Lane Recliner Parts and Mechanism Diagram

Recently I bought myself a brand-new lane recliner for my living room. This process is relatively easy, but I am stuck into several problems. Besides, there is not much information about this process on the internet. Thus, I’ve decided to create this article with different diagrams. I hope that this information will be helpful for you.

Let’s prepare

Before starting the whole project, we will need to prepare several things. Firstly, you will need a 6mm (about 0.24 in) hex wrench (or 22mm), and the WD40 can be helpful if your fingers can’t fit.

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Besides, I recommend you ask one or two of your friends to help you out with the project. They will hold the seat back up, so it doesn’t; get crushed when you lower it down.

Assembling the recliner

The bolt assemblies go into each armrest before installing them onto the sides of the chair, where they will be rotated 90 degrees and then bolted onto the frame. This is where people usually get stuck; they try to screw in both bolts at the same time because there is only one hole for each bolt head on the outside of the chair, so if you were to do it one after another, you would have a hard time lining them up.

To avoid this problem, you will need to screw in both bolts on one side first by putting your fingers on the inside of the chair. After that, stick them as far through as possible until you can fit your hand around both bolt heads, then use your other hand from underneath. Finally, hold down that armrest as much as possible while turning those bolts with some WD40 or hex wrench if needed.

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Once you’ve tightened down the bolts entirely on one side, rotate them 90 degrees, so they are parallel to the floor. Now that both bolts are in place repeat the previous steps at the bottom armrest, and you’re done!


Congratulations! You completely assembled a lane recliner on your own. I hope that this short guide was helpful. Thank you for reading.

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