Problems With Catnapper Recliners

Catnapper is a reputed brand under Jackson Furniture that has been manufacturing recliners for over 50 years. And pretty sure you already know they’re popularly known for their power recliners. Catnapper recliners hold a good reputation in the market for their quality, comfort, and premium features. 

With that being said, Catnapper recliners are relatively expensive with varying price points. But to get extra comfort and a luxurious experience, you’ll have to pay extra too. However, at some point, you have to deal with unavoidable problems that occur with most recliners, and you might have to pay a hefty sum for repair. Though you can adjust the chair to your preferred position with just a touch button, sometimes technical issues can be pretty stressful. 

To help you with such problems, we have listed some common issues Catnapper recliners might have eventually. So in this article, we’ll lend a helping hand in assisting you in solving your problems with the Catnapper recliner.

What Are The Common problems Of A Catnapper Recliner?

Power recliners are a popular choice these days compared to manual models. But the downside is that the recliner can stop functioning normally sometimes, and they’re pretty normal. It usually happens with most electric recliners, so you should know what problems you can experience. There can be a lot of reasons contributing to the issue, such as power surges, overloads, loose line plugs, wire cuts, etc. 

The problems you face with your Catnapper recliner can be both mechanical and electrical. Luckily for you, when such obstacles arise, you can find the cause and fix it. 

Here are several factors that can cause a problem with your Catnapper recliner:

The Catnapper recliner suddenly stops working

If your Catnapper recliner stops working out of the blue, it can be due to loose line plugs. This power issue can happen from time to time, and they’re pretty natural. It usually occurs when the plug gets disconnected, and the recliner stops moving. 

To prevent this from happening, you have to ensure that plug is connected to the cord. The power cord can get loose frequently and so to fix this; you can use a clamp to secure it and prevent it from coming off again.

Also, the most common reason for this is when you constantly move around the recliner. It causes the power cord to pull out from the wall. So it’s best not to move the recliner too often. 

In addition, power recliners have various moving parts, and so when the wires get pinched, it’ll prevent the recliner from moving usually.

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The Catnapper Recliner Power Problem

Sometimes the power surge can completely burn the motor, and it can happen at any time. But mainly, it occurs when the transformer dies, and the recliner fails to power on. To know the cause, take a look at the recliner’s motor. See if there’s a green light, but if there isn’t, then your transformer is probably dead, and you will have to replace it with a new one. 

Hence, it’s always best to use a surge protector to protect your recliner from any power issues and prevent such problems. Since repairing or fixing a recliner is costly, investing in a surge protector can be a wise choice.

The Catnapper Recliner Fails To Recline

At times, your recliner might fail to recline, or at worst, it can get stuck while reclining. It can happen with both the footrest and backrest after switching on the recliner. If you face such a situation, it’s because there’s a cut on the recliner, and it’s causing the problem. 

The best way to fix this issue is to unplug the cord and carefully turn the recliner to inspect if any wires are cut. If you notice a wire cut, you can fix it by using tape to prevent further damage. 

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Mechanical Failure With Catnapper Recliner

A power recliner’s problem does not occur only with electrical issues. It can sometimes be also due to mechanical failure, and it can happen occasionally. Often, a recliner can break down due to electrical parts or get disconnected and prevent the chair from reclining. At worst, sometimes mechanical issues can also put holes in the recliner, and the only option would be to replace or repair the chair.

Aside from this, even wear-and-tear can contribute to the issue. It can cause some mechanical parts to wear out, or the springs and joints can become loose. Or, if the recliner cannot hold the weight and pressure that is being put, it can cause damage to some parts. Other problems might also be because your recliner is old. With age, a recliner will eventually stop functioning normally. 

However, you can get it repaired by the manufacturer if your recliner is under warranty. You can call customer service for professional help, and they can fix your recliner without a cost. 

But if your recliner is out of warranty, you will have to bear the repairing cost. Still, you can call the manufacturer for some help, and they can assist you in finding the nearest repair store. 

Are Catnapper Recliners Worth Buying?

