge underneath the headrest. This factor makes this recliner chair one of the best when it comes to head support.

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What we like:

5 multi-function chairs:

This chair comes with 5 functions that you can choose from, starting with the 369 degrees swivel and vibrations, heating, reclining and rocking features to give you the full benefit of the Esright chair.

Extra thick padding:

There’s nothing like the comfort of think padding on your recliner chairs to give you ultimate comfort. This chair is made of sturdy yet soft materials that are durable and good for intensive useable.

In addition to this, the arms and the back of the chair are cushioned so that you get to experience double the comfort of a reclining massage chair.

Trendy design:

The Esright recliner massage chair has all the latest features you will need to enjoy a relaxing session on your recliner chair. It comes with two cup holders to enjoy a drink or two when relaxing on this chair. It also has extra side compartments to keep your phone and book or a magazine while seared

The sleek and elegant design of the chair allows compatibility with almost any kind of aesthetic. Whether you desire to use it for watching TV in the living room or chilling in your bedroom, this chair will perfectly fit your room.

Manual control:

You can manually control up to 140 degrees on this recliner massage chair. It comes with a power cord to let you experience all the 5 massage features, as well as a remote control for easy adjustments. You can also choose the intensity of your massages through this feature.

Quick and easy assembly:

If the only thing holding you back is the tedious assembly process that most chairs of this standard have, you will be surprised to know that this chair is super easy to assemble with all instructions included in the package.

If at all you need professional help, the company customer service team is always ready to help you find a solution to your problem easily.


  • The Esright recliner massage chair comes with think padding for double the comfort.
  • The headrest on this leather recliner is ultra-thick to give your head the support it needs.
  • The frame of the recliner is made of durable materials, so it can support intense bodyweight in all positions.
  • Made with PU leather.


  • When using the recliner chair, it may be difficult to latch down the footrest. You will need to sit straight on the chair and exert pressure on the footrest in order to click it in place.

Price:  The price tag on this recliner is placed around $280 to $329.

Valencia Tuscany Premium Power Recliner

This recliner is made of top-grain Italian Nappa Leather (11000), with extreme reclining and lumbar support power. There’s absolutely nothing like sinking into premium leather and engineered ergonomics that have been designed and tested for the ultimate musculoskeletal support. The Valencia Tuscany power recliner is the only chair you need whether you want to enjoy a relaxing session or watch a movie.

What’s better than a comfortable recliner? The correct answer is a recliner that has been engineered for ergonomic support for posture and muscles. The Valencia Tuscany Premium Recliner is one such recliner that has been designed specifically for this purpose, so you can rest assured that this chair will give you ultimate comfort.

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What we like:

Premium leather material:

It comes with customizable parts so that you can build the power recliner of your dreams. You can even adjust the headrest to fit your body and head shape, with extra compartments to hold food, magazines, phones, and cup holder.

Made with premium Italian real leather, this chair is everything you need in a leather recliner. It doesn’t matter how much money you spend on your recliners; it’s not worth it if it isn’t durable. So we have listed this recliner among the top products because it’s extremely robust and will last you a lifetime, no matter the usage.

Optimum pressure distribution:

The Valencia Tuscany recliner comes with top-of-the-line leather material that is smooth, soft comfortable to the highest level. It is specifically designed to be able to take the weight of any body shape and size. It distributes the weight evenly so that everyone can experience its comfortable and sturdy design.

Ergonomic cushioning:

The superior ergonomics offered by this Tuscany power recliner are all you need to relax and unwind after a long day. It is well cushioned and padded in all the right places so that your body gets the support it needs. It also aids in lumbar support so that your spine is nestled in properly without the risk of compromising the curve of your spine.

Stylish design:

Another plus point of this recliner, along with all the technical features, is its elegant looks and urban sophistication. You can easily find a powered control panel on the side of the arm that is concealed so it doesn’t compromise the overall look of the chair.

The recliner comes with a diamond quilted design that makes it look grand and will for into any room’s aesthetics. And again, this design is not just for the looks but also serves double the purpose, providing comfort and support for your body.


  • It comes with an adjustable headrest to alter it according to your needs.
  • You can add separate attachments to the body of the recliner according to your needs, such as cup holders and compartments to hold your belongings.
  • It comes complete with ambient LED lighting, so your ultimate comfort chair stands out even when you’re in a dark room watching your favorite movie.


The instructions manual does not specify how to operate the control panel, which can be a bit of a problem for first-time users.

