How much does a recliner weigh?

Do you dislike moving around heavy furniture? Although the weight of a recliner is not a feature people often worry about while shopping, it is best to have a general idea about the weight of your desired recliner beforehand. Lightweight recliners are very easy to handle when relocating to a new place, while bulky recliners can give you a tough time when trying to move them.

Recliners can vary in weight just as they vary in shapes, types, and sizes. Different recliners are made from different materials; for example, power recliners involve a working mechanism that adds to the weight of the recliner. One seater recliner weighs less than a recliner sofa.

The factors that make up most of the recliner’s weight are the materials used, the size of the recliner, and the functionalities it offers.

Determining the weight of your recliner

An average recliner can weigh about 50-60 pounds, but a recliner sofa can weigh up to 230 pounds or more. Do you see why there is such a drastic difference in their weights? It is because a recliner sofa can be 4 times the size of an average single-seat recliner. Let us have an in-depth understanding of how a recliner’s materials, size, and functionalities impact its weight.

Materials used

The material of your recliner’s frame plays a huge role in deciding its total weight. Some recliner frames are made of hardwood, while others are made of metal. Metal frames weigh a lot more than hardwood frames because they consist of more parts that need to be welded. On the other hand, hardwood is much lighter, so a light metal frame can weigh the same as a thick hardwood frame. Not only this, but the difference in the kind of metal used also makes a huge difference. For example, a frame made from steel is heavier than a frame made from aluminum. Tubular frames are very light compared to solid frames, so reputable manufacturers use solid frames to provide stability and sturdiness. 

The concept above can also be applied to fabrics and leather. Fabrics barely add any weight to the recliner compared to leather, which is thick and heavy. 

Size of your recliner

Although this is obvious, the size of the recliner matters a lot when it comes to determining its weight. Bigger recliners use more materials, including a bigger frame and more fabric which automatically means they will be heavier than smaller recliners.

Functionalities of your recliner

Understandably, a basic recliner will not weigh as much as a recliner that offers different functions. If your recliner has an in-built massage system, it will add to its weight. Some recliners come with a reading light attached to them, food trays that you can pull out whenever you want to eat, or chillers in the armrest to store and cool your drinks. All additional features add to the weight of your recliner.

Frequently asked questions

  1. How much does a recliner sofa weigh?

A single recliner can weigh up to 150 pounds, a loveseat weighs 250 pounds, a three-seater weighs up to 350 pounds, and four or five cushion recliners can way more than 500 pounds. 

  1. How much does a power recliner weigh?

Some power recliners are more heavy-duty than normal power recliners. The weight of power recliners can range from 70-200 pounds, depending on the model and functionalities.

  1. How much does a lazy boy recliner weigh?

Lazy boy recliners have many different models, each varying in weight. They are one of the sturdiest recliners available and also create some lightweight models. They can range between 60 to 160 pounds.

  1. How much does a one cushion recliner weigh?

One cushion recliner can be as light as 55 pounds.


We all can agree that although weight is not a factor to worry about a lot when buying a recliner, it is helpful to have a lightweight recliner when relocating. Every recliner is made of different materials, has a different size, and offers different functionalities, all of which add to its total weight. Different materials vary in weight. Hardwood is lighter than metal, leather is denser and heavier than fabric, and steel is heavier than aluminum. A bigger recliner uses more materials, making it heavier than smaller ones. Customers can keep these factors in mind, especially when looking to buy a customized recliner for their home.

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