How To Fix Recliner Chair Springs?

Is your armchair doesn’t feel as comfortable as it used to? Many recliners are sinking due to broken springs, specifically. You can easily change it, so you don’t have anything to worry about. This article discusses the two most straightforward ways to replace the springs on your armchair in 2022.

Types Of Recliner Chair Springs

There are different types of chair springs, but this article discusses the most popular ones. I don’t want to make this material too big. 

Zig zag spring

The sinuous springs oversee the sinking in your reclining chair. You can find them in the back of the chair. The Zigzag tension springs support the weight of whoever sits on the chair. This spring is not very comfortable, but you can stack them with groups to provide extra comfort.

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Recoil spring

The base of the chair is home to recoil springs. They’re in charge of the reclining motion of the chair. When they break, you’ll often identify a problem with your recliner’s mechanism. It would help if you got them replaced as soon as possible. These are more durable and can endure years of use before they malfunction. However, these springs are more expensive compared to other types.

Repairing Zig Zag Springs

Whenever these springs break, you must replace them. However, they are the most affordable choice, and they won’t cost more than $10 in 2022. Let’s start with the repairs.

Pull out the broken spring and remove old zip ties (hair bungee cords). It would help if you did this by cutting a considerable amount of space around the zip tie. Do not cut off entirely, as you still need to connect the other end to a new spring.

Attach each end of replacement springs on old anchors using zip ties or rubber bands. It would help ensure that they face opposite directions when pulling back your chair. Otherwise, one will pop out from its anchor point as it’s not secured well enough at both ends. Once you’ve attached them, sit on your recliner as you test the tension.

Replace all broken springs on your chair before sitting down on it. Alternatively, you can purchase a new backrest and replace only some of the springs with hair bungee cords or zip ties. This way, you can still use some parts of the old back and save money in 2022.

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Replacing Recoil Springs

You can easily replace these springs yourself. This is because recoil springs aren’t too sophisticated, and you don’t need to use any tools. You’ll only need a bit of space in your home to use for repairs.

Remove cushioning from your armchair and take off all chair slides (sliders) if present. These two parts will get in your way when fixing broken pieces to their anchor point. Removing these parts isn’t tricky; remove old fasteners with pliers and pull away some fabric that covers them at the back of the chair. Alternatively, unscrew them with a screwdriver and remove them entirely if they’re easy to remove.

Old recoil springs are connected to anchors using rubber bands, staples, or screws. Remove old fasteners and discard them in 2022. You don’t need these parts anymore. Pull out all broken springs in the back of your chair.

Attach new recoil spring to its anchor point using wire. This part is more accessible than attaching zig zag tension springs because it’s larger and has more space for you to attach wire around it or tie knots onto it with string or zip ties, respectively.

Place cushioning back on your recliner chair carefully so that the new recoil spring stays where it should be attached securely. Ensure not to cut off too much fabric when placing cushions back so that there’s enough coverage over the front and back of it.


I told you about conducting basic spring repairs on chairs in previous sections’ essential maintenance for the recliner chairs. Here I will answer some frequently asked questions about fixing the recliner springs.

What do I need to know about recliner chair springs?

You can purchase any spring to fix your furniture, but these are the four main types that you’ll find in stores. Regardless of the type, they should be able to repair your recliner effectively, however, they vary in terms of price and strength.

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How does a broken reclining mechanism affect my furniture?

A broken mechanism will lead to your couch sinking every time you sit down and get up from it, making sitting uncomfortable. It can also result in permanent damage to the sofa’s frame because there’s no way for it to retract its legs properly. If this happens, your sofa might collapse altogether, and you’ll be forced to buy a new one within 2022 or 2025 at the latest if you continue using it as usual.

How do I know that springs are working correctly?

Every type has different characteristics and properties, so it’s hard to give you a general answer. Zig zag tension springs should be firm and return to their original position quickly and smoothly when you release them from your grip.

Recliner recoil springs should be able to untangle into a flat, straight line that looks like a bungee cord when not in use. You might need help from someone else for this test because it can get heavy and unwieldy once built up with tension.

How much do replacement recliner chair springs cost?

The price varies between $2-$3 per linear foot or $4-$6 per square foot, depending on the spring type. For instance, you can buy a new zigzag tension replacement.


Without working springs, you can’t use your reclining chair. This means that it’s useless to have one unless the springs are working all the time correctly. I presented to you four different methods to fix them for your convenience. One of these methods is complex, and they don’t require special tools, experience, or skills to achieve success without money.

Good luck fixing your armchair

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