How To Disassemble The Recliner Sofa For Moving?

Recliner sofas are an awesome piece of furniture that supplies a huge amount of comfort. However, one major disadvantage is disassembling them when moving to another house. It is time-consuming, complicated, and boring. Many owners find it rather difficult to disassemble the recliner by themselves and start to get angry.

Worry no more! This article will discuss how to take your recliner sofa apart with the smallest amount of effort and time. 

What you need to understand beforehand

It is essential to understand how the recliner works before taking it apart. The main parts of a recliner sofa are cases, backrests, footrests, and armrests. These parts usually come in pairs: one for the right side and another for the left side. However, there may also be just one part that both sides of the chair attach to. 

Whenever we refer to a pair of parts or pieces of furniture, we will call them “sliders.” In my case, each slider has two stakes attached with screws. If I take off the top piece from a slider, it becomes a bottom piece that can be used on any other slider from another set of furniture brought from this house.

Take out all the sliders

In my opinion, the first step to disassembling is to take out all the sliders. You can easily do this by putting your hand under it and lifting it. As you begin doing that, you will notice how screws attach them. Try to lift them as high as possible to make it easier later.

Detach armrests or leg rests from the slider

The next step is to detach each armrest or leg rest from its corresponding slider. You can easily remove one part (a slider) with the help of a flat head screwdriver. After you remove both parts (one for each side), tie them together with a piece of string or twine so that they do not get lost, among other things that need to be moved next time we move into another house. 

Now let us create a pile of sliders. Make sure that each pair of sliders is not attached to other furniture, then put them all into one big pile.

Remover the backrests

After that, you need to take apart the backrests or cases by removing screws. Three long screws hold both parts together at their bottom area. The top area does not require any screws since it attaches with the help of hinges. All you must do is use a flat head screwdriver to lift the top part and detach it from its bottom part (by unscrewing). After that, tie them together like before and put them into your pile of already disassembled furniture (sliders). Next time we move, we can use them to build a sofa of our choice.

Please do the same with the backrest of your recliner and tie it to other parts (sliders) by using string or twine. Place this pile where you have already gathered sliders before. After that, take out armrests from sliders just like back. The only difference is that the two pieces are connected through hinges, making it harder to separate them but not impossible! 

You can do it by putting your flat head screwdriver underneath the bottom piece and lift as high as possible so that you manage to put another screwdriver under its top part so that both pieces become unattached. Then remove screws from all sides of the top position, and it will detach itself from the bottom part (which is still connected by hinges). Put both parts into your pile of already disassembled furniture (sliders) and tie it up with string or twine.

Take out the backrests and cases

We can remove the backrests or cases from their sliders by removing screws as we did before. After that, you would need to separate all four pieces: two backs and two seats. To do this, simply put one screwdriver underneath a case and lift high enough so that another screwdriver can fit under its top part. Keep doing this until the piece detaches itself from the other furniture set (slider). 

At first sight, you will notice that the bottom part of a case is connected to a slider by screws. However, you will also see two hinges on the top side. You must put one screwdriver underneath at the bottom and another under the top part so that both parts become unattached. After that, remove all screws from both pieces and tie them up with string or twine into your pile of already disassembled furniture (sliders).

Do not forget that when we took apart an armrest in the earlier step, only one piece was attached with its corresponding slider by screws. If we take off this piece and flip it around 180 degrees, we will get another armrest that can be used for any other sofa! Just do the same thing as before: put flat head screwdrivers underneath both parts and detach them from each other by lifting. 

After that, remove screws from all sides of the bottom part (where you will notice a hole), and it will detach itself from the top part. Put armrest into your pile of disassembled furniture (sliders), and do not forget to attach them with string or twine.


I want to answer often asked questions about disassembling a recliner in this section. 

How much does it cost to disassemble a recliner sofa? 

The total amount of money needed for taking apart a recliner is about 200 dollars. You will need at least 100 dollars for sliders and the other 100 dollars concern tools you use during this process, such as screwdrivers.

When do I have to disassemble my recliner sofa when moving? 

It is advisable to take your furniture before moving into another house to save your time unpacking or assembling during your arrival. This might be especially important if you are not living alone because people usually don’t like spending lots of time doing things they do not care about. Of course, they would prefer to wait for their friends or family to arrive and do all the work instead of them.

Does it make any difference if a recliner is a manual or an electronic one? 

The process is not different at all! You will only have more pieces – most likely, they are your chair’s armrests … A manual recliner has four parts, but an electric one can have up to ten. However, you will most likely find five because leg rest usually does not come out from sliders. In addition, there is no substantial difference between disassembling a manual or an electrical recliner.

Can I return my sofa into its original shape without having problems with screws being unable to fit again? 

Yes, you can still put your chair together by using glue, which is usually included when you buy it, or just using your screws. You also must consider that there are chances that some of these pieces might be broken by the time you take them apart, but this can happen if you don’t handle them carefully enough during moving, for example.

What do I have to pay attention to when disassembling a recliner? 

If you are not careful enough, your sofa might get hurt, so try being more careful next time by putting sliders in one bag, so they do not bump into each other during transportation. In addition, make sure nails are not sticking out anywhere because they will damage your furniture.


As mentioned before, the process of disassembling a recliner is straightforward, and if you have other questions, then you can leave a comment below or contact me directly. If you follow these steps step by step, I guarantee that your furniture will not get damaged at all!

Thank you for reading this article! I hope it was exciting and helpful to you in some way.

Last updated: 25/04/2023

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