How To Fix Recliner Chair Tension Springs in Lazy Boy Rocker Recliner?

Is your recliner still in good working order? Professionals will charge you from $200 – $350. So, knowing how to replace recliner chair springs will save you some money. Sinking recliner chairs are more often caused by broken springs than broken frames. Don’t worry; you can quickly repair and replace this part, and this article will teach you how to do precisely that.

Types Of Recliner Chair Springs

The primary flaws of recliner chairs are their mild sagging and reclining movement. Springs are to blame for this, and they’re involved with the reclining chair’s relaxing features. Recliner chairs feature a variety of model and replacement techniques instead of being constructed entirely out of one type of spring. This article will discuss two of the most popular recliner chair springs.

Zig zag spring

Zig zag spring is the reclining chair’s control of the sinking. They’re located in the rear of the chair. Zig zag supports the weight of anyone who sits on it. To give comfort, they may be stacked up with groups. This model is less expensive to install than others, but they are worn out quickly. Zig-zag springs make the recliner more secure and robust when functioning correctly and nicely. It ensures that whoever is seated on the chair has a firm and safe seat. 

Recoil spring

The chair’s recoil springs are located at the bottom, and they oversee reclining the chair. There is frequently an issue with your recliner’s mechanism when these parts break, and you should get them replaced as soon as possible. T have a longer lifespan than other types of recoil springs, and they can function for years before needing to be replaced again. However, it is a more expensive option and one of the most robust springs you can find for your recliner chair.

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Repairing Zig Zag Springs

Get your hands on a screwdriver and staple remover. You will need this during the process. Besides, don’t worry about the space you won’t need this. However, make sure you are in a comfortable position before beginning.

Step #1. Remove upholstery

The whole process starts by removing the material from the recliner. You will need to turn your chair around and remove the back cushions. Take out the staples using the staple remover and a screwdriver. When removing the staples, be careful since you will be putting them back. I advise you to take a photo before starting this process. The picture will help you ensure that everything is in order, and it will also provide you with references to refer to. Once done, put the cushioning aside.

Step #2. Take out the seat upholstery

After that, take out one of the sides of the chair. Loosen it up by unscrewing it from its neighboring staples and removing it entirely for convenience’s sake. Take out its screws, which are in plain sight.

Step #3. Lift the cover

Once you’ve removed the spring cover, take off another piece of upholstery to give yourself more accessibility. Remove it until there is nothing left on your recliner chair. It will make it easier to handle when constructing a new set of tension springs.

Step #4. Locate broken spring

Remove the cover carefully and locate the broken zig-zag spring. Tension springs are large, so you won’t have trouble finding the damaged one. You might also want to check the general condition of the springs. Remove every spring that looks old and rusty. It is better to remove springs now than to repeat this process once more in the future.

Step #5. Let the broken spring come off

I recommend keeping your hands light. Most of the time, the top part of zig-zag springs is concealed. To release the broken spring, push it firmly but softly from the top. You don’t want to move any of the other springs out of position. Don’t be shy and ask family or friends for help if you need one. When you are sure it’s completely loose, remove the broken spring.

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Step #6. Check for damage

If there isn’t any visible damage to the other springs, go ahead and use them as replacements. They will probably be fine if they aren’t noticeably solid or weak. Replace the broken spring and keep an eye on others in the future.

Step #7. Stick them back in place

After you’ve replaced your zig zag tension springs, stick the upholstery back in place. If you’re using new and better model than what your chair had, your recliner won’t need to go through a lasting adjustment period. It will function as intended on its first try.

Step #8. Put everything back together

Screw it in to ensure that the springs stay put when putting the cushion back on. This is called “re-stuffing” and allows you to keep your chair as secure as possible. With these steps, you should replace zig-zag tension springs with ease. The main thing is having patience and paying attention to detail, so you don’t damage the chair.

Step #9. Test your recliner’s new spring system

Make sure to test your recliner after you’ve put everything back together and that it has the tension that you need. If the springs are too tight or loose, start over and redo everything until they fit correctly. It may take a couple of tries before you have it entirely correct, but at least you now know how to fix recliner chair tension springs.

Repairing Recoil Springs

Since the manufacturers place recoil springs under the armchair, you might work in a wide area. You also need to make sure that it has enough light. You will need the following item to conduct the repairs:

  • Pliers
  • Screwdrivers
  • Flashlight
  • Protection goggles

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Step #1. Turn the recliner upside down

Flip and face the chair’s bottom. You will need to remove any obstructions if there are any. Find the location of the recoil springs using a flashlight. Inspect their condition. You will need to take them out if they’re damaged or getting too old.

Step #2. Unfasten the backseat and base

Before getting rid of the old springs, you must first disassemble the chair’s seat and base. Remove all the screws, fasteners, or bolts as necessary. It’s best to take out the rear seat before taking out the chair base. The base is frequently more firmly attached, so it might take longer to remove. However, it is an easy process, and I don’t think you will have any problems.

Step #3. Remove cable

The cable is often attached to the lever from the outside. Remove the casing first before you proceed in pulling the cord. Once the removal is complete, you can pull out the recoil spring. It might have a cover over it in some cases, so be sure to check. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Step #4. Take out the broken springs

Remove the chair’s springs and unclamp them. They are occasionally secured in frames, so you must release them. Use a screwdriver or a wrench if they are fastened with screws. Purchase replacement springs after removing the old ones. You can get heavy-duty springs from the store if necessary.

Step #5. Reinstall everything

Put the chair base, seat, and cord back into their original position. To ensure ideal tension, try to reset it with your weight. If you have replaced the springs with new ones, test the strength by using them again. Once you are happy with how it is now, screw everything back in place to preserve its condition.

Repairing Stuck Recliners

Sometimes, the recliner is stuck because of something on or inside it. This usually happens when you don’t regularly use your chair for an extended period. To fix this problem, arm yourself with a flat head screwdriver and paper clips to dislodge items stuck on the recliner.

Step #1. Check for any items stuck

Flip your chair upside down and check if items or dirt are sticking to its springs. Pluck it out gently using tweezers or your fingers if you see anything. Do not force anything since it can damage the equipment further. After removing everything that you can, proceed to the next step.

Step #2. Shake your chair

Shake your recliner gently to dislodge any objects stuck on the inside. There could be something sticky or greasy inside so take extra caution not to force out whatever is there. At this time, you should also check if the cord is working correctly by testing its motion.

Step #3. Unfasten everything

Before doing anything else, remove all the screws or bolts that hold your chair together. Everything must come apart before you can get into it and clean it entirely from within. If you have no idea where each one goes, ask someone for help since removing the wrong ones might cause further damage.

Step #4. Use a flat head screwdriver to dislodge stuck items

Once done, you can now use a flat head screwdriver to dislodge anything that’s still sticking. Be careful not to damage the chair by forcing it too much. If there are stubborn stains or dust, try using a paper clip instead since you can bend and shape it quickly into a curve for more flexibility.

Step #5. Reassemble the unit

After finishing your cleaning job, put your recliner back together carefully in reverse order of how you came apart. Put each bolt or screw back in its place one by one to make sure everything is fixed correctly before testing it out again with your weight.


These are the most common ways to fix recliner chair tension springs. Be patient and follow our little guide. I hope that this material was helpful for you.

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