What are the main recliner chart parts? [Diagram included]

So, you’ve decided to fix the recliner but have no idea about the structure? This article helps you out to understand the main recliner parts with diagrams.

Recliners are fantastic and comfortable pieces of furniture. However, it can be difficult for people to understand the overall internal and external structure. In this article, I want to discuss the main recliner parts using diagrams. Let’s get started!

External Parts:

Recliner chairs are a complex product that consists of different external and internal parts. In this section, we will talk about the exterior features.


Most frames utilize hardwood or metal as their main component. The overall scheme allows you to have a little bit of flexibility and creates freedom for the manufacturer. Thus, the armchair can take recliners differently and utilize other mechanisms.


The sole goal of padding is to provide comfort and make the chair more comfortable. It is usually made of foam or fiber, but you can find other materials depending on your budget. The type of padding is necessary because it determines how soft or firm the chair will be.


Manufacturers use fabric to cover the padding and provide comfort and style, and different models utilize unique fabric materials. Here I will discuss the most popular types of upholstery. However, I recommend you read my previous article about the best upholstery for your recliner if you want to understand more.

  • Leather. The durability and the overall easiness to take care of it make this fabric one of the most popular on the market.
  • Vinyl. It is one of the most affordable upholstery materials. Yes, it is durable, but a low price comes with the mediocre comfort level. Overall, I don’t recommend having this upholstery if you have another option.
  • Microfiber is a popular choice for recliner chairs because it is soft and comfortable. It is also easy to care for and clean with a damp cloth.

Seat Cushion

The sole goal of a seat cushion is to provide comfort, and it needs to be large enough to support your entire body. So, I recommend you consider your size and find the recliner type that will suit you.

Back Cushion

The back cushion should be firm enough to support your spine but soft enough to be comfortable. Besides, it provides lumbar support to help reduce lower back pain. Most back cushions are filled with foam or fiber.


A headrest provides support for your head and neck. I recommend you pick a headrest that you can adjust to find the perfect position for your needs. Foam or fiber remains one of the most popular materials for a headrest.


I believe that it is rather apparent, but the goal of the armrest is to support your entire forearm. Thus, it should be wide and comfy.


A footrest provides support for your feet and legs. The most vital thing is that it should be adjustable. Most manufacturers use metal or plastic for footrests.

Internal Parts:

We’ve discussed the external parts in the previous section. Here we will consider different internal components.


The mechanism is what makes the chair recline. You can find it inside the frame and move the chair into different positions. I have an article about different types of mechanisms, so I recommend you check this out to know more about it.


Hinges are used to attach the backrest to the frame, and they allow the backrest to move forward and backward so that the person sitting in the chair can recline.


Manufacturers use a latch to keep the chair upright when it is. It is located on the side of the frame and is engaged when the chair is not in use.


The cord is used to power the reclining mechanism, and it is plugged into an outlet and controls the motor that moves the chair.


The motor is what powers the reclining mechanism. Remember that only an electric recliner has an engine. It uses electricity to move the chair into different positions, and you can find it inside the frame.


This section will discuss the most frequently asked questions about different recliner chair parts.

What is the purpose of a headrest?

The primary purpose is to provide support for your head and neck, and it helps reduce neck pain and fatigue.

What should I look for when choosing a footrest?

I recommend you consider the adjustability of a footrest as the main criteria while choosing it. The footrest should be able to move up and down so that you can find the perfect position for your needs.

What is the purpose of an armrest?

The primary purpose is to provide support for your entire forearm, and it should be wide and comfortable.

What is the most important thing to consider when choosing a recliner chair?

When choosing a recliner chair, your comfort is the most important thing to consider. I recommend you pick a chair that will suit you and you will be able to use it for a long time without feeling any discomfort.


I hope that my article has helped you understand the most vital parts of a recliner better. There are a lot of different articles about diagrams on my website, so I recommend you check them out. Thank you for reading and see you in the next one!

Last updated: 22/04/2022

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