How To Get Out Of A Power Recliner When The Power Goes Out?

Have you ever imagined how horrifying the idea of getting stuck in your own power recliner is when the power goes out? If you have mobility issues or are pregnant, staying stuck in your power recliner without any power is not a sight to look forward to. But worry not because we have a solution to help prevent your recliner from getting stuck when the power goes out and get you out of the chair with ease.

The solution is simpler than you might have thought. If you want help getting out of your power recliner when the power goes out, you need to use the backup battery pack that comes with your power recliner. However, if your recliner only comes with a cord, you need to install a battery backup pack to ensure safety during times like a power outage. If you do not know how to install a battery backup pack, we have provided a comprehensive guide below so you can follow it with ease.

If you need to buy a battery backup pack for your recliner, contacting your manufacturer or retailer would be a good idea to find out which battery backup would be compatible with your recliner. If you end up buying any battery backup pack, it will not work with your recliner because not all batteries are designed for all power recliners. Do your research and buy a battery backup pack compatible with your model of power recliner.

Installing a battery backup pack

Once you have bought your battery backup pack, it is time to install it. Follow the instructions below step by step and practice any safety precautions to keep yourself and your family safe.

Step 1

Firstly, unplug your recliner from its power source to avoid any electrical hazard. Now, turn over the recliner to see the bottom part of it. Ensure it is supported by the top of its backseat and both armrests.

Step 2

Next, inspect the bottom of the recliner and find its mechanism frame. Grab a pair of screwdrivers to open the mainframe. Unscrew all the bolts from the frame using your screwdriver. Keep the bolts in a safe place because you will need them later to screw the frame lid back on. You will need to locate the transformer of your recliner to access it. In most recliners, the transformer is located on the right side of the recliner frame; however, it may be on the left side in some power recliners. Once you have located the transformer, unplug its wire from the recliner’s motor.

Step 3

In this step, you will be connecting the motor to your battery backup pack. Once you have unplugged the transformer from the recliner’s motor, connect it to the pin-type cables and your battery backup pack. Ensure that you have placed the battery somewhere close to the recliner because once you push it back to its upright position, the battery should stay hidden under the bottom of your recliner’s seat.

Step 4

Your recliner is now connected to your power recliner! Push your power recliner back in its upright position to enjoy your recliner’s optimal comfort experience.

Operating the battery backup pack

Once you have installed your battery backup pack to your power recliner, you should know how to operate it in the case of emergencies like a power outage. To operate your battery backup pack, follow the instructions below.

Begin by connecting the battery backup plugs into your recliner’s transformer slots. Next, plug in your transformer and battery backup pack to a power source, which should at least be 120 volts. When you are charging the battery backup pack, its light should turn on as red. Once the battery is fully charged, its light will turn green. When your battery is fully charged, it should give you a month’s usage before you will need to charge it again. Plug the battery into your power recliner as mentioned in the installation guide.

To keep your battery backup pack safe and protected from dust and debris, keep it in a dust-free spot and away from the reach of your children. Do not spill anything on the battery, and keep it away from damp spots to ensure it is always dry.

Finding the right battery

To find the right battery for your power recliner, ensure that you consider its quality before purchasing. Do your research online to determine which battery backup pack is most trusted by users for your specific power recliner model. Different battery backups work with specific recliners, so ensure that the one you decide to purchase is compatible with your recliner.

Frequently asked questions

Can my battery backup pack support my recliner’s additional features?

Once you have installed and learned how to operate your battery backup pack, you will be able to enjoy the reclining experience even during a power outage. However, you can use your recliner’s battery backup pack for limited features because it does not support the additional features your power recliner might have, including the reading light, heating system, and massager.

How long can I use my battery backup pack?

You can use your battery backup pack for up to 1.5 to 3.5 years or 300 to 1000 charge cycles. Obviously, the number of years you can use your battery pack depends on its quality and capacity.

Can I use my battery backup pack while it is charging?

It is not recommended to start using the battery before fully charging it. Once your battery is fully charged, disconnect it from the power source and connect it to your power recliner. Please ensure you wait for your battery to charge fully before using it.

Why does my battery run out of charge so frequently?

Your battery might run out of charge frequently because you are not using it correctly. Ensure that you fully charge your battery before using it. In addition, your battery might frequently be running out of charge because you are using it more frequently than normal. In such a case, always keep a second backup battery at home if it needs to be replaced.

Where should my battery be placed when it’s not in use?

It is recommended that you place your battery backup pack away from any moving parts. You could tuck it under your furniture since you can easily reach for it whenever you need it, and your power recliner will look neat without any trailing wires or cords around it.

Do electric recliners use a lot of electricity?

It’ll depend on the specific model and how often you use it. Generally speaking, they don’t use a whole lot more electricity than any other household appliance. Check your recliner’s manual for specific information on power usage.

Generally, recliners use about 58W electricity to complete a standard motion and about 14W on standby.

Do electric lift chairs have battery backup?

Yes, most electric lift chairs come with battery backup in case of a power outage. This feature is usually included in the chair’s manual.

Can you put a battery pack on a recliner?

Yes, you can put a battery pack on a recliner.

Do all power recliners have to be plugged in?

Yes, all power recliners need a power source to operate. Some models may come with a battery pack, but this is not a common feature.

Should I unplug my recliner when not in use?

Do you keep your TV switched on when you’re not watching it? The same goes for your recliner – if you’re not using it, there’s no need to keep it plugged in.

Do power recliners work with power?

As given in its name, a power recliner uses power/electricity to function. It needs to be plugged into an outlet to work. However, if you’re hit by a power outage, some models come with a battery pack that will allow you to operate the chair for a limited time.

Can you manually recline a power recliner?

No, you cannot manually recline a power recliner. These chairs rely on electricity to operate and do not have a manual mechanism.

Do Lazy Boy electric recliners have battery backup?

Yes, most Lazy Boy electric recliners come with battery backup.

How do you charge a recliner battery?

You will need to consult your recliner’s manual for specific instructions on charging the battery. Generally speaking, you’ll need to plug the chair into an outlet using the included power cord.


If you were paranoid about getting stuck in your power recliner chair during a power outage, buying and installing a battery backup pack should calm you down. Getting stuck in your recliner chair is a scary thought, but the solution is quite simple. Most power recliners come with a battery backup pack, but you can always buy it if you do not have one. Ensure that you buy a battery backup pack compatible with your power recliner’s model. Every battery pack is not compatible with every recliner, so ensure that you do your research before purchasing it. A battery backup pack will allow you to continue enjoying your reclining experience, and in case you get stuck in your chair, it will help you get out of your power recliner when the power goes out.

Last updated: 12/08/2022

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