5 Easy Steps to Clean A Lazy Boy Recliner 2023

In the last several years, lazy boy recliners have become a big hit in the United States. These unique armchairs provide comfort. This is due to a wide range of motion, adjustable headrests, and a lightweight design. People like these recliners.

However, more and more owners have started to wonder how to clean their favorite piece of furniture. This article will tell you how to clean a La-z-boy using the essentials.

Steps for Cleaning the Lazy Boy Recliners

La-z-boy is an incredible piece of furniture. This armchair provides comfort for a modest price. This section will tell you how to take care of your property.

  1. Vacuum the seats and back of your recliner to remove dirt and dust.
  2. Clean the frame with a microfiber cloth or a wet-dry vacuum using a small attachment head. Don’t apply too much pressure, and don’t sweep and wipe dry. That can damage your armchair. Repeat steps 1-2 one more time for better results.
  3. Clean your recliner by vacuuming it with an upholstery tool or just with a hand brush. Use two buckets: one filled with clean water and another filled with soap. Then blot the fabric and vacuum again.
  4.  Polish the frame using a soft cloth.
  5. Finally, vacuum the entire piece of furniture once more to remove any remaining dust or dirt.

Remember to be gentle while cleaning the frame and upholstery. After that, you can enjoy a clean and comfortable armchair.

How to prevent stains on your recliner?

There are several ways you can protect your armchair from future stains. These steps include:

  • Place a furniture protector or a sheet of plastic over the armchair to protect it from spills and dirt.
  • Use a stain-resistant upholstery protector on the fabric.
  • Wipe up any spills or liquid immediately.
  • Vacuum it often to remove dirt and dust.

These are simple tips, but they will save you time and money in the future.

How much does a lazy boy recliner weigh?

When you go shopping for a recliner, you don’t typically consider the price to be one of the deciding factors on whether you eventually end up buying the recliner or not. However, the weight of the recliner is also essential to why you are purchasing a recliner; especially if you are looking for something that you can quickly move around the house, a heavier build will not be ideal for you.

There are so many different types of recliners on the market. They vary in terms of features, size, shape, and design; therefore, the weight of each of these units will also differ according to its construction.

Another significant contributor to the weight of a recliner is the type of recliner. For example, if you have an electric recliner, the mechanism that helps run it will add more weight than a manual recliner. Likewise, the more features your recliner has, the heavier the recliner will be.

How much do recliners weigh?

Despite the different factors that can contribute to the weight of a recliner, a standard-sized recliner weighs about 55 pounds minimum. If you look at lazy boy recliners, they have more surface area and weigh about 60 pounds minimum.

Additionally, if you consider a recliner with a loveseat, it weighs at least 230 pounds. On the other hand, the difference in its working, such as a power recliner will weigh about 70-200 pounds.

Factors that contribute to the weight of a lazy boy recliner:


Different recliners have different frames and construction, which affects the weight. Some are made of wooden structures, whereas some have metal structures. So naturally, a recliner with a metallic frame will be heavier than a recliner with a wooden frame.

However, you should note that if your recliner is built with a thin metal frame, it can still be lighter than a hardwood frame.


The size of the recliner is a big tell-tale sign of how heavy the recliner is. The more oversized the recliner, the heavier the recliner will be.


Features like lumbar support, footrests, armrests, massage functions, cup holders, and adjustable headrests are additional features on a standard recliner that can add weight.


What is the best way to clean a fabric recliner?

The best way of cleaning your recliner will depend on the fabric type and the soiling level. For light cleaning, vacuum the recliner with a soft brush attachment or use a lint roller to remove dust or hair. If the fabric is more heavily soiled, you can try spot cleaning with a mild detergent or upholstery cleaner. You may also want to consider having the recliner professionally cleaned if it is very soiled or stained.

How do you clean a Vinyl recliner?

It’s easy! Simply wipe it down with a clean, damp cloth. For tougher spots, you can use a mild soap or detergent. Or, you can make your own cleaning solution by mixing 1/4 cup vinegar, 1/4 cup water, and a few drops of essential oil.

You should avoid using harsh cleaning chemicals or scrubbing the surface too vigorously, as this could damage the vinyl.

How do you clean a leather recliner?

To clean a leather recliner, start by dusting it with a soft cloth or vacuum attachment. Then, clean the surface of the leather with a mild soap or leather cleaner. You can also try wiping it down with a damp cloth. If the leather is very soiled or stained, you may need to have it professionally cleaned.

How do you deep clean a Lazy Boy recliner?

Lazy Boy recliners are not designed to be deep cleaned at home, so you should vacuum or dust them regularly to prevent dirt and debris from building up. If the best recliner is very soiled, you can try spot cleaning with a mild detergent or upholstery cleaner. If nothing works, call the professionals!

How do you clean a fabric recliner without water?

If you don’t want to use water on your Lazy Boy, you can simply sprinkle some baking soda on the affected areas and let it sit for a few minutes. Then, vacuum or brush away the baking soda. This will help eliminate any odor and brighten the fabric.

Americans like to eat and drink while sitting on a recliner, so accidents are bound to happen. In this article, we gave you simple tips that will help you to make your recliners look new.

Last updated: 19/05/2023

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