Recliner Remote Control Replacement

Do you own a power recliner that does not get controlled by its remote because either the remote is damaged, or you have not synced it correctly to your recliner?

If your recliner remote is not working, do not give up on it yet because you can easily fix it! And even if you are unable to get it fixed, you can always look for a recliner remote control replacement.

Fixing your current remote

If you are having trouble getting your recliner’s remote to work, the following steps will help you fix the problem.

Turn off the power

You will find a do not disturb button on one side of your recliner chair. Locate this button and switch it off if it was switched on before. This step will allow your remote to communicate with your recliner chair. Remove the back cover from your remote and take out all the batteries. The next step would be to remove any batteries from the adapter after looking for the power supply cable. Once the batteries from the adapter are removed, unplug the power supply cable. It is recommended that you wait for a few seconds before moving to the next step.

A ‘find me’ button will be located on one side of the power recliner. If you are having trouble finding this button, look for an hourglass symbol on all the buttons on your recliner. Next, press this button to activate and get hold of your remote.

Resetting the remote control

Buy good-quality batteries and insert them into your remote. Find a paperclip and bend it to insert it into the reset hole underneath the battery container. Once you insert the paperclip into this hole, you should hear a click sound which signifies that your remote has been reset. Wait for the three beeps that will soon follow that signify your remote syncing to your recliner chair.

Test the remote

Once you have carefully followed the steps above, put your remote to the test. Place the battery you took from the adapter back into it and plug the power cable. Use your remote-control functions to see if the recliner works. If your problem persists, it means that a part in your remote is damaged, and you need a recliner remote control replacement.

Wired remotes

If your recliner is equipped with a wired remote and is not functioning properly, there are a couple of things you can do to fix it. A faulty wired remote can be caused by the remote wire having a damaged cut. You will need to get a new wire set for your remote. The next step is to unscrew the remote to expose all internal components. Locate the motherboard inside the remote and remove the wire from it. Once you remove the wire, cut out the damaged part from it. Place the remaining wire on the board and grab a soldering iron. Use the soldering iron to attach the wire to the motherboard completely. Place the motherboard back inside the remote and screw it up. Test your remote to see if your recliner is performing normally.

Remote replacement with valid warranty

You might get worried thinking about replacing your recliner’s original remote when it stops working, but remote replacements are widely available in different stores. The first thing you need to check is your warranty from your retailer. If the warranty is still valid, you should contact your retailer and complain about your remote’s faulty functionality. They will guide you on how you can troubleshoot any problem, and if the problem persists, they will help you get a replacement for your remote.

What to do if the warranty is invalid?

If your warranty is not valid, do not panic. You can buy a recliner remote control replacement from any commercial store online. Before you decide to buy a recliner remote control replacement, try to understand which type of remote will work best with your recliner. Some remotes are specifically made for power lift recliners, while others are compatible with a rocking chair recliner. If your recliner was equipped with a wired remote, you could only replace it with a new wired remote. Your replacement remote should also be wireless if you previously used a wireless remote to control your recliner.

Types of remote controllers

Understanding the difference between different types of remotes will give you clarity on the type you should buy for your recliner. Some remote controllers feature 8 pins and multiple buttons that you can use with your power recliner and lift chairs. You need to understand the features each button on the remote offers and compare it to your previous remote controller. If the features and specifications on both remote controllers are the same, you can use the new one to replace your broken remote controller.

Single vs. dual vs. triple

Remote controllers are specific to the type of recliner they will be controlling. When you decide to buy a replacement remote controller, check the specifications to know which power recliner is suitable to control using it. Remote controllers are made to specifically control single power, dual power, and triple power recliners. You can not use a remote made for dual power recliners on your triple motor-controlled recliner.

Number of pins

Some remote controllers feature 5 pins, while others feature 8 pins. This is an important feature to look out for in the remote controller you decide to buy. If your previous recliner remote controller used 5 pins, then you cannot use an 8-pin remote controller because it will not be compatible. To save yourself from making such a mistake, ensure that you know the number of pins your old broken remote controller used.

