How To Sleep in a Recliner When Pregnant?

Everyone is aware of bedtime’s importance for your health, but comfort is just as important. Finding a comfortable sleeping posture may be one of the most challenging tasks during pregnancy. Many people are sleeping on their sofa or recliner instead of a bed. However, it is troublesome to find a position for sleep in a recliner during pregnancy. 

This article discusses finding the best place to sleep on a recliner.

Can I sleep in a recliner while pregnant?

Firstly, I want to give a short answer. Yes, you can rest on a recliner if you are pregnant. With this out of our way, let’s speak about it in more detail. 

According to the American Pregnancy Association, sleep difficulties might be caused by various factors. These include the size of your belly, back pressure, discomfort, acid reflux, insomnia, and shortness of breath. Resting in a bed may worsen these problems by forcing you to surround yourself with pillows as you toss and turn to get comfortable. It is not easy to seep during pregnancy.

How to sleep on a recliner during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, sleeping on your back can be dangerous because your baby’s weight compresses a critical blood vessel called the Inferior Vena Cava (IVC). This handles returning blood to your heart. It is safe to say that resting in the wrong position can cause serious medical problems.

According to Dr. Eva Martin, CEO of Elm Tree Medical, Inc: “If the IVC can’t return blood to your heart, then the heart won’t have sufficient blood to pump back out to the body and the baby,” says Martin. She says that sleeping in a recliner may be a safe alternative, as long as you don’t lay flat on your back. 

“If you are in a mostly upright position when sleeping in the recliner, it is probably safe. But, if the recliner leaves you flat, then this position could compress the IVC,” Martin notes. 

What is the most comfortable position for sleep during pregnancy? 

The majority of pregnancies last around 40 weeks. The gynecologists divide the whole pregnancy term into three trimesters: 

  • 1-12 weeks or 1-3 months for the first trimester 
  • 13-28 weeks or 4-7 months for the second trimester 
  • 29-40 weeks or 8-10 months for the third trimester 

I will discuss the different ways to sleep according to the trimester basis. 

First trimester 

1. Sleep on one side: You may have previously preferred to sleep on the back before you became pregnant. However, you should avoid sleeping on your back. So, if you sleep in a recliner, lie on one side only. 

2. Use cushion: If you can’t sleep, place one or two cushions between your knees. It aids in both sleeping and blood circulation. 

Second trimester: 

1. Sleep on your left side: It’s the most comfortable way to sleep. Because your baby receives adequate oxygen when you sleep on your left side, and thus, you can have a good night’s sleep. 

2. Keep some pillows on your back: You’ll want to keep some pillows on your backside, and it enables you to avoid rolling on your back. 

Third Trimester 

1. Left Side Sleeping: In the third trimester has grown considerably bigger than in the earlier two. As a result, you must sleep on the left side in the third trimester. Your kid will get sufficient area to move when you sleep on the left side 

2. Use Side Pillow: When you sleep in a recliner, tilt your head on the pillow and rest your cheek on the tilted seat. You may feel nervous at times but remember that this is normal. So don’t be concerned. 


You don’t have to suffer from sleeplessness during your pregnancy. Remember it is the most beautiful time of your life. But what will help you? Right! A comfortable recliner chair. Sleeping on a recliner is safe if done correctly. And this article shows you exactly how to do it. 

Thank you for reading!

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