How To Clean Suede Recliner Chair Quickly?

Suede recliner upholstery is becoming increasingly popular, making it more critical to understand how to clean suede upholstery on your armchair. Suede has a reputation for being difficult to keep clean, but the right products and techniques will help you get rid of dust and dirt.

This article discusses the best techniques to clean a recliner, and I hope you will find it somewhat helpful.

How Often Should You Clean a Suede Recliner Chair?

How often you clean your suede armchair depends on its usage and how much time it spends exposed to dust and dirt. If you live in a working environment where there is a lot of activity, and your recliner is used regularly, you will need to clean it often compared to its counterparts.

However, if you use your recliner to watch TV, read books, or engage in light activity, it’s probably better not to clean material very often.

How To Clean Suede Recliner On A Budget?

You will need the following to clean the suede recliner:

  • Vacuum cleaner (ideally with an upholstery tool)
  • Soft-bristled brush (perhaps a toothbrush or other suitable alternative)
  • A small bowl or another container to mix water and detergent in.
  • Mild detergent. 

The vast majority of cleaning products have cleaning guides on the back of their packaging, and I strongly recommend you follow these guidelines. It is relatively easy to find any cleaning products in your local mall or on shopping websites like Amazon. However, you can use just soap flakes instead – they hold the same ingredients as an equivalent product in liquid form would have. Just dissolve one heaping tablespoonful of soap flakes into 1/2 liter/1 pint warm water, and don’t forget that it should be soapy.

If you are cleaning a recliner that has pieces removed (e.g., by recline function), you will need some cleaner for the mechanisms, e.g., window cleaner or similar product.

Removing Wet Stains And Spills

Firstly, you will need to remove any wet stains or spills. If the liquid has already dried, you will need to use some absorbent paper (such as a kitchen towel) and scrape up any solid residues of the spillage, which you can before using your vacuum cleaner hose with an upholstery tool.

If there are still some stains being still even after this step, follow the steps below.

Mixing Your Cleaning Solution

You will need to mix your solution of soap flakes (or another gentle detergent) into the bowl with warm water until it forms suds; if necessary, add more soap flakes or water to ensure that you have enough of this mixture to clean all parts of your leather recliner.

The water should be warm to hot but not boiling – this will kill the fibers in your suede upholstery and cause it to shrink excessively.

Cleaning Your Suede Recliner

Take a towel and fold it over several times to be thick enough to scrub the fabric without possibly damaging its fibers. Dip it into your solution of soap flakes and water and firmly scrub at any stains on your recliner.

If you have a stubborn stain that a particularly messy spillage has caused, then try dipping the cloth again into the sudsy solution before continuing with this process until all visible traces of dirt are gone from your suede recliner’s surface area. If only a little earth is still, leave it dry naturally.

If there are a lot of stains and spills on your leather chair’s surface area, you may want to repeat these steps several times before drying it with another towel – don’t rub hard enough to damage the suede, but instead dab at the surface until all traces of dirt have been removed. It is better to go over the same region many times than risk causing damage or discoloring your recliner by rubbing when you should be dabbing!

Cleaning A Grease Stain On A Suede Recliner

A major cause of brown stains on suede upholstery is grease from the hands. The only way to be sure that you have removed this is by testing: take a cloth moistened with your cleaning solution and dab it onto an inconspicuous part of your recliner’s surface area. If there is still some grease coming off, repeat this process until no trace of oil can be found on the towel wetted by your water-and-soap mixture.

When you are sure that all traces of dirt have been removed from your sueded furniture, dry it with a clean towel – again, don’t rub hard enough to damage the material!

Dealing With Bloodstains On Your Suede Recliner

Blood is another ingredient that can spell disaster for your upholstery, especially when it comes in contact with the suede material used in the best recliners. If you discover blood on your suede chair, at once wipe off any excess liquid with a paper towel or similar item. Next, dip a cotton swab into some hydrogen peroxide and swirl it around to cover all areas of your leather furniture that are stained by blood – this should remove the color from the affected area(s).

Leave the peroxide on for about 10 minutes to work its magic, then take two clean cloths: one dampened in cold water and one dry. Gently dab at the affected sections until no trace of either blood or hydrogen peroxide stays visible.

How To Brush A Suede Recliner

You should also consider giving your leather recliner a good brushing every few months. This will help remove any dirt and dust that has settled into the fabric. Do this by gathering up all of the loose hair on your furniture’s surface area with a wide-toothed comb first, then using a soft brush (made from natural fibers) to loosen any dirt that may be stuck in the suede fibers before vacuuming it away.

This will not only keep your suede armchair looking as good as new but also improve its lifespan dramatically by limiting the damage caused by friction between its surfaces and those things which rub against it.

How To Use A Vacuum Cleaner

You can do this job with just a vacuum cleaner and its upholstery tool, but if your machine does not have one, then it’s worth investing in one so you can use it time and again on other jobs. Commercial car vacuum cleaners are available from most motoring equipment sellers for between $30-$90, so they are pretty cheap to buy – especially when you consider how useful they are likely to prove to be! Just attach the upholstery nozzle/tool to your vacuum cleaner and switch it on.

This will suck up any loose dirt, hair, thread, or other unwanted particles that are clinging to your suede recliner’s surface area with minimal friction – when done regularly; this should keep most of the crap off in the first place, thus reducing the need for frequent cleaning.

Maintenance and Care Tips For Suede Recliners

Though suede recliners are considered more durable than other fabric materials, you must take care of them properly to ensure they last for many years. Here are a few tips on how to keep your suede recliner looking like new:

Vacuum regularly:

This will help to remove any dirt or dust that may have accumulated on the surface of the recliner.

Spot clean spills immediately:

If you spill something on your suede recliner, it’s important to clean it up right away.

Be careful with sharp objects:

Suede is a delicate material, so you should be careful not to puncture it with sharp objects. If you do happen to accidentally tear your recliner, you can use a suede repair kit to fix it.

Avoid direct sunlight:

Overexposure to sunlight can cause the color of your suede recliner to fade over time. So, if possible, you should place it in a room that doesn’t get a lot of direct sunlight.

Use a suede protector:

If you want to be extra cautious, you can apply a suede protector to your recliner. This will help to repel stains and keep your recliner looking like new for longer.

Keep your pets away:

If you have pets, keeping them off your suede recliner is best. Their nails can damage the fabric, and their fur can be difficult to remove.


How do you deep clean a suede recliner?

For deep cleaning, start by wiping the surface with a damp cloth to remove dust. Make sure not to get the suede material wet, though. This can affect its durability. You can use a suede cleaning block or a rubber to gently rub the affected area for tough stains.

If you still feel like your suede recliner requires more cleaning, it’s better to contact a professional cleaning company.

Can you wash suede recliners?

Washing suede recliners is not recommended as this can damage the fabric. If your recliner is very dirty, you can try spot cleaning it with a mild soap/suede cleaner.

Final Words

Cleaning the suede recliner helps you prolong its lifespan and keep it looking pristine for much longer. In addition, keeping the surface clean is likely to reduce any friction between it and other items in your home – this means that items such as clothing won’t pick up dirt from the furniture when stored nearby!

If there’s a stain on your suede chair which you can’t remove with soap and water or peroxide, then go online and order a commercial cleaner designed explicitly for suede upholstery. These products are available in a wide range of prices depending upon how concentrated they are, so read the product descriptions carefully before making your purchase to find something within your budget.

Last updated: 25/04/2023

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