How To Fix A Recliner Pull Handle?

Recliners are excellent pieces of furniture if you want to have a relaxing experience while watching television with your pet or your family. It is a bummer when a part of the recliner gets damaged or breaks because it means you will have to wait until it is fixed to enjoy the optimal comfort experience. It is also extremely frustrating when you do not understand how to fix a part of the recliner that you or your child ended up breaking.

Some parts of the recliner are relatively easier to fix than others. One such part is the recliner pull handle. A recliner handle is a part you use the most because it causes the chair to recline to return to its upright position. If this handle breaks, there is no way you can use your recliner because you are either stuck in the reclined or the upright position.

If you are looking for a detailed guideline to help fix the recliner pull handle you broke, do not look any further because you have come to the right place! Let us guide you through two different fixing methods you can use to fix a recliner pull handle, depending on which method suits your situation best. So, hold on and read through the steps carefully so you can go back to enjoying your recliner experience!

The first method

You may be tempted to call a local repair technician to fix your recliner’s pull handle for you but trying to do it yourself is worth a shot. The method of fixing the pull handle is easier than you might have imagined, so you do not need to overpay someone to do the job.

With this method, you will be replacing a spare part of the recliner with a screwdriver to remove and replace the screws.

Step 1

Grab all the tools you might need, including a screwdriver a pair of pliers to help you replace the recliner pull handle. Please ensure practicing all necessary safety precautions to protect yourself and prevent any safety hazards.

Step 2

You might find it difficult to locate the screws holding the recliner pull handle together. If this is the case, expand your recliner chair to its maximum extent, and you will be able to locate the screws with ease.

Step 3

Start by removing the screws that are currently screwed to your recliner pull handle and holding it together in place. There will be two screws that you will need to remove from the recliner’s handle using the screwdriver gently. Please keep these screws in a safe spot because you might need them later.

Step 4

You will need to remove the cable from the recliner’s mechanism in this step. This cable is attached to the recliner’s pull handle and controls its movements. Once you have removed all the screws, you will be able to see this cable clearly after inspecting the mechanism. Now, squeeze the cable base once you feel it has become loose. Once it has become loose, gently remove the entire cable, and place it aside.

Step 5

Now, you will have to insert the new cable in place of the old one. You will insert it the same way as the old one came out. Insert the new cable and use your screwdriver to tighten all the necessary screws. Ensure the cable is not loose. You may put the mechanism’s frame lid back on at this step, but you could also test the recliner before doing so. Testing it first will save time if you need to make further adjustments. If everything is working smoothly, proceed to place the lid back on and screw everything tightly.

To test the recliner, sit on it and ensure there are no creaking noises. Creaking noises indicate that some part has not been screwed on tightly, and you may need to reopen the mechanism’s frame lid to tighten the screws.

The second method

In this method, you will be using a replacement kit.

Step 1

Prepare your recliner and ensure it is in the correct position with the footrest closed and the backseat in the upright position. Keep your replacement kit nearby. You will be accessing the mechanism at the bottom of the chair.

Step 2

In this step, you will look for the recliner’s handle to remove it. In some recliners, the handle will be held together by screws, so you will have to unscrew them, but in other recliners, you can simply twist the handle so it can come off.

Step 3

Once you have removed the recliner pull handle, you also need to remove the cover below it. Removing the cover will give you easy access to the mechanism.

Step 4

Now you will remove the old mechanism and insert the new mechanism in its place. Place the new mechanism in the right spot and ensure that you tighten all the necessary screws carefully. Make sure no part of the mechanism moves or comes off loose. Before putting the cover back on, you can test the recliner’s functionality to ensure it is working properly.

Step 5

Once you have tested the recliner’s functionality to ensure that it is working properly, put the cover back on in its place and screw the bolts tightly.

Maintaining your recliner’s pull handle

Replacing your recliner’s old pull handle with a new one does not guarantee a long life for the handle. You must take care of maintaining both your recliner and the handle. The recliner pull handle is the most frequently used part of the recliner and requires gentle treatment from the user.

