Best Recliner Mechanism in 2022

Every year recliner manufacturers introduce new models on the market, making it difficult to choose the model that will suit your needs. Nonetheless, there is no need to buy a new chair every several years. You can try to reupholster a recliner or change some mechanical parts. This will upgrade the appearance of the armchair and make it a little bit more comfortable. However, replacing the recliner mechanism is the single way to increase comfort significantly.

The article discusses the best recliner mechanism for your conditions. I hope that this piece will be your main go-to page when you choose to upgrade your old armchair. Don’t forget to make a bookmark on this page to return to it when you need the information.

What are the types of recliner mechanisms?

The recliner is a popular piece of furniture throughout the United States. So, it is not surprising that there are many different mechanisms. It is essential to point out that no jack-of-all traits construction will suit every need, and every single type has its pros and cons. So, I recommend you choose it according to your needs and preferences.

Relaxing recliner mechanism:

I start this list with an armchair mechanism that will suit most people’s needs. This is the perfect choice if you need a chair for watching sports or reading books.

Wood to the Floor:

The mechanism for the recliner base is connected to the wood to the floor system. The mechanism, which includes many choices, is built and installed in the wooden box of a reclining sofa or chair.

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There are two types of this model:

  1. High Leg
  2. Lower Leg.

This type is beneficial due to its simple structure and upgradability. You can include added manual features or completely motorize the functions; however, this will increase your expenses.

You may use either high or low leg recliner motions, manual or motorized, depending on your design. Look through different marketplaces to discover a headrest and lumbar support as well as other features to match your recliner.

Metal to the floor mechanism

The self-contained metal-to-floor device. This mechanism is crucial to the overall design of the recliner. Low-leg versions are included in this collection, and there aren’t any high-leg choices available. This model mainly uses a motorized mechanism to control the reclining positions of many recliners.

In some designs, all the sofa parts slide together as it reclines. You can check out more features such as headrests and lumbar support in specialized shops of marketplaces like Amazon.

Lift recliner mechanism

Lift recliner systems have a “metal to the floor” motion that aids the user in getting out of their pleasant chair. Lifts are available on motorized recliners for distinct purposes and user weights. Single or double actuator mechanisms allow for independent recline and backrest settings. The user benefits from zero gravity and a tilt in space.

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Traditional recliner mechanism

The typical two-position recliner is a must-have in living rooms worldwide. When a lever or button is activated, the recliner releases the seat back into the down position and raises the footrest into the up position. This recliner works by releasing the seat back into full downward relaxation and raising the footrest into the upward position.

Electric recliner mechanism

The electric recliner is the least complicated type of reclining mechanism to explain. It employs a power button instead of a lever or a button that lowers the seat back and footrest. The electric recliner has a power button that electronically reclines the chair to your desired angle instead of a lever or button that releases the seat back and foot.

Rocker recliner mechanism

Rocker recliners have been popular with nursing mothers and parents of small children for a long time. This mechanism can rock back and forth, thus the name. Thanks to this feature, it is ideal for anyone who has sleeping disorders. The rocking motion offers comfort and relaxation.

The mechanism also includes a reclining feature which makes it perfect for adults. Some models can be converted from a gentle rocking motion to a normal recliner with the push of a button. This type has become very popular because of its multiple features and modern design.

Push-back recliner mechanism

Push-back recliners recline without using a lever or button, requiring the user to lean back and press on the chair’s back. The overall design makes this recliner look like a conventional chair, and this feature made it a rather popular model. Because people like to have furnished that they can use in different positions.

Swivel recliner mechanism

Swivel recliners have a circular base and can swivel, as well as recline, to the rear. Many consumers prefer the full range of motion of this chair to other recliners because they offer more mobility. 

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Lift recliner mechanism

People who have trouble standing up from a deeper recliner need to consider selecting lift recliners. The lift mechanism propels the person upright by moving the chair from a flat sitting posture to a more erect inclined position. Doctors often recommend the use of lift recliners for patients with weak knees, legs, or hips.

However, it is not medical advice, and you should talk with your physician before buying a lift recliner for older people.

Wall-hugger recliner mechanism

Wall-hugger recliners are popular among people living in small households or an apartment. Wall-hugger recliners stand up straighter and take up less room when pressed against a wall, making them ideal for small rooms. They also have a smaller range of motion and a more basic resting posture to get into and out of. 


This article discussed the differences between the most popular recliner mechanism on the market today. The recliner mechanism is the mechanical function of the specified recliners. Some are basic and operate the backrest and headrest, while others are more complex and incorporate many motorized and robotic components. 

The choice of the recliner mechanism highly depends on your specific situation. I recommend you reach out to your local specialist and ask him to consult you about which recliner will suit your needs. Choose carefully since the word “recliner” means comfort and satisfaction.

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