Best Massage Chairs (Top-Rated 2022)

6 Best Massage Chairs (Top-Rated 2022)

Massage chairs were first developed to help people relax and rest. However, they have been upgraded to new levels in this modern age. The best massage chairs provide a lot of benefits for your body.

A good chair will help you reduce backaches and headaches, relax your muscles, etc. Unlike the older versions, the latest chairs can give you a full body massage, giving you an incredible feeling from head to toe. After a tiring day at work, coming home to a massage recliner chair is one of the best feelings.

There are different types of massage chairs available in the market that come with various features and functions. Some use heat therapy, while other chairs also have body scanning technology. Massage technology has changed a great deal with the introduction of the best-rated massage chairs.

In this review, we will go through some of the best massage recliner chairs available online and explain their features and benefits.

What are the best massage recliners available in the market?

Different types of massage chair brands are available in the market, and they all claim to sell the top massage chair for your requirement.

However, knowing and learning about their features and specifications is wise before purchasing, as a massage chair is a long-term investment. You cannot buy it every single time, unlike other daily-use products. So, here are some of the best-rated massage chairs that I have come across online.

Best Massage Chair Overall
iRest SL Track Massage Chair Recliner
  • Automatically adjusts to your body type
  • Built-in Bluetooth speakers
  • Benefits of both S and L-Track massage systems
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
12/07/2022 12:08 am GMT
Best Full-Body Massage Chair
Medical Breakthrough 4 v2 Recliner Massage Chair
  • Chiropractic Stretch
  • Memory Function
  • Toe Massage
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
12/07/2022 08:11 am GMT
Real Relax Massage Chair
  • 3D robots hands rollers move from neck to hips
  • SL-Track and Zero Gravity Massage
  • Body Scan Technology
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
12/07/2022 11:45 am GMT
Best Zero Gravity Massage
BestMassage Shiatsu Zero Gravity Massage Chair
  • 6 automatic massage programs
  • Air massage system with Hyperthermia
  • Bluetooth music
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
12/07/2022 09:20 am GMT
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
Best Gaming
Homall Gaming Recliner Chair
  • Cheap gaming massage chair
  • PU leather upholstery
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
12/07/2022 12:31 pm GMT

1. Best Overall: iRest SL Track Massage Chair

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
12/07/2022 12:08 am GMT

The iRest has excellent massage features, unlike most chairs. The massage rollers cover the legs, hips, waist, back, and neck. It also has foot rollers that massage your feet.

The lower back heating was primarily one of the best features as it helped me relieve the tightness and pain in my lower back. Let us look at some features that come with the iRest chair.

It is one of the best massage chairs for elderly people as it is easy to operate and comes with many advanced features.


  • The iRest massage chair has 8 different auto-massage modes. You can choose from many modes – Relax massage, Neck and Shoulder, Thai stretching, full body massage, back and waist, hip care, comfort massage, and fatigue recovery modes.
  • There are airbags in the legrest to slip your legs in. The airbags compress the calves, making the muscles relaxed and relieving soreness. The massage rollers also give a relaxing massage on your feet simultaneously.
  • It has an automatic body scanner that will identify your body’s exact parts that need massaging.
  • After identifying massage points, the massage rollers will perform various massage actions. The massage rollers act as mechanical hands that execute massage methods like shiatsu massage, kneading, pressing, pushing, etc.
  • Unlike most chairs, the iRest recliner has an extended calf rest. You can adjust it according to the requirement of your height.

2. Best Full-Body Massage Chair: Medical Breakthrough 4 v2

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
12/07/2022 08:11 am GMT

The Medical Breakthrough 4 v2 is built using smart body scan technology. It scans your body when you sit on it to identify the massage nodes on your body.

When immersed in the 4 v2 medical massage chair, it felt weightless and gave me a deep sense of relaxation as I received a soothing massage. It is indeed one of the top chairs for massage that I have used.

It is a high-end medical massage chair with excellent features such as zero gravity massage, deep tissue massage, etc. The best feature of this chair is the True 4D Arm Massage. It covers every inch of your arms and fingers.


  • The zero gravity feature allows the body’s weight to be spread evenly. This gives the body a very light feel and a sense of relaxation.
  • The padding on the chair is very comfortable, and it also comes with extra cushions if you want to customize your chair.
  • The 4 v2 consists of massage techniques from all around the world. You can find them in the pre-programmed functions of the massage settings.
  • It helps you identify your massage points by scanning your body to place the massage rollers in the perfect positions.
  • The 4 v2 lets you choose from different massage modes by using the remote, and you can also customize any aspect.
  • The introduction of airbags and massage rollers allows the 4 v2 to cover more areas of your body.

3. Real Relax Massage Chair

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
12/07/2022 11:45 am GMT

The stand-out feature of the Real Relax massage chair is its Smart Voice Control system. It means that a user can interact with the chair using voice commands.

The material used for the frame is metal which gives it a sturdy balance and can hold a lot of weight. However, when I tested the functioning of the backrest and the footrest, they could not recline independently.


  • This massage chair has dual-core S track rollers that can knead, pinch, tap, etc. These rollers will give you an intense massage to help increase your blood flow. A user can experience more ways of massage combinations with these rollers.
  • This chair has rollers for the feet and airbags on the footrest. The airbags have 3 levels that can adjust the intensity of the massage. The airbags cover the calves too.
  • The neck massage rollers can be adjusted to match your height.
  • There are 6 massage programs you can choose from, like relax, neck, waist mode, etc.
  • Along with the voice controls, you can also use the LCD screen that has the commands of a remote control updated into it.

4. BestMassage Shiatsu Zero Gravity Massage Chair

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
12/07/2022 09:20 am GMT

The BestMassage Shiatsu is a super comfortable zero gravity chair that you can easily fit in your living room, home theatre, office, etc.

