How To Fix Cable On Reclining Sofa

Cables are an essential part of the mechanism on a reclining sofa. However, they are not ideal and tend to break out of old age or a manual brake. Thus, it is time for you to fix a cable on your sofa. This article discusses how to conduct this basic repair. Fixing the cable may not be that easy, but at least with this guide, you are one step closer to getting the job done right away.

Cable Repair Steps

This section will give you a short guide about repairing cables on the reclining sofa.

Remove seat covers and armrests carefully.

Removing any part of your sofa, including cushions, requires careful work, and your goal is not to damage them or yourself in the process. Once removed, put all aspects somewhere where they won’t get dirty or lost until reinstallation time comes up.

Unzip back panel

Locate the zipper on your sofa’s back panel. Pull the zipper down with your hands until it is completely unzipped.

Get or make a string.

A string on the sofa’s back panel base holds all the springs in place. Make sure you have about an arm’s length of twine; if not, get one from any hardware store near you.

Pass the string through to the mechanism underneath

If you are planning on reusing your broken cable for this process, pass it around one of the pulleys and pull yourself up so that both ends are available to work with. Keep zipping up your back panel as you do this step to prevent any more parts from falling off or getting lost along the way.

Adjust new cable

Unless you have a similar old cable to use as a replacement, you will need to adjust your new one to make it fit. Unravel the string from the pulleys and then feed it around one at a time until reaching the other end. Feed the future into its pulley and pull on both ends of the string to correct the tension.

Zip up your back panel

Once done with adjusting your new cable, zip up your back panel and test out how it works by giving light tugs on both ends of the string.

Grab all loose parts and put everything back together

Put everything, including seat covers, armrests, and cushions, in their respective positions, making sure not to skip any steps along the way. The last step is to give a final tug on each part of your sofa to ensure they are securely in place.


Cable breakage is widespread among all kinds of upholstered furniture. It would help if you fixed broken cables as soon as possible. Otherwise, it can worsen and even pose a danger to those sitting or lying on the sofa. 

When you feel that the situation has reached its worst, follow this guide, and hopefully, it will work out for you. Fixing broken cables requires some technical knowledge but following these steps should help ease the process allowing anyone to do so if given a chance to try it out today!

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