How To Repair A Leather Recliner?

Buying a recliner is not enough if you are not looking after it. Recliners are an investment, and you need to maintain them properly for longevity. Leather recliners require extra care because the leather will rip if you do not look after them, which is extremely frustrating. After all, you will have to buy a leather repair kit.

Buying a leather repair kit can be tricky because it needs to be the same color as your best leather recliner chair. If you do not understand how leather repair kits work or if you are looking for ways and alternatives to repair your leather recliner, keep reading ahead!

Using a leather repair kit

As mentioned earlier, buying a leather repair kit is the trickiest part of this process because you need to get its color right. Ensure that the kit you buy matches the color of your recliner, including the furniture adhesive glue, the dye, leather filler, finisher, and leather backing. You can easily find leather repair kits at your local furniture or hardware store or an online retailer or commercial store. Check the color palette to ensure that your color choice closely matches your recliner. If you are wondering how you are supposed to put the leather repair kit to use, read ahead!

Step 1

In this step, you will need to insert your leather repair patch from your kit into the hole in your leather recliner. You may want to use a pair of sticks or tweezers to press the repair patch inside the hole. Flatten out the patch after squeezing it into the hole so it settles well under it in your leather.

Step 2

Next, you will apply glue above your leather patch inside the hole after positioning it under the leather. Squeeze the glue tube slowly and generously apply to cover the patch’s surface area. Press down on the patch after pouring glue on it, so everything adheres well together. If you dropped some glue on other leather parts, use a clean rag to clean the area before the glue dries.

Step 3

After applying the glue to the leather repair patch, use the leather filler to fill inside the hole in your recliner. Start by applying thin layers and work your way up because a thicker layer will take longer to dry. The filler tube should have a nozzle to make the application process easier and more efficient, so you will only have to squeeze the tube to fill in the hole. Use a flat stick or knife to smooth and level the filler with your recliner’s leather.

If the filler does not come in a tube but a small container, use a knife to apply it in the hole carefully. Use little product for every layer to ensure each layer is thin enough to dry easily.

Step 4

Allow the layers of your leather filler to dry completely for 2 to 3 hours. This step is probably the most time-consuming and patience-testing. You will need to let each layer dry completely before applying the next. You can speed up the drying process by placing a fan nearby or using a hairdryer on the lowest heat setting for a few minutes. Several layers will be required before the entire hole is filled and closed, and if you speed up the drying process by using a fan or a hairdryer, this process will take less time than it does with air drying.

Step 5

Ensure that all leather filler layers are fully dried before attempting this step. You will be working with a dye or colorant, so you may want to wear gloves to protect your hands from getting stained. You may also wear an apron to avoid any color stains on your clothes. Dap a little bit of colorant solution to a piece of cotton or sponge. The cotton or sponge should have enough color but ensure that it does not drip. Dab your piece of cotton to the area where your hole was. Apply the colorant to the surface area of the dried top filler layer to cover it up.

Step 6

Allow the dye or colorant to dry for a few hours. At this point, you may notice that the color is not fully opaque. If you feel this way, go ahead, apply another layer and let it dry. Each layer needs to dry completely before you apply another one. Avoid applying thick layers of colorant at once because it may clump up together and not dry properly.

Step 7

At this point, you may feel your leather recliner is repaired and good enough to be used. The layers of filler and colorant you just applied and waited so long to dry can easily get ruined if you do not apply a finishing coat on top. The leather finisher is designed to protect all the hard work you did, so the layer underneath does not come off. Generously apply the leather finisher using a sponge to the top of your colorant layers. Allow each layer of the finisher to dry completely before moving on to the next. You might need about 8 to 10 layers of the finisher until your recliner is in good shape to be used.

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Frequently asked questions

  1. Can I use wipes to clean my leather recliner?

You may use wipes specifically made for leather cleaning to clean your leather recliner once a week. Gently rub the surface of your leather recliner with the wipes to keep the leather in good condition.

2. Is it safe to use vinegar to clean my leather recliner?

Using vinegar on its own might be too acidic for the leather surface for cleaning purposes. You may mix one part of vinegar with two parts of linseed oil to form a cleaning mixture that you can apply with a clean towel. Let the mixture sit on the leather surface for 10 hours before buffing it off.

3. Can I use nail polish remover to remove stains from my leather recliner?

Nail polish remover is not considered safe to clean leather as its PH could cause the leather’s color to fade.


Maintaining a leather recliner is nothing short of an art. The more love you give to anything, the longer it lasts. If your leather recliner has started ripping and tearing apart, it is a sign that you need to start looking after it. There are ways to repair your leather recliner without replacing it with a new one, for which you need the right kind of directions and guidelines. We hope this article gave you the hope you were looking for in restoring your recliner look. Happy repairing!

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