How to find the remote of a wireless power recliner:

Although wireless recliners are way more convenient, They can come with their challenges, such as looking to the remote when you need it.

Losing the remote is a common problem many people who own wireless recliners face. If you have lost your remote and want to find it, here’s what you can do:

Usually, wireless power recliners have a feature on the chair that allows you to find your remote anywhere you might have left it.

Go to the side of your recliner and look for the “find me” button. When you press this button, the mechanism will send a signal to the remote and activate the remote.

Depending on the make and model of the chair, the remote will either start flashing some LED lights or make a slight beeping sound.

Make sure you stay vigilant and listen for the beep or look for a flashing light in your room.

How to operate a wireless remote:

Wireless remote features can vary depending on what kind of power recliner you have. However, there are some standard buttons you will find on every remote.

Here are some of the primary ways you can operate your wireless remote:

If you want to adjust the position of your recliner, use the up and down arrows on the remote.

Typically, you can use these same buttons to adjust your recliner’s lumbar and head support.

If your power recliner comes with a memory feature, you can be in your most comfortable position using the arrows. When you’re ready, press down on the “memory” button until you hear a beeping sound.

This will set the adjustments you have made to the chair, so the next time you sit and press this button, the chair will automatically adjust itself to this memory.

There will also be a home button on the remote, which, when pressed, will reset your chair to the original position, which is upright and like a regular chair.

Frequently asked questions:

Is it possible to make an electric chair work manually?

In most cases, it is not possible to manually work a recliner that is powered by electricity. The mechanism in the recliner is not equipped to make these changes in manual mode. However, some recliners come with battery backup, so you can use the chair even when there is no power.

How do electric recliners work?

Electric recliners work via a motor mechanism powered by electricity or battery backup. Once you plug it in, you should be able to press the buttons on your remote or chair to make changes to your recliner.

Are manual recliners better than power recliners?

Power recliners have a longer lifespan when it comes to longevity since they are built with a sturdier structure than manual recliners.

Are recliner remote controllers dangerous?

Recliner remote controllers are not dangerous, but they should be kept away from the reach of children because if any part of the remote gets damaged, you will have to replace it.

Is replacing my recliner’s remote control possible?

It is not difficult to replace the remote controller for your recliner if you understand the type of remote you previously used. Ensure that you understand the specifications of your previous recliner remote controller, so you buy a replacement remote controller that is similar to it in features and specifications.

Do power recliners have to be plugged in?

Power recliners need a power source to function but are equipped with a backup battery system for power outage emergencies. You can temporarily use your recliner during power outages.

How long will the motor in my power recliner last?

The motor in your power recliner can last between 10 to 20 years on average, depending on how you handle it and how frequent your use is.

How can I hide the power cords of my recliner?

The power cords are situated at the base of your recliner chair. You can use a rug to place on top of the cords coming out, or you can buy a wire hiding box that neatly holds the cords together in one place.

How much energy does my power recliner use?

Depending on the model and type of power recliner you own, the voltage it uses can vary from 100V to 240V.


Repairing a remote controller for your power recliner can be tricky, and finding a recliner remote control replacement can seem annoying when you do not understand the mechanism and specifications of both your recliner and remote controller. Thus, we have created this guide to help you understand the technicalities better so you can repair your remote controller with ease or find a recliner remote control replacement if there is no fix for your old remote. Ensure that you check your old remote controller’s specifications before you buy a replacement so you can save yourself some time and get back to using your recliner as soon as possible!

Last updated: 12/08/2022

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  • These instructions are not great. It’s doesn’t say to put the batteries and replug the power back in “BEFORE” you try to connect to the remote. Pressing the “find the remote” button before the power is plugged back into the recliner won’t do much. It failed no matter how I tried, so my remote is toast after only 2 months. Not impressed. And yes I put in new batteries etc.

  • the connector to the massage/ heat (8 pins) got smashed (my fault) The bad connector part is what goes up inside the chair bundle. The pins are damagesd. Please advise. I could not find anywhere to ask a question but here. By the way I love our 2 chairs.

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