How to Fix a Recliner that Leans to One Side?

Fixing a recliner that leans to one side is not a difficult task, and you can quickly repair it. All you need to know is why your armchair is broken by either making some adjustments or replacing the broken parts. This article discusses the most widespread reasons your recliner can lean on one side.

What are the most widespread reasons for the recliner to lean to one side? 

I will fully dedicate this section to problems that make the recliner lean to one side. You can skip this part if you already know the reason for the recliner malfunction.

1. Damage in the frame

The back-and-forth movement of the chair is the main thing that causes damage to its frame. Thus, this will often cause it to lean slightly to one side. To fix this problem, tighten all loose screws, which help keep the reclining mechanism intact at various places in your chair’s joints and framework. Flexible upholstery typically results from constantly sitting on one spot while others remain untouched for extended periods.

2. Broken Springs

Recliners work on tension, so the more someone sits on them, the less they can support the weight. Eventually, this causes breakage in the springs supporting the recliner’s mechanism, and this will cause it to lean heavily towards one side. Hence if your chair relies too much on one side, look for broken springs and strengthen them by adding additional springs on each side of any broken ones. 

Takedown your chair’s back cover and access its inner parts until you find two loose springs that need strengthening with two new intermittent ones positioned at an exact distance from the first set of spring coils.

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3. Loose Rollers

Roller cushions don’t provide as much support as stationary cushions; they also make it easier for the chair to lean excessively on one side. Sometimes, rollers can get lost or damaged and need replacement. If your recliner relies heavily on one side and you find some loose parts and broken springs, there’s a high chance of the problem stemming from the roller cushioning system.

4. Disconnected Cables

If the armrests on your armchair look like they’re overloaded with weight, then that might be due to its disconnected cables. These cables support upper body weight distribution back into the seat frame, and they get stretched out gradually over time until they lose all their tension resulting in a poor distribution of weight when someone sits on them. Just tighten any slackened cord bundles located around the chair’s framework to fix this problem.

5. Uneven Leveling Footplates

Sometimes, the feet on your recliner don’t rest evenly on the ground, which can cause excessive moving towards one side. You can easily fix it by simply adjusting your chair and leveling footplates until evenly placed on the floor. You might accidentally loosen up some necessary screws holding your chair’s framework together, so I recommend you be very careful.

6. Damaged Rollers or Wheels

Suppose you’ve gone over all previous fixes without any luck. In that case, damage or wear may have accumulated in your wheels or rollers, causing them to lose balance while rolling left and right across the floor while being pushed back up into their final upright position after use. Adjustment of these parts is not recommended, and you should give up on them and replace them with new ones.

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Step by step guide on fixing the recliner that leans to one side.

  1. Take the chair apart, starting from its back section, after opening your recliner’s back cover and discovering broken springs and loose parts in its frame. Remove any damaged areas of your chair’s frame and replace them with new pieces that you’ve recently cut out from wood or metal boards.
  2. Tighten all screws that hold your recliner’s framework together by following a specific pattern across each joint section until they are tightened evenly.
  3. Look for uneven elevations in the seat cushioning system, which will cause it to lean excessively on one side or another. Level them out using a leveler or tighten any slackened cords around the framework of your chair until it is leveled off so that both feet are ultimately in contact with the floor when it is in an upright position.
  4. If you’re lucky, all the previous repairs will fix your problem. However, if it doesn’t, then that means that you’ll have to look further into things like disconnected cables or uneven leveling footplates.
  5. Finally, replace any worn-out rollers with new ones and give your recliner a test drive.
  6. Check for loose screws after your chair is put back together and tighten them down evenly across each joint section until they are tightened securely over their entire length. Also, make sure that all screws holding parts such as springs and wheels together are tight enough to not fall off quickly after your repairs.
  7. If you’re using a wooden frame for your recliner’s replacement parts, remember that it is advisable to use wood screws instead of nails or glues to hold things together tightly and securely for long periods.
  8. For a final strong connection between metal parts such as screws, springs, and levers, you can use a metallic bonding agent available at any hardware store near you.
  9. Replace the recliner’s cushioning after all other fixes have been completed because this is where the rest of the chair will add the most additional weight once it is put back together again. This helps distribute even more weight on your recliner’s framework, which prevents excessive lean towards one side and provides additional back support once it is put into use again.
  10. Try to avoid leaning too heavily on the recliner’s side by using an oversized footrest instead if you can’t live without one. This helps spread your weight during sitting periods so that the chair doesn’t have to bear excessive weight. Simply put, you will be placed on just one side or another, leading to more damage during future sitting periods.
  11. Last but not least, remember that not all repairs are suitable for every type of material used in making certain parts across your recliner’s framework. For example, metal components are usually preferred over wooden ones because they are more durable and secure overall, providing a tight fit with less wiggle room between each part connected. This helps prevent further leaning on one side since there is less movement between each component attached to it.
  12. Glueing metal parts together will not provide a strong enough connection between them, so always use nuts and bolts or more vital metallic bonding agents instead of using glue to secure them more tightly over their entire length.
  13. Finally, remember that recliners are complicated pieces of equipment for fixing things like leaning excessively towards one side. They also involve moving parts, including springs that can get loose if you tighten them down too much during the repairs. Don’t forget to double-check the recliner.

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This section will answer some frequently asked questions concerning the fixing recliner that leans to one side.

Where is the best place to buy recliner replacement parts?

You can purchase recliner parts from most hardware stores, including Home Depot or Lowe’s. Also, you can find many online websites that sell wholesale recliner replacement parts at lower prices than what you would typically find in brick-and-mortar stores.

What are some of the most common issues with mechanics repairing recliners?

Most problems that arise have to do with replacing worn-out rollers on the chair’s base. These kinds of things make it difficult for the chair itself to lean back and forth without getting stuck or having too much friction between its moving parts. Therefore, continual leaning on one side becomes more likely to happen in most cases.

Will my recliner be able to lean back and forth without needing fixing again down the road?

If you find a mechanic who knows what they’re doing, then you won’t have any problems with your recliner leaning too heavily towards one side or another after they repair it. According to our guide above, this problem usually disappears once all worn-out parts are replaced. Just make sure that you ask about these things before paying for any service offered by a professional mechanic.


Remember that if your furniture leans excessively on one side or another, don’t use it until it has been fixed. Either find a qualified recliner mechanic that you can trust and have them fix their problems for you or follow our guide carefully so that you can do it yourself. I hope this article has been reasonably informative and helpful.

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