Price range: The price tag on the Valencia Tuscany Premium Recliner can vary depending on how many seaters you want. The starting price for triple-seaters is around $6,000 and can go up to $10,0000 for the 4-5 seater ones.

Fjords Hjellegjerde Scandinavian Lounge Reclining Chair and ottoman

The Fjords Hjellegjerde Scandinavian leather recliner is engineered with Norwegian ergonomic support with a large muldal swivel feature that lets you enjoy a relaxing time on your chair. This chair comes with its own ottoman and an additional footrest for added comfort. The chair adjusts its resting position depending on the person’s weight, so you don’t have to worry about uncomfortable sitting/reclining positions.

It comes with the Fjords Active Release System, an integrated technology to support your neck when you’re sitting in the chair. This unique mechanism is what helps offers ultimate sustenance for the user. The adjustment control for this mechanism is swift and easy and can be operated with a single movement. Your spine can experience continuous support while in a reclining position and enjoy the best relaxation session at all angles.

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What we like:

Fjords Active Release System:

This Fjords Swivel Recliner and ottoman set come with the exclusive Fjords Active Release System that is ergonomically engineered to give your body and spine optimum comfort and support. Even when in a reclined position, your legs and back won’t feel any stress; instead, you’ll be able to unwind and allow your blood circulation to move more freely.

Premium cushioning and foam:

The Fjords recliner doesn’t come with just the best genuine leather material on the outside; the inside of the chair is also just as remarkable! It uses molded foam that can be cold cured, so it retains its structure for a lot longer than other types of foam. The entire chair, starting from the back cushions to the seat, armrests, and even the ottoman, is cast in full cold cure foam so that the chair’s shape doesn’t change even with extended usage, nor does the durability of the cushion.

Adjustable positioning:

The construction of the Fjords leather recliner is such that the chair’s shape molds itself to fit the body shape and weight of the user. The gliding mounts that are fitted into this recliner chair provide unique resting positions for each individual’s body weight and shape. The chair is built to adapt to your body, so you don’t have to.


  • The base of the recliner is made of laminated wood available in different colors.
  • This chair is also available in different sizes to choose either a large or a small one, depending on your needs.
  • The Fjords recliners are shipped already assembled, so you don’t have to set it up yourself or ask for professional help.


Apart from the wooden base, the rest of the chairs don’t come in a huge variety of colors.

Price range: The price tag on the Fjords Hjellegjerde muldal swivel recliner with ottoman is set at around $1,500

Flash Furniture leather recliner with ottoman

What’s better than sinking into upholstered, soft leather recliners after a long workday? Flash Furniture offers this luxury to all its users with a leather recliner built for superior comfort and an ottoman so you can experience the full comfort of resting your whole body.

The recliner is constructed so that it lasts you a long time with a stylish design, so you can fit this anywhere in your house. It doesn’t matter if you want it in the living room for watching TV in the chair or the bedroom for a relaxing seat; this Flash Furniture leather recliner is just what you need for an unwinding moment.

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What we like:

Luxury in comfort:

With 3-inch thick padding on all parts of the recliner, you haven’t experienced comfort as exorbitant as this recliner. The padding is so soft that your body nestles perfectly into the seat.


The number of adjustments you can make with this recliner is evolutionary. You can adjust the position to your liking and fit the perfect arrangement that suits your needs. The control of these adjustments is also easy and quick. You also have the freedom of a 360-degree swivel unlike any other. The chair comes with ball bearing construction that allows smooth movement wherever you want.


The convenience of a comfortable chair and all the basic features and an ottoman are all you need. The assembly of this product is also super easy and quick, so it will take you less than 30 minutes to get it up and running once it arrives at your doorstep.

It also comes with floor protectors attached to the chair’s base, so you don’t have to worry about scuffing and scratch marks on your floor when you move the chair around.

Durable leather:

The soft leather upholstery is very durable and sturdy, built for long-lasting use. You can easily clean dirt and dust off the leather surface with a damp cloth, and it will come right off without leaving any residue.

Foam padding:

With more than enough foam padding, it is no surprise that the recliner is made for comfort. The foam padding extends all the way to the seat, armrests, and back of the chair so you can experience comfort on all parts of this recliner. To add to this, the integrated headrest helps you rest your head for full relaxation.

Safety details:

Keep your floors free from damage and scraping with the floor protectors which come with the chair. Now you don’t have to worry about scuffs caused by the chair when moving it around the house.


