Lane Recliner Repairs Manual

Lane recliners are one of the most comfortable and highly functional recliners available on the market that do not cost you a fortune. Their affordability is one of the biggest reasons for their popularity, and thus many homes own them. However, recliners seem to have a bad reputation when it comes to repairing their mechanism.

Lane recliners have a revolutionary mechanism, but as any piece of furniture would need maintenance over time, the best Lane recliners need the same and sometimes run into a few problems like getting stuck.

However, these small problems should not make you wonder if you need to buy a new recliner because you can easily fix them. By the end of this guide, you will know how to bring your Lane recliner back in the best shape possible for the optimal comfort experience.

Common problems and solutions

Let us look at some common problems you might run into with your Lane recliner and how you can fix them.

Getting stuck

When you use your recliner often, there is a high chance that you can drop a small object that can fall in the space between the cushions and the base. If your recliner is getting stuck and you do not understand the reason, it is due to the small object you dropped earlier getting stuck in its mechanism.

Put your recliner forward so you can have a better look at the mechanism under it to examine any foreign object stuck inside. You can reach in and make sure nothing is stuck. Ensure the functionality of the footrest mechanism is checked thoroughly.

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Back hurts

With the continuous usage of your recliner, the cushions on the recliner seat and the back can start to lose their stiffness. The lack of stiffness in the cushions and back and the inability to provide support can lead to severe back problems. This is usually referred to as the padding problem in most recliners and should be addressed immediately. Issues related to padding are difficult to fix on your own at home, so it would be best to contact an expert.

Holes in the seat

This is another really common problem with recliners. A hole in the seat of your recliner may cause discomfort and is usually caused by a broken spring in the mechanism that made its way through your seat. It is dangerous to sit on the seat if the spring is poking out.

If possible, you can take off the cushions and examine how bad the problem is. If you can easily fix the spring, you can work your way into the base mechanism and fix it. However, if the issue is more severe, then help from an expert would be the only way of telling whether you need to get the padding replaced or not.

Leaning footrest

Malfunctioned recliner scissors in the mechanism can cause your footrest to lean while the recliner is open. Although Lane recliners are considered top-rated, such issues can occur occasionally, but there is nothing to worry about because you can fix this problem easily on your own. You will need to tilt your recliner forward so you can examine the mechanism at the bottom part of the chair.

It would be best to have a pair of screwdrivers and lubricating oil. Start by examining the screws and check if any of them are loose or coming off. Tighten all screws using your screwdriver, so they are secure in their place.

Next, grab your lubricating oil and spray it on all the moving metal parts of the mechanism. The lubricating oil will prevent rust and help the parts move smoothly. If you do not have the lubricating oil in a spray bottle, pour some on a cloth and apply it to the metal parts. Be cautious when applying it to the metal parts near the fabric. Cover the fabric with plastic wrap or cloth to avoid grease stains.

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The leaning problem

One of the most annoying problems with Lane recliners is that they often lean. The bent recliner mechanism is probably the reason behind the problem because it can make the entire chair lean if it becomes faulty. Another reason for this problem could be a loose wooden frame that might need to be repaired or replaced with a new frame.

If the issue persists, then the last recommended action to take is to measure the flatness of your floor. Sometimes the floor has a slight unnoticeable slope that can cause your recliner to lean.

Frequently asked questions

How do I get my Lane recliner to sit on an uneven floor?

Your nearest hardware store may sell rubber or plastic levelers to place under the legs of your recliner. They will help keep your recliner still on an uneven floor.

Will the dealer charge me for labor for mechanism replacement, or is it covered under warranty?

For all Lane products, the labor portion of the warranty is valid for one year, provided that the user shows valid proof of payment to verify warranty status.

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How do I get replacement parts for my recliner once the warranty is over?

You can purchase replacement parts through the Lane customer service department. You will need to give the product’s serial number so Lane can search for the part and provide details of availability, cost, and delivery.

If my cushions have flattened, will I get a replacement under warranty?

It is normal for foam seats and cushions to lose some of their firmness over time, just like any other foam or pillow-type product. Noticing compression is normal; however, all spring and foam seat cores come under warranty to be free of any defects in craftsmanship and materials used for three years after the selling date.

Lane will charge some amount for labor for about one year from the sale date if you want to get a part repaired or replaced.


Now that we have addressed the most common problems Lane recliner owners run into, you should not worry about your decision of buying a Lane recliner. Although these problems may occasionally occur, Lane recliners are still considered one of the best leather recliners that provide maximum comfort to the user.

Last updated: 15/05/2022

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7 thoughts on “Lane Recliner Repairs Manual”

  • I had a spring come off my recliner.
    Lane sent me a new mechanism repair kit, but I still don’t know where it goes.
    My foot rest stays open a little and I think this is related.
    Thank you for any suggestions.
    I have been without a recliner for 4 1/2 months now. Thank you!

  • I have rebuilt the recliner mechanism in our Chloe Recliner. We consider the chair to be a member of the family. One question. There is a space opening between the seat cushion and the lower back cushion. I have reinforced the seat with polyfill where the springs pushed through the foam. The springs look healthy. What other thing can i do to close this gap (between the seat and back cushion).


    • I found the replacement extension tube (drive tube) on Amazon for $25 plus $5 shipping from a furniture rehab store. The biggest challenge so far was being strong enough to undo the bolt to get the broken piece out. Looks like it should be simple to insert new tube and tighten original bolts on mechanism and handle. The tube should be delivered and I am hopeful I can install it myself.

  • The hidden pull lever quit working. Therefore, footrest does not extend, nor does chair recline. It’s very seldom used as it sits in my bedroom. I had a keen replaced March 2022, so I used it then for about 3 weeks, in order to sleep. Sometime month later, I went to use it to watch tv. The hidden pull lever wouldn’t budge.

    Need it repaired as I have my other knee surgery scheduled this March 28! Help!

    It’s a “concealed handle” , Hidden Recliner Style #062546, Serial #021272913 Picked up 2/01/2015

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