What Color Recliner Goes With A Grey Couch?

If you have recently bought a grey couch and you are confused about choosing the right color recliner to go with it, you are not alone! A grey couch is a classic pick for lounging furniture and goes with various interior designs and décor. A grey couch is a super basic colored furniture that you can use as a foundation for a vibrant looking décor or a mix of neutral decor to give your space a soft and fresh look. Neutral colors give you the freedom to build upon them by allowing you to pick different patterns for the curtains, a vibrant colored coffee table, and a contrasting-colored recliner.

However, the question arises, ‘what color recliner goes with a grey couch?’ and we are here to answer that! If you are having trouble choosing a recliner for your living space that will go with your grey couch, we have compiled some fantastic tips for you! So keep reading to find out the different options you can choose from when buying a recliner for your living space.

Recliner colors to choose from

The following are some great colors you can buy your recliner in if you have recently bought a grey couch for your living space. These colors will compliment your grey couch and make your living space look lively!

Moroccan Brown

Moroccan Brown is another neutral color that you can pair with your grey couch. Recliners in Moroccan Brown color are made of high-grade leather upholstery and will last you for decades. This recliner will add a posh feeling to your living space and will give it a mature and natural feel overall. The Moroccan Brown recliner, paired with your grey couch, will make your living space look and feel inviting, cozy, and warm.

Manitou Blue Velvet

A Manitou Blue-colored velvet recliner is a luxury option to pick if you want a recliner to complement your grey couch. It will bring a pop of color and a royal feel to your living space because its upholstery is made from high-quality velvet that will have visitors swooning over your living space. The Manitou Blue recliner will be the center of everyone’s attention. If you are having trouble choosing between the other colors, this is the one you should go for!

Brick Red

A brick red recliner will bring an edge to your living space. This recliner will perfectly complement your grey couch while bringing rage, fieriness, and a vibrant pop of color to your sitting area. If you have a fiery personality, you should definitely go with this choice of a color recliner.


Depending on the shade of your grey couch, a yellow-colored recliner will go amazingly well with it. You could add in some funkiness by putting patterned cushions on your couch that will complement the room’s yellow recliner and the decor.

Deep green

If you want to give a modern touch to your living space, a deep green colored recliner could really bring on an ‘A game.’ You could also decorate the living space with some dark green indoor plants to make it look modern and fresh at the same time.

Navy Blue

There are different shades of grey couches available. Some couches are light grey, some are an ashy grey tone, and some have a dusty blue undertone. If you have a grey couch with a dusty blue undertone to it, a navy-blue recliner could really tie the entire living space together and contrast the grey couch well.


A burgundy-colored recliner will bring boldness into your living space. Grey and burgundy colors go well together and immediately make your living room feel more intimate and eye-catching. You could use rose gold décor with the grey and burgundy color combination to give your living room a royal and luxurious vibe.


If you want to make your living room feel fun and feminine, opting for a pink color recliner would be a great choice. Depending on the shade of the pink, you could either make your living space look feminine and soft or bright and girly.

Frequently asked questions

  • Can I change my recliner’s upholstery?

Yes! You can easily change your recliner’s upholstery by picking the fabric or leather of your choice. You will need to measure your recliner accurately before buying the desired fabric or leather from the shop.

  • What is the best fabric for my recliner?

You can find various types of fabrics available in the market for your recliner. Manufacturers use a variety of upholstery, ranging from velvet to leather. Choose a material that will make you feel most comfortable and match the décor of your living space. In addition, you should research which fabrics are the easiest to clean if you have pets or children who might spill on the recliner frequently. Finally, please note that it is considered best to opt for a microfiber fabric when buying a recliner because it is a breathable material.

  • Are recliners expensive?

Unlike the previous eras, manufacturers have incorporated a great deal of technology in modern recliners to provide users with the most comfortable and relaxing experience. Incorporation of technology in furniture means that they will come with a higher price tag than your regular pieces of furniture. The price of the recliners also depends on the kind of upholstery used. If leather is chosen as the upholstery for a recliner, it will be much more expensive than a recliner with fabric upholstery.

  • What is the ideal size of a recliner?

The ideal size of a recliner differs for different people, depending on the space available in their living room. Recliners are designed for comfort, so it is essential to consider your size before buying a recliner. Your recliner should not be too big or too small for you.

The second thing you need to consider is the amount of space you have available in your living room. You can easily get away with buying an oversized recliner if you have the area, but smaller-sized recliners are available if you do not have enough room. If you are considering purchasing a power recliner, you will have to ensure that there is a power source nearby.


Are you still confused about what color recliner goes with a grey couch? We hope not! A grey couch is an excellent choice if you plan on adding more color to your living space later by buying a colored recliner that complements your couch, using décor to bring the right vibes and curtains to tie the look together. After reading this article, we hope you have found the right color for your recliner and are ready to bring it into your living space. Happy shopping!

Last updated: 6/04/2022

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