6 Best Oversized Recliners – Top Chairs You’ll Love In 2022

In my opinion, recliners are by far humanity’s best invention. Just think about it; it’s a device that gives us the best commodity of all time; comfort! I know what you’re thinking, what about cars? Or computers? Or like, satellites and spacecrafts? Well, those are great inventions too, but are they ‘comfortable’? Do they let you lie down while being seated at the same time? I think not. 

Recliners give us that much-needed comfort and ease after a long and hard day of work. Don’t you just love jumping on that soft cushiony seat and resting your weary back on the bulwark? How about when you unwind on that soft headrest? And what about the feel of the leather and fabric on your skin? Not to mention, you can recline the sofa and lie down whenever you want; it’s instant comfort at the touch of a button!

However, when it comes to buying the perfect power reclining sofa for your home, I have to admit it can get kinda confusing. Furniture shopping sounds simple, but it often never is. The sheer number of available shapes and sizes can become overwhelming if it’s your first time. I’ve seen countless people take this too casually, only to end up with a recliner they come to hate, or worse, a recliner that doesn’t even recline!

Best for budget
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Best for budget
Signature Design by Ashley Hallstrung Leather Oversized Power Recliner
  • High-end comfort
  • One-touch power control
  • USB charging
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Best for Tall or Muscular people
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Best Oversized Recliners to buy in 2022

Personally, I’m always confused about choosing between getting one that is homely and comfy or one that has fancy features like in-built massaging capabilities. Besides, the more features a recliner has to offer, the more difficult it is to choose. That’s why I’ve listed down 6 of the best-oversized recliners you can find on the market today. 

This comes after countless hours of research and a good amount of time spent on testing. I’ve taken into consideration all the basic factors such as price, maximum comfort level, and durability, as well as some of the more entitled benefits such as features for customizations, functional massage options, and much more. After all, recliners SHOULD be accommodating to us, shouldn’t they? So without further ado, let’s check out some furniture!

Ultra Plush Rocker recliner

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12/07/2022 09:06 am GMT

Let’s start with the plain and simple; the Ultra-plush Rocker recliner chair fulfils all your basic necessities. All you have to do is pull the lever to enjoy the smoothest reclining motion that technology can offer. Sprawl your legs around as much as you want with the spacious amount of room this recliner chair offers. If you got kids around, let them have a seat too, they won’t complain!

The upholstery is ultra-plush and gives the feeling of resting on a bed of soft pillows. If you’re a nursing mother, kids or babies will love it. The seat cushions are delightfully pleasant to rest your body on, not to mention the twill textured fabric adds another layer of softness. I gotta admit, this comfy sofa can instantly light up the room.

For those of you worried about durability, let me assure you that the Ultra-plush recliner is one of the strongest sofas out there. This rocker recliner chair is as sturdy as they come and has a solid frame; which is expected for this kind of chair. The Ultra-plush oversized recliner chair comes with an extra layer of packaging for added protection and is absolutely easy to assemble. Considering the budget, it is a great piece of furniture to add to the living room or patio. 

Most people think recliner chairs are a bit too dangerous for kids or too stuffy for the bedroom. Well, the ultra-plush recliner is great for any area, be it the living room or the bedroom and is 100 % safe for your kids to sit on.

Hallstrung power recliner

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12/07/2022 02:55 pm GMT

Next on our list, we’ll be looking at the Hallstrung power recliner, which is a part of the Hallstrung power series. The first thing that caught my attention was the leather exterior, which I have to say, feels amazing to touch. Running my hands all over an inanimate object has never felt so fulfilling before. The smooth and polished feel of the fabric automatically sends a warm and fuzzy sensation up my fingers. It’s so smooth that you might even slide off the chair while reclining.

It gets even better once you sit down and become enveloped in the softness of the seat cushions. Sitting on this chair is like parking your body on a dozen soft pillows as they take turns to massage you. After getting a taste of this recliner chair, you won’t find a better massage no matter where you search for it. This power recliner is soft on the outside but overstuffed with muscle power on the inside. If only that was the case for every power recliner on the planet.

