How to Fix Power Lift Recliner Motor?

Power lift recliners are fantastic to have in the home. Not only do they make it very easy for older people to get out of their chairs, but you can use them as a standard chair by putting the footrest down. However, the complex structure makes them tend to break. This article discusses some basic principles of maintaining, examining, and fixing a motor in your armchair. 

How to maintain a power lift recliner motor? 

Before giving you guidelines on fixing a power recliner, you need first to understand how to maintain your chair. It is not hard to keep the motor clean. You will need to disconnect the power cord and spray the gears with an air compressor. Besides, you can clean it with compressed air. The trickiest part of this process is removing rubber dust covers because they tend to stick inside the unit. I recommend using a small flathead screwdriver so you can pry them open easily without damaging anything inside the compartment. 

After that, remove any grime stuck between any rollers found in front of the driver’s arms. You will also see two metal spacers underneath. These are tiny parts that you can quickly lose during reassembly, so make sure to store them somewhere safe. Put the motor covers back in place and tighten all bolts. Make sure to do this procedure once every couple of months, depending on how often you use your chair. 

Should you hire a professional to fix your armchair? 

An average professional will cost you $150-$300. Although it’s pricey to hire a technician, he will find other parts that might need checking instead of replacing the already broken thing. Plus, they have the right tools and equipment to save time while fixing it thoroughly. However, sometimes it is better to fix some minor problems by yourself rather than paying a professional.  

How do I fix a broken power lift recliner? 

As mentioned previously, you need some basic knowledge about motors and switches before fixing an armchair by yourself. However, make sure you have at least three hours of free time. While disassembling, you might also break some plastic parts, so carefully wrap up all loose wires and don’t let them touch each other. 

Step 1 – Diagnosing the problem. 

You need to understand the problem before starting with the repairs. It involves removing certain parts of the armchair to connect the jumper cables to each piece underneath or between them. Depending on how many parts you intend to connect, you will need two or three jumpers. I encourage you to take a photo first and keep it a reminder of how the armchair should look. It will be a great point of reference and save a lot of time later. 

Step 2 – Remove parts that are not needed. 

This step is self-explanatory. You will need to find all plastic or metal parts that need to be accessed after switching on the unit again. They include the back, neck pillow, headrest, neck support system, and so forth. This will make your work easier when finding any faulty components later in these steps. 

Step 3 – Identifying faulty parts.  

Remove each part one by one to find which one needs replacing. Sometimes they get mixed up during the process, but it will not be a problem if you are careful. Ensure that you have the right part before replacing it, especially when dealing with electrical components. Also, if any of these parts look damaged but still function normally, you should think is it necessary to replace the whole thing. It could be better to fix them first using one of the aforementioned methods. 

Step 4: Disassemble the recliner’s frame. 

Find all screws on the frame and remove them. This will make all parts more accessible, but don’t forget where each screw goes back; otherwise, you’ll end up doing everything again! Note that every single screw should go back to its original location unless you remove it for a short time to clean it. 

Step 5 – Disconnect the faulty parts. 

This is the final step before replacing anything. There is the chance that you’ll need some electrical knowledge or other tools not mentioned in this article. However, you can try out several life hacks if you don’t have any spare parts at home.  

For example, if your recliner has a heating system installed on its cushion, it doesn’t matter that much to have all heated wires disconnected if they are not connected to the power supply. You could ignore this part completely unless it feels extremely uncomfortable without them working! Besides, you can even disconnect them if your chair works with batteries instead of plugged into an electric socket. 

You will now have access to all the faulty parts, but you might need extra tools to reach certain areas. For example, they are usually easy-to-access, right behind covers, which you can pry open with a flat screwdriver or multi-tool if they are not too tight. Additionally, you can use another tool with a similar characteristic if it doesn’t work. Don’t forget to find screws on the recliner’s frame between two parts of its mechanism.  

It is essential, so keep searching until you find them. Use your hand first and feel around each piece carefully before using any other means. After finding out which part needs replacing, replace it with a new one that fits perfectly. It is vital to buy pieces that fit together and, therefore, will make your recliner work again! 

Remember to take a photo of how your power lift chair should look like before disassembling anything. This will save you a huge amount of time later. Also, pay extra attention while taking each part apart and putting them back together to avoid making mistakes and wasting money! 

Step 6 – Reassemble the recliner. 

After replacing broken parts, you will need to put all the pieces back together again, starting with the ones on the outside and moving inwards. Make sure that nothing gets stuck or too tight while assembling any piece. However, do not use extra force, especially when dealing with plastic parts. They might break if mishandled. Just be careful, and it should work out fine! 

When you have finished putting everything back together, your power lift chair should look just like new again. In the case of a heating system, you can try using it after connecting everything correctly without making anything too tight this time around. However, avoid doing so if there is no point since most heated power lift chairs can work without them unless wired directly to an electric socket. Otherwise, everything should be working perfectly fine again! 

Step 7 – Sit on your chair! 

Now it is time to put your recliner back together; it’s time to measure whether all the parts are working correctly or not. If everything works fine and you feel confident with the repairs executed so far, then it’s time to sit down and enjoy your perfectly working recliner! But don’t get too comfortable just yet because there is some assembly needed to use it. Just follow our instructions or contact a professional if you cannot do anything yourself. Keep in mind that every recliner has a unique repair protocol. I recommend checking out the manufacturer’s manual. However, there are some basic rules that I showcased in this article. 

Common Problems With A Power Lift Recliner

Over time, the power lift recliner will start to experience some problems. Here are some common issues that you might come across.

Problems with the Motor:

One of the most common problems with power lift recliners is that the motor will start to fail. This can be caused by various things, such as wear and tear, age, or rust.


Over time, your best recliner might start to make some noise when it is in use. This is usually due to the gears starting to wear down. If you hear a creaking noise, it is probably time to oil the recliner.

Leaning To One Side:

If you notice that your recliner is starting to lean to one side, one of the legs might be shorter than the other. You can easily fix this by adjusting the leg.

Battery Issues:

If your recliner is not working, it might be because the batteries are dead. Make sure to check the batteries and replace them if necessary.

Loose wires:

As your recliner ages, the wires might start to become loose. This can be a safety hazard, so it is important to fix this as soon as possible.


Why did my lift chair suddenly stop working?

There are many reasons why a lift chair may suddenly stop working. It could be due to a power outage, a blown fuse, or a problem with the motor. Try troubleshooting the problem by checking the power supply and resetting the recliner. If nothing works, you can seek professional help.

Can I fix my power lift recliner myself?

In most cases, you can try to troubleshoot problems and fix your power lift recliner at home. However, remember that most recliners are usually under warranty. Hence, it is advisable to check with the manufacturer or retailer before attempting any repairs.


This is a straightforward guide on how to fix a power lift recliner motor. I created it so even an amateur who does not know anything can follow it with ease! Remember that your chair might require a little more attention than the standard models available on the market today. If everything works just fine, then you’re done! Sit back, relax, and enjoy your newly fixed power recliner once again.  

Thank you for reading and have a great one!

Last updated: 25/04/2023

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