How To Keep Elderly From Sliding Out Of Recliner?

Recliners are a great comfort to the elderly. They offer support and relaxation and can be easily adjusted to different positions to provide the best experience. However, one downside to recliners is that they can be difficult to get in and out of, and seniors may sometimes slide out of them unintentionally.

This can be dangerous, as it can often lead to falls and injuries. But the good news is that there are several ways to keep elderly people from sliding out of their recliners.

Here are some things that you can do:

Install Handrails Near The Recliner Area

If your elderly loved one has difficulty getting in and out of their recliner, you may want to consider installing handrails near the area.

This will give them something to hold onto as they move around, preventing them from accidentally sliding out.

Rake Recliners

Rake recliners are the largest and most comfortable type of recliner. They have a wide seat and a high back, which makes them perfect for people who need extra support.

These recliners are also great for preventing seniors from sliding out, as they offer a lot of stability.

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Use Footplates

Footplates are small plates that can be placed under the feet of seniors to help prevent them from sliding out of their recliners.

These plates grip the floor and keep the feet in place, which can greatly help seniors who tend to lose their balance easily.

Use Belts and Harness

Perhaps the simplest way to keep someone from sliding out of their recliner is to use a belt or harness. They can help restrain and hold and elderly in place. There are several types of belts and harnesses available, so you should be able to find one that fits your needs.

However, most people aren’t comfortable being harnessed to a chair. Hence, we’d recommend you use it as a last resort.

Last updated: 8/10/2022

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