When it comes to using leather, you’ll notice that a lot of sofas supplement it with something called Faux leather. Now, for those of you who don’t know, faux leather is a form of synthetic leather that acts as a cheaper alternative to actual leather. The Hallstrung power recliner does this too, which is not really a unique thing. The question here isn’t whether or not a recliner uses faux leather, it’s about how they use it. 

This power recliner smartly spreads out the faux leather on the back and sides. This makes sure the price doesn’t go overboard so that people can actually afford it. It’s common sense; anything with 100% full leather is gonna cost you a lot more than something that goes 50-50 on it. Besides, it’s more important that the fabric on the seat is upholstered right; rather than being mindlessly overstuffed.

What’s more, by only adding the faux leather to the back and sides, it makes sure that your quality of comfort isn’t compromised. So you can still enjoy the soft, high-quality leather where it’s needed most. So go ahead and take a seat, there’s only the finest fabric on this chair. Trust me; when it comes to furniture, this is one of the best deals you’re gonna get. Add a few rugs beneath the seat and you have yourself the very definition of comfort.

The chair is 44 inches high, which is enough to give your back the ease it deserves. The headrest is soft and supportive; you’ll doze off within minutes! And of course, the most essential feature; the Hallstrung power recliner lets you comfortably lay back and enjoy a quiet and lazy afternoon. So go ahead and rest your weary head, and stretch out your tired legs on the ottoman footrest; it’ll feel like getting a massage in heaven.

Overall, the Hallstrung power recliner is a great chair for any room in the house. The seat is strong yet soft, it’s certainly no metal reinforced seat, but it won’t feel like a nimble chair either. The quality of the fabric is amazing, the seat has plenty of room to sprawl out, and the recline is smooth and steady. We’d say it’s a great recliner chair for all ages, even kids!

Comfort King Wall Saver

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Made from the finest wood upholstered to provide the best support, the Comfort King is one of the best recliners on the market. Most oversized recliner chairs can fit two people, but they’re hardly designed for a person with a heavy muscular physique. Well, guess what, the comfort king wall-saver recliner, caters especially to the big and bulky.

You might be wondering, what on earth is a wall-saver? Well, it’s the kind of chair that you can put extremely close to the wall, without affecting the reclining function. This type of recliner moves forward, as opposed to reclining towards the back. This means that you won’t need as much room as other chairs while reclining. This kind of chair is also called a wall-saver or wall hugger recliner.

The Comfort King recliner chair gives you ample room to stretch about, without taking up the entire living space. This chair is so compact that it can fit inside your bedroom. In fact, you’ll have enough space to even add a few rugs to the equation. I mean, who doesn’t love having some good quality rugs to rest your feet on while you take a seat on your favorite chair, right? and that too, a chair with a metal reinforced seat!

This wall-saver recliner has a metal reinforced seat that won’t break even if you jump directly on top of it. While it’s tougher than most chairs, it feels better than a dozen pillows put together. Another advantage of the metal reinforced seat is that the chair can support a weight of up to 500 Lb, which is great if you’re a regular gym-goer. Imagine taking a seat on this recliner after a tiring day of working out.

This recliner chair has strong and sturdy armrests, amazing seat cushions and a headrest that feels like a soft pillow. A single touch of the power button allows you to enjoy the smoothest reclining motion made possible by the latest technology. Despite the big and durable frame made of wood; this power reclining sofa does not feel overstuffed. You can comfortably lie down on the seat without feeling any hard pressure on your body. Needless to say, your arms and feet will thank you for picking up this particular sofa from the furniture store.

The rich leather looking fabric not only looks great but feels great too, which is an absolute must in any oversized recliner. You don’t need any pillows here, the soft and comfortable seat cushions are more than enough for a sofa of this quality. The leather is upholstered beautifully and will even heat up your body during the winter. And in case you’re wondering, yes it does hug the wall.