Catnapper recliners are worth buying. Although it’s a bit expensive, it’s worth the investment and worth every penny you spend for luxurious comfort because you get what you pay for. Catnapper recliners are recognized for their construction and material. The brand manufactures a variety of furniture, and their power recliners can be reclined to a fully reclined position providing exceptional comfort. A bonus point is, that the brand designs stylish furniture pieces that enhance the look of your living room.

However, a brand cannot meet the requirements of every individual, and sometimes complications can arise. That being said, some customer who purchased Catnapper recliners too have their own share of disappointment. Some have complained about the sofa sagging, defective USB port, that the sofa was too firm, the materials lacked quality, or the recliner did not provide adequate comfort. 

So if you’re considering purchasing a Catnapper recliner, it’s best to consider these issues before you pay for one. Since you’re paying quite a considerable amount, these problems should be taken into account. You should thoroughly examine the chair to ensure it meets your requirements and is comfortable enough. But most importantly, you should check its durability. 

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Catnapper Recliner Warranty

Catnapper’s warranty can sometimes be an issue as some units have a limited lifetime warranty, but some parts have a limited warranty period. The recliner’s frame and springs are backed with a lifetime warranty for manufacturing defects or defective materials. On the other hand, the seat cushions are provided with a five-year warranty, and the sleeper mechanism has a limited warranty period of one year. Additionally, all other parts that come under one year warranty include latches, hinges, wood trim, and shields. 

However, there are some limitations, and their warranty does not include upholstery fabric defects, wear and tear of the fabric, and improper care or maintenance of the recliner. If there are any manufacturing defects, replacements or repairs are borne by the manufacturer for one year. But, after a year of purchase, the buyer is responsible for any shipping and handling or packaging cost if any defect arises. 

Since Catnapper’s warranty can get complicated at times, it’s best to read the manufacturer’s manual. To prevent any issues or unwanted problems, carefully examine the recliner before you accept the product from the delivery man. If you see any defects, you can return the product to the dealer before the delivery man leaves your home. And you can call the store to have the product replaced. 

In addition, all warranty claims require proof of purchase, and they should be made through the retailer where you purchased the furniture. Lastly, only repair the parts yourself if they’re out of warranty. Otherwise, call the dealer and have them fix your issue. 

Catnapper Furniture Reviews

“I am extremely satisfied with my Catnapper recliner. It is extremely comfortable and the perfect addition to my living room. The reclining feature is smooth and easy to use, and the built-in massager is a nice bonus. I highly recommend this brand to anyone in the market for a new recliner.”

Alexa Foster

“I purchased a Catnapper sectional for my family room and we couldn’t be happier with it. The cushions are firm but still provide a comfortable seating experience. The microfiber material is easy to clean and has held up well to daily use. Overall, a great purchase.”

Michael White

“I recently bought a Catnapper sofa and it has exceeded my expectations. The cushions are very plush and provide great support. The power recline feature is a game changer, it makes it so easy to kick up and relax. The best part is that the quality is great and the price was very reasonable.”

Emily Whatson

“I am extremely impressed with the quality of my Catnapper loveseat. The leather is soft and supple, and the padding is thick and supportive. The reclining feature is smooth and easy to use, and the built-in cup holders are a great addition. I would highly recommend this brand to anyone looking for a new loveseat.”

Mathew Dowson


Recliners comprise many moving parts, and sometimes, even if a small part fails, the recliner will stop functioning normally. But now that you’re aware of the problems with Catnapper recliners, the different issues you might face, and how to fix them, you can quickly resolve any issue with the help of our guide. 

Additionally, Catnapper recliners are high-quality furniture pieces and are worth investing in. You’ll have to pay a little extra compared to standard recliners but rest assured, you get to experience luxury comfort.

Last updated: 25/04/2023

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14 thoughts on “Problems With Catnapper Recliners”

  • sofa 2 1/2 tears old. will not work, can not find the problem . be no more catnappers for me. It is junk now, could not sell it to get another one.

