How To Raise A Lazy Boy Recliner?

The most important thing about a recliner is its comfort. A good armchair will make you feel relaxed when you sit in it. However, sometimes your chair is too low or too high for your height. This article discusses adjusting your lazy boy recliner to a size that will suit you.

Step 1 

Firstly, you need to purchase furniture risers specifically made for recliners. You can find it on Amazon or buy it from your local shop. Risers allow adjusting the height in a few different inch increments. They are produced for conventional armchairs and stools; however, you can use them on heavier recliners. 

Step 2 

Turn your reclining chair over to get access to all four of its legs. 

Step 3 

Attach the legs of your reclining chair to the bottom with furniture risers. The installation process is determined by the product you’ve purchased. Some, for example, slide onto the chair’s legs, while others must be screwed into them. Check out the instruction on the package or Amazone page. 

Step 4 

Adjust all of your risers to the same height (if applicable). If you want to raise your recliner by 5 inches, for example, extend each of the four recliner risers to “5 inches” on their base. 

Step 5 

Place your chair back in its original position. Now you can sit in your armchair. Congrats! You can recline at a height that is most comfortable for you. If you find that your chair is still too low or has risen up too high, turn it on its side and manually adjust the heights of the individual risers. 


Installing the raisers should make your lazy boy recliner comfortable. You can either purchase a different riser or take it in for repair if it doesn’t. Don’t forget that risers have a weight limit and should not be used for chairs exceeding that number. Always read the product description to ensure you buy what will suit you and follow my instructions. 

Thank you for reading, and have a great day!

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