The chair was easy to assemble, and my only complaint is that it needs better cushioning at the back. Other than that, everything else seems fine till now.

It comes with about 6 automatic massage programs. Their foot rollers will give you the best foot massage. Their zero gravity massage chair will identify the massage nodes so that you will experience the full-body shiatsu massage.

The airbags will give you the best air massage and relieve any kind of muscle pain. The gravity shiatsu recliner has eight vibration massage styles from the neck to your bottom. This chair is similar to the Relaxonchair MK ii plus with zero gravity technology. It is the best home massage chair as it is friendly on the pocket.


  • The zero gravity massage chair has 14 points used in conjunction with other parts to provide a personalized massage.
  • It has an air massage system with hyperthermia which improves the circulation of blood.
  • You can use multiple airbags on the hip and waistline, which can be inflated to give you a custom-fit massage.
  • When you press the zero-gravity button, it maintains a zero-gravity position so that the strain on the vertebrae is minimized, causing less discomfort.
  • It has space-saving technology and a modern design suitable for all kinds of homes and offices.

5. Adako’s Zenith Chair for Massage

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Adako’s Zenith is a zero-gravity chair that is excellent for people that like their glutes massaged. I prefer the roller track that travels from the neck to the hamstrings.

It is one of the top-rated massage chairs that deliver pressure on the buttocks. However, it can be a little challenging for those that want to lie down flat on their backs because the Zenith does not recline fully.

The Zenith will scan your body before starting the massage session to position its rollers in the correct positions.


  • Zenith’s 3D Massage function offers a more profound massage experience than 2D chairs.
  • It has a heating function and relaxes the muscles.
  • Its zero gravity position will help put the feet above the head, improving blood flow.
  • Air-driven pressure massage and a built-in USB music player.

6. Best Gaming – Homall Gaming Chair

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
12/07/2022 12:31 pm GMT

The Homall Gaming Recliner Chair is the best gaming massage chair if you do a lot of gaming on your computer. It is also great for watching movies and working.

It is made with top-quality PU leather that is friendly to our skin. It is filled with thick and comfortable padding with different massage techniques, making it the best-rated massage chair for gaming purposes.

My height is around 5’10, and I weigh about 250 pounds. I fit in the chair perfectly, and even the footrest lifts so that my whole body can have the full experience as I relax and play games.


  • The Homall recliner chair is made of high-quality faux leather suitable for the skin.
  • It has a built-in waist massager that can relieve you from any discomfort while sitting and playing games for a long period.
  • It can recline all the way back and is designed with space-saving technology.
  • The chair comes with all the necessary instructions and tools to put the parts together.

Are massage chairs good for health?

A chair for massage is good for your health as it helps relax your entire body. The massage features in modern recliner chairs improve blood circulation and provide pain relief. Some chairs provide you really relaxation by mimicking the human touch.

Let us go more in-depth to discuss the benefits that massage chairs provide to your whole body.

  • When you regularly use a massage, it will bring a noticeable change to your body aches. If you are working a desk job and find yourself sitting down for hours and hours in a day, your back can tend to tighten up. This will cause a lot of pain in your lower back. After such a tiring day, using a chair will help our back relax, and the muscles will loosen up.
  • The best massage chair can help you reduce migraines, too, due to its therapeutic massage capabilities. Unlike standard chairs, a quality one will help you get rid of the tension in your eye muscles. When muscles are relaxed, the intensity of migraine decreases.
  • The manifestation of daily stress on our bodies can lead to a rise in blood pressure. This is because muscles tend to tighten up and contract as we sit for hours and hours without any physical workout. The contraction of the muscles causes discomfort in the body that intensifies the response of the Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS), leading to an increase in blood pressure. A full-body massage chair will help your body loosen up, resulting in fewer blood pressure attacks.
  • When your body is full of stress and tension, it is easier to contract illnesses. So, to keep your body relaxed and fit, you should use massage to release all that tension in the body. This is not to say that a chair is an antidote for illness, but it can help prevent it by keeping your body in the proper condition.

Here is a table that shows the features of some of the massage recliner chairs that we will talk about in this article.

Buying Guide for Massage Chairs

Before you buy a massage chair, you should know what you want. You should also consider its price, size, length, etc.

Here is a buying guide to follow if you want to get the best deal.


It is essential to look for the best possible chair according to your budget. If you are a first-time buyer, you may be surprised by its price.

The prices of even a standard massage chair can start from upwards of a thousand dollars.


You should know what kind of functions a massage recliner provides before you make a purchase.

The expensive ones will offer many services, and the ones lower in cost might come with only standard functions.


If you want to buy a chair, you should know the type of material you want it covered with. If you live in a hot region, it is advisable to use chairs will fabric that will not irritate the skin.

There are traditional leather upholstery and modern synthetic fabrics which you can choose from.


The massage chair’s size matter as you cannot sit on a small chair. Find a size that will accommodate your body and feet at full stretch.

Some models might be a little costlier according to the size.

Reclining Ability

It is essential to look for a chair with a good reclining function. The high-end ones provide features that place your body in a gravity-neutral position.

Such recliners help with the circulation of blood and relax your body.


Which is the best massage chair overall?

All the chairs mentioned above are good in their ways. Some are used for office work, some for gaming, and some for people with mobility issues.

However, in my case, the iRest SL Track is the best massage chair around as it is friendly on the pocket, and can be used to chill, game, sleep, etc. It also has upholstery that is suitable for the skin.

What is a zero-gravity chair?

Zero gravity chairs are those chairs that keep your feet and head on the same level.

The zero gravity position is a massage chair terminology used to describe a position where a person is reclining with his feet lifted to a point where they are on the same level as the head. It helps your lower back and improves the circulation of blood.

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