  • I sent a text yesterday a about the Mulin part for my recliner I would like know if I can get the part please give an answer thank you Lois Binkley

    • I will NEVER buy or recommend Catnapper!!! I spent about $2500 at Farmer’s Furniture in Batesburg, S. C., for a love seat and sofa. Immediately I noticed the right end of the sofa recliner didn’t look right. I bought this furniture about a year ago, no one lives with me and I am not home alone! Basically still new! This section looks like it has a flat tire and is AWFUL in appearance! I had a visitor and they immediately noticed the difference! How embarrassing! I have pictures but cannot put them in this post! AND it is extremely uncomfortable! Sorry I cannot afford to throw it out and go buy something else (definitely from a different manufacturer and furniture store!!!!!!! ) MAD

  • Bought 2 matching recliners July of last year. His is fine. Mine has screws and sawdust under it. Reclining position puts your head down to the floor and then you can’t get up. Have been calling store for repair weekly for 5 months now with no response. HELP…

  • Robyn Lynn Davis

    Mine is less than 2 years old, can’t find parts. Can’t even get help from dealer or company,
    One side is locked out and one side is in, What a mess…will never buy another one

  • i have brand new catnapper it only reclines about 3/4 of the way is there another switch or di delivery men leave som kind of wire onto stopit rom laying all the way back

  • I have a recliner that my son bought me for mothers day 2021. Mine has power to recline. It quit working and I have no idea where to get another controller pad. I am so situated that my son spent that much money for it and it has never worked right. Before my house burned down I had a chair that I had paid $400.00 and it was still working great 7years later. I have to raise my feet because of my knee. The reason he bought me this particular chair is because I need knee replacement surgery. I just want to find a place to purchase the part to fix it before my surgery. If anyone knows where I can get the part I need please let me know

  • Can not find a diagram of spring location on a manual catnapper chair sent a email to manufacturer says 2 days to reply over a week and still no answer. Looked on internet all they showed you was for a electric system try looking for phone numbers to call service department no luck. VERY DISAPPOINTED WITH THIS COMPANY WILL NOT!! BUY AGAIN

  • Have a catnapper power lift recliner manufactured in 2014. The power cord from the back massager broke where you plug it into the central unit. It almost looks like an audio (RCA Center power conductor) plug. Any suggestions where I could get a replacement back message unit with that style of plug.

  • Do Not Buy a Catnapper recliner!
    Bought one in April 2022 It worked for 2 months then the problems began:
    June 2022- 1st was the creaking and groaning, then the mechanism failed which destroyed the motor.
    3 tech visits to fix issue ,,,, Chair not used for 4 weeks.
    August 2022…Creaking and groaning of chair again, the mechanism failed again and motor was destroyed.
    3 tech visits to fix issues and chair again not used for 4 weeks.
    October 2022….Chair would only raise up, controller did not stop the rise and chair was in fully upright position on the foot rest. 2 Tech visits chair did not work for 5 weeks/
    Dec 2022 I asked for the chair to be replaced. It was obvious this is a lemon chair! It now will not raise up and motor is not activated. 3 tech visits chair again out of commission
    for 5 weeks.
    February 2023 Chair now Drops from reclining position, mechanism defective..could not get tech to house, finally went to store where purchased with video of the chair dropping my husband to sitting position. Again requested a new chair or refund. 4 tech visits..replaced mechanism and said all is good chair mechanism would be under warranty for 5 years..
    April 2023 Chair controller would not work correctly. Tech dropped off old replacement controller that would not work, messaged and called tech with the issues. Tech finally brought out a controller…the wrong one and it would not work. Chair out of commission for 6 weeks now, Tech states warranty is not out and Catnapper will not cover controller.
    As of today I have a 1500.00 chair that has not worked properly since I purchased. This is a complete Lemon Catnapper Chair. I am out the money, my husband is in dire need of a lift chair. I do not have the money to get another chair.

  • I have a Catnapper recliner and absolutely love it. That said, when I raise the foot rest the chair back goes straight into full recline mode. There are times when I would simple like to sit upright with my feet/legs elevated. Is it normal for the chair back to immediately go to full recline or is there an adjustment I can make. The chair is no longer covered by warranty. Additionally, the chair has started making a thumping noise in rocking mode. Is there a fix for that as well?

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