How to Move a Recliner Upstairs by Yourself?

The recliner is pretty bulky and moving it from one place to another can be quite a daunting task! You may have found a better spot upstairs to set the couch. So, can you move a recliner by yourself? Yes, you can move the recliner if you follow the right method. 

It is going to be challenging to move the recliner chair through narrow hallways and doors. You may also need to disassemble the furniture to get it upstairs safely. 

Some people might not prefer disassembling a newly bought recliner. You will need some help if you are one of those individuals. Continue reading to reveal how to move a reclining chair upstairs. 

Take the measurements of doorways

Use a tape measure to measure the width of your recliner chair. As you can see, it is much larger and heavier than an ordinary chair. So, carefully measure its size and compare it with the space available at your doorways. 

This measurement is important to assess because it will reveal whether you can get the chair inside the required room or not. If the sofa is much larger than the size of your doorway, you will have to disassemble it!

Moving an assembled recliner

You want to know how to move a recliner by yourself, but is it even possible? Yes, you can use furniture sliders to move the bulky piece of furniture on the same floor, but not upstairs. You will need one more person to pick up and move the heavy chair if you want to take it upstairs. 

Furniture sliders make it super easy to move some of the heaviest furniture across the house. You need to place these sliders under each leg and then your bulky furniture becomes mobile. Follow the below-given tips to move an assembled recliner upstairs:

  1. Wrap your recliner chair in a moving blanket
  2. Now, wrap dollies across the furniture
  3. Find a strong person to help you lift the chair
  4. Slide the recliner out of the door and then gradually move it upstairs

The person, who is lifting the chair from the bottom, will bear more weight than the person holding it from the front side. So, call your friends to do the heavy lifting work! There might not be enough space on the stairs to fit two people at a time. You will need two strong people in such a situation to move the recliner. 

Moving the recliner upstairs on your own

If you could not find any help, you will have to follow a different method to move the recliner. Follow the below-given tips to ensure you move the recliner upstairs without damaging it. 

Step 1: Remove the legs

Take off the removable legs of your recliner chair if its height can cause trouble. Most branded recliners come with removable legs and they are quite easy to remove. You may not even need a tool to take off all the legs.  

The next thing you have to do is the angle the chair to see, whether you can take it out of the doorway without disassembling it. Thus, you can take it near the chair and then disassemble it to avoid heavy lifting. 

Step 2: Disassemble the recliner for moving

You can’t possibly lift and move the recliner upstairs if you are alone. You will have to disassemble this furniture to move it safely and then you can assemble it to enjoy your time. 

  • Remove cushions. Begin the disassembling process by removing cushions from the chair. There might be a lever at the chair’s back. Move it upwards to take off the cushioned backrest of the chair. Pull that back cushion upward to take it off. Remove it from the clip and thus the chair will become lighter. 
  • Unscrew the brackets. Turn over your recliner chair to access brackets installed underneath the chair. Use a screwdriver to loosen and remove all the screws. Thus, the brackets that hold the seat cushion and arms should come off easily. Store these brackets in a safe place to access them conveniently when assembling the recliner. 
  • Disassemble the chair. Take off the arms, backrest, and other removable sections of the chair. You will get the recliner chair in different sections now. So, it should be much easier to take the chair upstairs. 

Step 3: Move the recliner upstairs 

Once your recliner chair has been disassembled, you can easily pick all the parts one by one and take move them upstairs. Make sure you store all the screws and the brackets in different boxes or zip bags to find them without any trouble. 

Step 4: Assemble the recliner upstairs

Now, you will need the screwdriver to assemble the chair upstairs. Assemble all the parts the way you have removed them. Fasten the screws tightly to secure all the brackets. Use an online guide if you find it difficult to assemble the chair. That’s how to move a recliner upstairs by yourself! 

Things to avoid when moving a recliner upstairs

Take care of the following things when moving bulky furniture like a recliner upstairs:

  • Arrange all the tools required for disassembling and assembling the furniture to avoid unwanted delay!
  • Use different boxes or zip bags to store all the screws and tiny components of the recliner. 
  • Call your friends or a handyman for additional help if it seems too difficult to disassemble and assemble the recliner! 
  • Don’t try to force the recliner through doorways or around corners. This could damage the furniture or worse; you may get hurt.
  • Don’t attempt to move a recliner if there is insufficient space. Make sure you have at least one foot of clearance on either side of the furniture.

Follow these tips and you will face no troubles in moving the recliner!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you move heavy furniture upstairs by yourself?

If you need to move heavy furniture upstairs by yourself, you can do a few things to make the process easier. First, use a furniture dolly to move the piece from one room to another (if needed). It’ll take some of the weight off your body and make it easier to maneuver the furniture. Then, all you need to do is disassemble the furniture (if possible), move the pieces upstairs one by one, and reassemble it in your desired location.

Now, if you can’t disassemble the piece, the best thing to do is seek help from a friend or call the professionals!

Can you dismantle a recliner to move it upstairs?

Yes, in most cases, you can dismantle a recliner to make it easier to move upstairs. Just follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully so you don’t damage the furniture. You’ll also want to have someone help you with this process, as it can be difficult to do it by yourself.

What is the best way to move a recliner upstairs?

It’s easy! Just get help from a friend or professional. Recliners are heavy and can be difficult to maneuver, so it’s best not to try to do it by yourself. However, if you need to move the recliner by yourself, you can always use a furniture dolly or strap to help you lift and move easily.


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