How To Clean Bonded Leather Recliner?

Recliners are becoming increasingly popular every year. Many people, however, are unfamiliar with how to care for bonded leather recliners. This article will go through the fundamentals of reclining chair cleaning and answer some often-asked questions about How To Clean Bonded Leather Recliner on the internet.

What Is Bonded Leather? 

Bonded leather is made of two layers of cowhide. Modern manufacturing technologies make it hard for the average person to see the difference between artificial fabric and natural leather. Besides, bonded leather costs less than its counterpart and is more durable. These features make it the perfect material for furniture.

I can differentiate two types of fabric:

  • Top-grain leather 
  • Split-grain leather 

Top-grain leather is the most widespread type of material for a recliner. It’s composed of the top layer of cowhide, which is sturdy. This cloth is smooth and glossy. As a result, it’s ideal for upholstery on a sofa or an armchair.

Split-grain leather is a worse material than top-grain material. Still, it’s also less expensive than most artificial materials. Companies primarily use this material when manufacturing inexpensive clothing and shoes, but some use it to reupholster recliners.

How Long Does Bonded Leather Last?

The durability of bonded leather is figured out by the quality and frequency of use of the material. Bonded leather will survive for two to three years in an average American family.

Besides, the longevity of the leather will be shorted if you sit in it often and expose it to direct sunshine. However, if your sofa is set in a dark room and used by visitors — the leather will last longer.

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How To Clean Bonded Leather Recliner?

There are a few ways to clean bonded leather: 

  • Remove any food or drink items from the chair before you clean it. You can use a vacuum cleaner to make this process faster. After that, use a damp cloth to remove crumbs from your recliner.
  • Use soapy water to remove stains from the fabric. Rinse all of the suds away when you’re done. They’ll dry into the fabric and create circles on your recliner.
  • Don’t forget that the material of your recliner will be damaged if it is exposed to water for an extended period. So, be sure that there are no watermarks on your armchair after the cleaning.
  • You may use a little leather conditioner to maintain the health of your material. Just don’t go too extreme with it.
  • Never put any heating item on this cloth. It will harm the fabric and make it unappealing.

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What Can I Do with My Leather Couch That Has a Stain on It?

Spills of various sorts can make the look of your sofa. The most prevalent falls are made with pen and wet paint. Here are some ideas for removing them.

Pen or marker stain  

Use a wet cloth with warm water to clean the spot. Clean until all the oil is gone. Rinse with cold water and let it air dry overnight. If there are still spots, use sandpaper (200 grit) to smooth out areas where the oil seeped through. 

Wet paint stain  

Dampen a white terrycloth towel with mineral spirits or denatured alcohol. Cover the wet paint area with a damp cloth and dry overnight. After that, use a scrub brush to remove any dried residue.

Ink stain  

Use a clean cloth or paper towel moistened with rubbing alcohol to wipe away the ink mark. Then, using white spirit or denatured alcohol, dampen another fabric and apply it over the stain. Repeat step 2 for 4 to 6 hours if needed until all the ink has been removed from your sofa.

Several Tips For Cleaning The Recliner:

I’ve got three fast methods to make your chair seem new again.

  • Clean the leather upholstery of your armchair once a week or as needed. You can test the cleaning solution on a bit of part of your chair that is hard to see. If the fabric gets damaged, it will be hidden from view for everybody else.
  • Clean your best leather recliner when the sun isn’t shining. It will dry it out and harm the material due to the light.
  • Use a conditioner to keep it looking glossy and fresh.


I’d want to address some of the most often asked concerns surrounding cleaning a bonded leather recliner.

Can you use oil cleaner on bonded leather? 

Oil-based cleaning fluids are not proper for specific materials. As a result, you should use warm water with soap instead of oil to keep your cloth looking bright and clean without harming it.

Can you sun a bonded leather chair? 

Don’t put your bonded leather furniture in the direct rays of the sun. If you have a shaded area, make use of it. Depending on how often the furniture is used, condition it every 6-12 months. Check out the material on your recliner to see if anything is wrong with it. If the surface feels dry or rough.


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Last updated: 25/04/2023

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