Top 8 Recliner Repair Companies in Portland, OR Near Me

If you are unaware of Portland recliner repair companies, this article is for you. Below we have given a list of some of the best recliner repair companies that serve Portland and the surrounding areas.

1.     Mr. B’s Recliner Repair

Mr. B’s Recliner repair is a furniture repair company based in Vancouver, WA, and also serves the Portland, Oregon area. Since the company has not enabled messages, please call them to contact them.

  • Address: Vancouver, Washington 98682
  • Contact: (360) 892-9439

2.     Refreshed Furniture Design

Refreshed Furniture Design is a company that offers different furniture repair and upholstery services. Refreshed Furniture Design gives a new life to old and antique furniture.

  • Address: 10387 SW Picks Way Tigard, Oregon 97224
  • Contact: (503) 267-9426

3.     Kepler’s Upholstery and Custom Furniture

Kepler’s Upholstery is the NO.1 custom furniture and upholstery shop in Oregon and has over 100 years of experience in the furniture business. The company was formed in 1900 and offers a wide array of furniture repair services, including recliner repairs.

  • Address: 12511 SW Main Tigard, Oregon 97223
  • Contact: (503) 639-7012

4.     New Life Leather and Vinyl

New Life Leather and Vinyl is a company that primarily deals in leather repairs. However, the company also offers furniture repair services. New Life Leather and Vinyl was formed in 1978 and is based in West Linn, Oregon.

  • Address: West Linn, Oregon 97068
  • Contact: (503) 780-8341

5.     Leather Pros

Leather Pros is a company that offers furniture repair and reupholstery services. Leather Pros is one of the best furniture repair companies in the Pacific Northwest and was formed in 1998. The company has been in the furniture business for more than 25 years.

  • Address: 2061 NE Aloclek Dr. Ste 905 Hillsboro, Oregon 97214
  • Contact: (503) 747-2494

6.     Akers and Thomas Upholstery (No Website)

Akers and Thomas Upholstery is a company that offers different reupholstery and furniture repair services. The company serves the Portland, Oregon area and is based in Milwaukie, Oregon.

  • Address: 1925 SE Washington, St Milwaukee, Oregon 97222
  • Contact: (503) 221-0121

7.     Paul Schatz Furniture

This company was formed in 1919 and has served the Pacific Northwest with high-quality furniture repair services for over a hundred years.

  • Address: 6600 SW Bonita Road Tigard, Oregon 97224
  • Contact: (503) 620-6600

8.     Pedro and Kim’s Upholstery (No Website)

Pedro and Kim’s Upholstery is a company that offers different furniture and upholstery services. The company is based in Beaverton, Oregano.

  • Address: 12655 SW 1st Ste 100 Beaverton, Oregano 97005
  • Contact: (503) 641-2022

Last updated: 4/10/2022

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