While it’s certainly designed to be used as living room furniture, you can fit this sofa in almost any living space, be it the bedroom, the basement or any other location in the house. Combined with some good quality rugs, you’ll have yourself a recliner chair fit for a King.

Mcombo Large Power Lift Chair

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12/07/2022 12:10 am GMT

If you’re a senior citizen, it can be extremely difficult to find a recliner chair that doesn’t do more harm than good. You can’t just buy ANY piece of furniture when you’re suffering from chronic back pain or have fragile arms. That’s why the Mcombo Power reclining sofa has focused on all the right details. To start, this oversized recliner chair includes 8 vibrating points that replicate the amazing sensation of a world-class massage. The armrests are one of a kind; your weary arms will be healed in no time; it even produces heat to soothe painful joints and tissues.

The Mcombo power recliner chair is all about customizations. It features 3 positions and 9 modes of varying intensities when it comes to massaging options or heat dispersion. The reclining motion is absolutely smooth, allowing for the exceptional comfort level that a senior needs. Honestly, it’s more of a spa chair than a reclining armchair.

The material used here is faux leather, which goes really well with the heat feature; I have to admit, feels like heaven. The headrest is very comfortable and supports you really well during the massage; your arms and back receive the best treatment that an oversized recliner chair can provide. Not to mention, the faux leather feels exceptionally pleasant on your body. If you prefer to only ‘watch’ others get a massage, I guarantee you’ll no longer be an observer after buying this bad boy from the furniture shop.

The Mcombo recliner chair is built to aid the elderly, so it definitely makes sense to keep it in the bedroom. If you’re worried about long-term wear and tear, don’t be; all features will continue to be functional even after years. What’s more, the power button makes the chair easy and convenient for all ages.

Overall, this chair has a durable frame, great headrest, beautiful fabric upholstered with style, and a supportive reclining seat that can heat up the body. As far as recliner chairs go, the Mcombo Power lift chair is one heck of an invention.

Hana Plush cushion Loveseat Recliner

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12/07/2022 01:35 pm GMT

Don’t you just love snuggle time? I know I do. There’s just something so calming about sitting close together with your partner like a couple of conjoined twins. Adorable isn’t it? If you feel the same way, then boy do I have a piece of furniture for you. Introducing the Hana Plush cushion loveseat, a recliner chair designed especially for couples. (Or people with pets)

What’s interesting about this recliner is the quality of the fabric used here. Not only does the upholstered exterior look elegant and stylish, it’s absolutely soft to touch. Rather than making yet another overstuffed and hardy sofa, the manufacturers have strategically focused on the style and created one of the most luxurious tufted recliner chairs on the market.

The frame doesn’t seem very robust, but it gets the job done; sitting on it feels quite pleasant and soothing to the body. It’s certainly no metal reinforced seat, but it’s comfy and homely; a perfect fit for your bedroom! The armrests are more on the sleeker side but strong enough to hold your weight; trust me, your arms will have a great time. This recliner chair isn’t as big as the rest, but it leaves plenty of space for two people to sit down. After all, it’s not about having an abundance of space, but rather about bringing people together.

Overall, the Hana Plush Loveseat is definitely one of the most stylish pieces of furniture you’ll find in any store. Just put it in your bedroom, place some rugs below, and add some beautiful lamps beside it for an adorable picture. Oh, and did I mention, it’s great for kids too!

Merit Glider Recliner Chair

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12/07/2022 12:06 am GMT

Although this oversized recliner chair will burn a gaping hole in your wallet, I have to say that it’s worth the money. The merit glider recliner is the perfect combination of comfort, durability, and style. The faux leather exterior looks classy and refined, the huge and durable frame provides great support, and the comfortably soft seat cushions caress your body, giving you the ultimate comfort level.

This recliner works as a classy piece of living room furniture that can spark up even the dullest of spaces. It also leaves plenty of space on the armrests for dining needs; so come on over, take a seat, and open a can of Doritos as you watch your favorite game on TV.

