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Recliners are very comfortable and impressive pieces of furniture. It provides comfort, pleasure, and an overall feeling of stability for people all over the United States. However, it is not easy to assemble such a complex piece of furniture on your own. The alternative is to order a professional handyperson. The negative side is that an expert charges a significant amount of money for his work.

Having this in mind, I’ve decided to discuss how to assemble a lazy boy electric recliner using your own hands. Besides, I include an image of every step, which will increase your understanding. Let’s get started.

Let’s Start Assembling

Firstly, you need to gently roll the power motion sofa forward to rest on the seat and top arms; if the backs are attached, move forward to sleep on the top backs. Cut the plastic ties and remove the protective packaging under each power motor. Remove the twist ties from the motor connector cords. After that, route the motor connector cords between the motor cover and the base rail (FIGURE 1). Gently roll the sofa back to the upright position.

Power Supply Box

You can find the power supply box and the electrical components in the back springs on one of the motion sofas backs. However, you will need to lay the motion sofa backs, front side down, on the seats, and lift the outside back upholstery covers to locate the parts (FIGURE 2) if your backs are detached.

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In other cases, pull the lower outside back upholstery cover, and this will release the fastening tape from the bottom rear rail and lift the lid to locate the parts. Cut the plastic tie and remove the power supply box and the electrical components bag from the back springs.

Nextly, you will need to remove the cords from the bag and set them aside. The electrical components bag for the power motion sofa contains two electrical cords: the 120-volt power cord and the dual motor junction cable (FIGURE 3)

Install The Backs Of Your Recliner

The first steel is to lay the back on the seat and locate the back and body brackets (FIGURE 2). Lift the back at a slight angle and align the frames on the back with the brackets on the body. After that, lower the back onto the body, making sure the back and body brackets are entirely engaged.

  • Lift the back upholstery cover to visually confirm that both sets of back and body brackets are engaged (FIGURE 4). If one or both frames are not involved, remove the back and repeat the steps above.
  • If you cannot install the back properly, contact your La-Z-Boy® dealer for assistance.
  • Lock the brackets using a screwdriver to push down the locking levers (FIGURE 5)

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Fastening Tape And Upholstery

Our next step will be to locate the fastening tape on the outside back upholstery cover and the fastening video on the bottom of the rear rail (FIGURE 6). Pull the outside back upholstery cover down tight, and firmly press the fastening tape on the outside back upholstery cover to the fastening tape on the bottom of the rear rail.

Your next step Choose a location for the power motion sofa close to an electrical outlet.

Adjustable glides are standard on the front rails of motion sofas with metal base rails. Adjust the front glides to a height that provides an unobstructed path for the most extensive operation (see my article about furniture placement guide).

  • Each adjustable glide is attached to the base rail by one jam nut, one lock washer on top of the base rail, and one jam nut on the bottom of the base rail (FIGURE 7). Loosen the jam nut located on top of the base rail.
  • Holding the top jam nut, turn the glide clockwise to lower the unit or counterclockwise to raise the team.
  • Tighten the bottom jam nut to the base rail, and then tighten the top jam nut to the base rail. Repeat this step for each adjustable glide, as necessary.

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The Final Touches

Identify the electrical components to be used in the following assembly steps (FIGURE 8). Each end of the power motion sofa has its motor. Locate the motor connectors behind the end units (FIGURE 9). The dual-motor junction cable has two long ends to reach both motor connectors. Connect the long ends of the dual-motor junction cable to the motor connectors (FIGURE 10).

After that, connect the power supply to the dual-motor junction cable (FIGURE 11). Connect the 120-volt power cord to the pow


Congratulations! You’ve completed the whole process of assembling a lazy boy recliner using your own hands. I hope it was enjoyable for you, and that you’ve discovered many different things while conducting this project. Now you can enjoy sitting in your recliner.

Thanks for reading and have a great time.

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