  • The recliner comes with built-in floor protectors to easily move the chair around the house without the worry of scuffing or damaging your floors.
  • The chair’s base comes in a wooden mahogany finish, so you get this timeless and chic look that fits perfectly with your interior decor.
  • It comes with ball bearings that aid in the smooth swiveling of the chair, while the level helps you adjust the recline of the chair as much as you want.


Price range: The price tag on this recliner is set at about $430.

J&L Furniture Dual Motor Electric Lift Recliner

The J&L Furniture Dual Motor Electric Lift Recliner comes powered with exceptional features that let you enjoy a nice massage and heating while sitting on the chair. To top it off, you can adjust the position of the chair however you want so you can find the perfect position for your body. The weight capacity of this recliner is huge and can hold up to 300 pounds easily.

The chair’s surface is also made of high-quality leather that is both breathable and soft, so you can easily sink into the chair without worry. You’ll get to experience new heights of comfort and relaxation with this recliner.

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What we like:

Quiet dual-motor mechanism:

The J&L Furniture Dual Motor Electric Lift Recliner is made with dual motors that are super quiet, so you are not disturbed by the whirring sound of the machine when using this chair. The motors help the smooth and seamless movement of the chair, simultaneously aiding in the power boost.

Infinite adjustments:

With the J&L Dual Motor Electric Lift Recliner, you can easily adjust the seat to your liking. The adjustments are infinite, so you can easily find a comfortable position for you. There are also independent adjustments to the back and front parts of the seat so you can enjoy ultimate relaxation. If you have issues with mobility, you can easily adjust the reline of the chair according to what is most suited for your body.

You can also lock the position of the chair, so you don’t have to keep adjusting it again and again when you leave the chair. And since the adjustments are infinite, you can find a spot that you are most comfortable with and use the position lock to keep your chair in position.

Separate back and footrest adjustments:

The unique feature of this recliner is that you can adjust the backrest and footrest separately. The backrest can be adjusted to various degrees, starting from 105 degrees up to 180 degrees. As for the footrest, you can recline it from 90 degrees to 180 degrees.

The best part is that you can lock the recliner in a horizontal position without interfering with the comfort of the recliner in any way.

Contemporary design:

The J&L Dual Motor Electric Lift Recliner checks all the boxes when it comes to comfort and resilience. Still, it is also designed with modern details that make the chair look effortlessly chic and sophisticated. The stylish design makes this recliner the perfect fit for anywhere in your house.

There are pockets on both sides of the chair so you can store your belongings such as your phone, book, magazines, and whatever you might need when you’re enjoying a relaxing time on the chair. You also get two cup holders and side pockets where you can keep all your drinks.

Sustainable and durable:

The wooden parts of the J&L Dual Motor Electric Lift Recliner are made of products that are 100% formaldehyde-free. The manufacturers have also made sure that all the California Air Resources Board (CARB) P2 requirements are properly met, so you don’t have to worry about contributing to environmental damage with the purchase of this recliner.

Even the chair’s metal frame and foam in the chair are made of high quality, high density, and eco-friendly materials that are guaranteed to last you for years even with extensive use.

Muscular-skeletal support concept:

This dual motor chair is constructed with the concept of allowing you the most comfort when you sit on it. In addition to the superb padding on the chair, it comes with an additional pillow that aids in lumbar support for those who need it.

The infinite adjustable backrest is also wide and broad, so you can sit on the chair with ease and ample space to move around.


  • The company offers a warranty for the chair as well as customer support for any problems or queries that need answers.
  • You can easily control the infinite adjustments of the chair through remote control.
  • The leather surface is made of breathable durable and easy to clean materials.
  • Comfortable home theater seating.


The instructions on setting up and assembling the chair are vague, so it can be quite a task to set it up properly.

Price range: The price tag on the J&L Furniture Dual Motor Electric Lift Recliner is set at around $790.87

Homall Direct Padded Seat leather Recliner Chair

Homall Direct is a company that assures high-quality products to all its customers so that everyone can experience a good downtime on one of their padded leather recliner chairs. The prices are also super competitive, so you are definitely getting your money’s worth when you buy from their company.

Whether you need a recliner to keep in your home theater, living room, or bedroom, the Homall Direct Padded Seat leather Recliner Chair is perfect. It comes with lots of recreational features that make sitting on this chair the most relaxing time of the day. The chair has a modern, sleek and stylish stitching design that goes all the way around the chair, giving it an overall elegant look. The dual stitching design also aids in the durability of the chair.

The chair is made of top-grade faux leather, which is super soft to the touch and extremely comfortable to sleep on.

