How to Add Padding to the Recliner?

It is tough to live without the comfort and support a recliner offers. If the padding of your current recliner has worn out, you may probably plan to replace it. A new recliner will cost a lot of money, so why don’t you replace the padding?

You don’t need a professional handyman to add padding to a recliner chair or sofa. You can do it yourself if you follow the step-by-step guide given in this post. The process is pretty straightforward, and it will take less than a day to add comfy padding to the sofa.

When should you add new padding to the recliner?

Every high-quality recliner chair comes with comfy padding. This padding comforts and supports you when you are sitting or resting. That padding fluffs automatically whenever you get off the chair.

Constant pressing along with regular wear and tear can affect the padding’s ability to fluff. The seat and backrest will feel pretty hard and uncomfortable after some years. It will be an indication that your recliner needs new padding.

If the padding is fine, but the upholstery has torn out, you will have to repair the recliner. You can also use this occasion to add new padding and new upholstery to the chair.

How to add padding to the recliner?

So, let’s find out how to add padding to recliner chairs and sofa.

Step 1: Gather the required supplies

You should gather the following tools and supplies if you want to restuff the recliner perfectly:

  • A flathead screwdriver or needle-nose pliers. You will need these tools to get rid of staples along the seam to remove old padding. Suppose you cannot get your hands on pliers, use a flathead screwdriver. It will do the job for you.
  • Upholstery fabric. If the old upholstery fabric is damaged, you will need to equip the recliner with a new fabric. Buy a comfy one to decorate the recliner. It will make the chair look new and more attractive.
  • The stuffing material. You got several good options in furniture stuffing. Since old foam or cushion is no comfier, you will have to remove it. Try a foam mattress topper if you can get your hands on a top-quality mattress topper. If a mattress topper is not a possible solution, you can try cotton batting or ordinary foam. Invest in good-quality stuffing material if you do not want to change the padding after a few years.
  • Industrial stapler. A regular stapler cannot hold together the seam once the restuffing work is done. It requires a power stapler to keep the padding in place. So, get one right now if you don’t have this tool in the garage.
  • Glue gun. You will need to glue the gun to secure seams properly. It will prevent restuffing from getting out of the recliner and protect the fabric from overstretching.

You will also need a marker or pencil and a foam cutter knife to shape the new padding. Check what supplies are missing and buy them from a local store or online to begin the restuffing process as soon as possible. Let’s start making your office chair comfortable once more.

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Step 2: Get rid of old padding

Remove the upholstery fabric to remove worn-out padding from the chair. It’s the old padding that makes old chairs, couches, and recliners quite uncomfortable. Use the needle-nose pliers to remove the stitching and staples and then get rid of old padding.

You can also use a seam ripper or razor to rip apart torn upholstery. Thus, it will be quite easy to remove old padding and clean the chair.

Step 3: Sew the new upholstery fabric

You should start cutting the new upholstery fabric according to the size of the seat and backrest. It should be slightly larger than the actual size of the seat cushion. Thus, you can cover the backrest and main seat perfectly.

Use a sewing machine to sew the fabric in the right shape. Thus, you can easily fit the restuffing material into the backrest and seat before attaching it to the chair.

Step 4: Cut the new padding

Do not throw away the old padding because you can use it as a template to shape the new padding. Place the old padding over the mattress topper and use a marker or pencil to trace its edges.

Once you have gotten the right shape, use a foam cutter knife to cut the new foam padding in the right shape. It is okay if you cut the foam in a slightly larger shape because you can place it over the chair and cut again to get the right shape.

Step 5: Attach the new padding

Pick the upholstery fabric cover you have seen recently. Now, place the padding inside that cover and secure it. The new padding should fit perfectly on the backrest and seat. If it doesn’t, you will have to remove the padding and cut it to reshape it properly!

Step 6: Reattach the upholstery

Use the glue gun to apply the glue on the edges, where you will place the seam and then place the padded upholstery. Now, use the industrial stapler to attach the padded upholstery to the seat. Follow the same method to reattach the backrest.

You should wait until the glue dries and then sit on the chair. It will certainly feel as comfortable and supportive as a new recliner. You can also remove and replace armrests if the padding has sunken. The process will be the same and it won’t increase your workload at all.

Does adding padding increase the life of a recliner?

You not only add the padding but also change the upholstery fabric of the recliner. It makes the recliner look completely new and impressive. If its frame is robust enough to survive 3-5 years more, you can easily turn an old recliner into a new one.

Several manufacturers claim that their recliner chairs are built to last 10-15 years. Many brands offer 5-10 years warranty on their products to assure they will provide long and satisfying service.

If you have bought a durable lift chair, you should not replace it at least for a decade. Check warranty details and call the manufacturer if your recliner is under warranty. Thus, you will save time and get the recliner fixed without any trouble.

Final thoughts

A recliner is probably the most comforting piece of furniture. It allows you to elevate your legs and recline so that your spine can rest for a while.

In this article you have learned how to add padding to the recliner, so it should not be too tough to maintain this furniture. Add new padding and enjoy the comfy seat whenever needed. Check out my previous article about removing seat cushion if you want to get more detailed information. Besides, you can read about different mesh chairs.

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