To maintain the recliner and its pull handle, ensure that you clean your recliner regularly, so dust and debris do not accumulate in its mechanism. If too many foreign particles settle inside the mechanism, your recliner will not be able to function properly. Apart from cleaning, you should also regularly oil the moving metal parts of your recliner’s mechanism to avoid rusting. You can use lubricating oil to spray the moving metal parts, including the bolts and nuts.

Please supervise your children when they intend to use the recliner and ensure that no more than one person is on the recliner. Putting too much weight on the recliner seat can cause it to break. Do not allow your pets or children to jump on the recliner. Always put the recliner back in its upright position after using it.

Common Problems With A Recliner Pull Handle

Here are some of the most common problems with recliner pull handles:

  • The handle is broken
  • Loose and needs to be tightened
  • Stuck and needs to be freed
  • Difficult to grip, making it hard to use
  • Not the right size for your hand
  • Uncomfortable to use
  • Not sturdy and feels like it will break
  • Poorly made and does not work well

If you’re experiencing any of these problems, you can easily fix them at home by following the steps I’ve mentioned in this article.

Frequently asked questions

Where Can I Buy Spare Parts For My Recliner?

If you want to buy spare parts for your recliner, you should contact your manufacturer or retailer. You can also find spare parts at a local hardware store or online commercial stores.

What Are The Different Kinds Of Recliner Handles?

Three main kinds of handles are used in recliners. The first is a lever handle which is the most basic type known to users. A lever handle is made from plastic, wood, or sometimes metal. The second type of recliner handle is the D-ring handle which is in the shape of the letter D and is connected to a cable. A D-ring style handle is sometimes also known as a parachute-style inner recliner release handle. The third kind of recliner handle is the flapper-style handle. This kind of handle is slightly different than the lever, and D-ring type handles because it is fitted inside the recliner chair and is less noticeable.

Which Recliner Handle Should I Buy?

Before you decide to buy a new recliner pull handle to replace your old one, ensure that you are familiar with the type of handle your recliner previously used. You can not buy a different type to replace your old handle because it will not be compatible with your recliner.

Will I Get A Free Replacement For My Recliner’s Pull Handle Under Warranty?

If you have a valid warranty on your recliner, then you can contact and request your manufacturer to replace any broken part of your recliner. The manufacturer will cover the replacement cost under a valid warranty. Your manufacturer might charge you for the labor costs after the initial year of warranty, but as long as the warranty is valid, you can pretty much get any broken part replaced free of cost.

What’s the cost of fixing a recliner?

The cost of fixing a recliner can vary depending on the problem. For example, if the issue is with the mechanism, it may be as simple as replacing a broken spring for $20-$50.

However, if the frame is damaged, it could cost up to $500 to replace. Ultimately, the cost will depend on the severity of the issue and whether you hire a professional or attempt to fix it yourself.

How do you fix the lever on a recliner?

There are a few ways to fix a broken lever on a recliner. One way is to use a piece of metal or a strong wire to tie the lever back onto the chair. Another way is to replace the lever with a new one. You can also try to adjust the tension on the spring that controls the lever.

Can a broken recliner be fixed?

Yes, a broken recliner can usually be fixed with some simple repairs. Often, the problem is a loose or broken lever. You can try to fix this yourself by tightening the screws that hold the lever in place or by replacing the lever with a new one. If the recliner is old, however, it may be time to replace it with a new one.


Replacing a recliner pull handle is the easiest replacement job for a user. Other parts might require more technical knowledge when they need to be replaced, but recliner handles are the simplest to replace. It can be infuriating when you cannot use your favorite piece of furniture to relax on. Recliner handles are the most used part and hence are easily prone to breakage, but there is no need to worry since they are very easy to fix.

There are two different replacement methods for recliner pull handles, and each is applicable depending on the type of recliner you own. Before attempting to jump right into the steps, make yourself familiar with the directions so you know which method applies to your situation. Carefully follow all instructions for a smooth replacement process for your recliner’s pull handle.

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