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What we like:

High-quality materials:

The Homall recliner chair comes with top-of-the-line leather quality that is comfortable and soft to sit on. The material is highly resistant to water and dirt, and for easy maintenance, you can wipe it clean with a damp cloth.

Thick padding:

This recliner comes with very densely packed padding that makes it very comfortable to sit on. The cushioning is perfect for spine and lumbar support, so you won’t experience any aches and pains when sitting on this recliner. In addition to this, the chair itself is made of highly durable materials, so it is resilient and can withstand intensive use for long periods.


You can adjust the position of the Homall Padded leather Recliner into 3 different positions, from a 90-degree straight chair to 180 degrees recline. Whether you want to use the chair for work, gaming, relaxation, or even a good nap, you can adjust the angle of the recliner to your liking.

Ergonomically engineered footrest:

The recliner comes with a sturdy metal frame that is strong enough to hold all the dense padding as well as the leather covering. The footrest itself is made to ergonomically fit the users’ needs and can be adjusted according to the position of the body. You can retract the footrest if you don’t need it.

You can easily prop up the bottom part of the recliner and separate it from the floor, so you get a sturdy footrest when you want to use it for relaxation purposes.

Floor protection:

It comes with in-built floor protectors that help glide your chair around the house without worrying about causing damage to your floors or carpet. There will be no scuffing and scratching of your floor even if you move your chair around.


  • It comes with a retractable footrest which is convenient for people who need the recliner for a variety of reasons.
  • It also has curved and wide armrests so you can lay your arms with ample space to move around if you need to.
  • It is super easy and simple to adjust and control the different adjustments of the recliner.


Price range: The Homall Direct Padded Seat leather Recliner Chair price tag is set in the budget range.

What are the different types of recliners?

Before you purchase, you need to know what kind of recliners exist and which one is the recliner that is best suited for your lifestyle. Here are the 5 most common recliner types:

Push back recliner

The name is self-descriptive with this one, as all you need to do is push the chair’s backrest with your weight to adjust the position. This is great for those who don’t want to manually control buttons or levers on your leather chairs. However, the push-back recliners typically don’t have footrests, so this may not be the one for you if you want a full-body relaxation chair.

Massage Recliner

If relaxing is the top priority on your hunt for the best leather recliners, massage recliners should be the one for you. Massage recliners can heat, vibrate and knead your body depending on the massage mode.

Two-Position Recliner

As the name suggests, this recliner can adjust to two different positions. You will find two-position recliners in almost every furniture shop, and they are the most common of all the recliners. With this recliner chair, you can either use it as a straight-up chair or a fully reclined chair.

Power Lift recliner

The definition of a lazy boy recliner is set in this power lift recliner. These chairs are fully motorized, so you don’t have to do a thing when you are sitting in the lift chair. The chair will even push you when you need to get out of the recliner, so it is great for people with motor disabilities or the elderly who need help getting in and out of chairs. This type of recliner is typically the most expensive one because of the high-tech engineering.

Rocker recliner

The rocker recliner is also known as a glider. It is the most affordable type of recliner when being fully flattened for a hammock-like position. The other way to use this is to make it upright, and it will start to rock back and forth. This type of recliner is best for people with young children who need a helping hand in rocking their babies to sleep.

Wall Hugging recliners

Wall-hugging or wall-saving recliners are best for those who want to save space in their homes. These recliners are designed so that they do not take up much space. Hence, you can set them up right next to the wall, and it will still work just as well as any other recliner chair, and it won’t damage your walls or leave scuff marks either.

Since this product requires intense research, we’ve narrowed down the list to 6 of the best leather recliners on the market today to go over each specification and choose whichever suits your needs. In this article, we shall discuss the best features of the best 6 leather recliners and detail the pros and cons of each one.


The best part about owning a leather recliner is the comfort of knowing you own one so that when you’re at the end of a long day, you can sink into the chair and relax. Another goof this is that leather recliners are naturally hypoallergenic, so you don’t have to worry about flyaways that can cause discomfort for your allergies, unlike some fabric couches. They are also incredibly easy to clean and maintain. In fact, some recliners come with a rear wheel, so you can easily move them around the house without any problem.

When you buy the best recliner for the first time, you need to keep a few key factors in mind. The most vital features to consider are the capacity of the chair, the comfort level, reclining ability, and if the company offers any warranty on their products. Other than this, there are also other special factors you can look for in your leather recliners, like the massage and swivel feature, cup holders, compartments for storage, and many more. So make sure you do in-depth research on what your needs are before investing in a recliner.

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