This particular model comes from Christopher Knight Home, one of the leading furniture manufacturers operating today. So you can sit down knowing that you have one of the best sofas on the market. Forget about clever styles or genius designs, what you need is a big fluffy reclining armchair that will guarantee countless hours of comfortable lounging. Sitting on your bum and doing absolutely nothing, has never been so relaxing before.

It gets even better when you actually recline the darn thing, let me tell you, you’ll feel a wave of relaxing sensation from your back, all the way down to your thighs, calves, and feet. The merit glider is easily customizable as well; You can recline this stylish piece of furniture halfway, or let the sofa slide all the way back, putting you in a more relaxed position. Because in all honesty, you deserve it!

If you see this piece in your local furniture store, don’t think about how much it costs, just buy it. Because despite the expense, it’s much better to get something that you KNOW will last for ages, rather than saving money and buying a sub-quality recliner chair that will die out within a few years.

A guide to buying the right oversized recliner chair in 2022

The search for the right oversized recliner chair can be a tough one indeed; that’s why it’s important to notice some of the telltale signs. After all, it’s not just about comfort or durability; it’s also about having the right features and customizations. That’s why I’ve written down a list of the most important things to look out for while buying the best recliner.

Get the size right

Don’t just go for the biggest and baddest looking recliner in the shop. The worst thing you could do is buy a piece of furniture that doesn’t fit your living room. So always make sure to do your research and take accurate measurements of the space where you want to store it. Another thing to keep in mind is the extra space you will need to use the reclining feature.

The frame of the recliner is paramount here. If the frame is too small, it might not fit you; and if the frame is too big, it might not fit your room. So plan accordingly.

Choose the right match for you

Just because it ‘looks’ like it’ll fit you doesn’t always mean that it will. So don’t go by the brochure or the advertisements; try it out yourself. Take a seat for a good half hour and see how your body feels; is your head comfortable? What about your arms and back? If so, you can take it as a good sign.

Another thing to look out for is whether or not your feet are touching the floor while you sit. If it does, then that’s another thing to cross off the list. Also, observe if the gap between your legs is sufficient. Having your legs about 5 inches (or less) apart from each other is usually a good sign.

Finally, the most important factor is the consistency of comfort. A lot of recliners might feel great initially, but it could be that the feeling fails to last. In fact, I’ve personally made the mistake of buying a recliner which seemed perfect but ultimately made my body feel miserable. That’s because it’s challenging to ascertain the comfort level of specific body parts, such as the shoulder blades. So you definitely want to spend some time testing the recliner before making a purchase.

Pay attention to the Fabric

No matter what you’re shopping for, one must always pay attention to the materials. So don’t be shy; touch the recliner as much as you want, slide your hands all over it, feel it, pet it, and maybe even talk to it. Sofas come in all kinds of materials: leather, cotton, microfibre, or even plastic. Figure out which one you want.

People can be extremely selective regarding the type of material used in furniture. Some people will buy nothing other than furniture made out of Vegan leather. You know, for the sake of the animals and all. So whatever your reasoning is, don’t settle for something you don’t want. Ask as many questions about the make and materials used before buying it.

Go for something that will last long

I know that looks matter a lot, but it doesn’t matter more than durability, so always pick it over looks or style. Trust me, many recliners come in exquisite and pretty designs, but they often don’t last too long. Ultimately, it becomes a waste of your money and leaves you searching for yet another expensive sofa set. So don’t be tricked by a posh looking recliner; look beyond the exterior and pick something that will last you at least the next 10 years.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most popular types of recliner chairs?

Most people opt for Lay-flat recliners or power recliners if they’re buying them for home. Rocker recliners are commonly bought by nursing mothers, while life recliners are the best choice for senior citizens and people with physical disabilities.

How much does a good recliner cost?

It is possible to find a decent recliner for under $1,000, while some might opt to pay a little higher. On the other hand, luxury recliners that can last a long time can even cost up to $10,000.

What should I look for in a recliner?

Choose something strong, durable, and comfortable. The most important thing is that it should last for a long time and provide consistent comfort to the user.

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