What Does Recliner Mean?

The recliner is a type of chair that can be moved to different angles. Shortly speaking, it is a reclining chair the single goal of which is to provide comfort. However, different people have different understanding of comfort. So, manufacturers start to create different models creating a ridiculous number of different armchairs. Modern recliners come in many different shapes, colors, styles, and sizes. Home furniture manufacturers produce all sorts of features like cup holders. shuttle massagers, adjustable headrest, and many others. This type of chair is very popular because most people enjoy the comfort that comes along with them!


The recliner chair is a relatively recent invention in the grand scheme of things. The word recliner was initially used during the early 1800s, around 1810, to be precise. Thus, I can speculate if the recliner definition was created to understand the already existing product. Recliners were brought about because of the growing desire for comfort when sitting down. 

There are different types of armchairs la z boy recliner, wall hugger recliner, and many others. Some offer an ability to move the chair forward, others have thick padded leather. However, many models represent more traditional home recliners. Check out my previous article if you want to understand more about different types of recliners. There I discuss different models (medical recliners are included) in more detail.

What is another word for a recliner?

One possible word for a recliner is a lounge chair. Other words:

  • chair
  • seat
  • lounge
  • bench
  • armchair
  • pew
  • stool
  • cathedra
  • rocker
  • sofa


To use a recliner correctly, you need to sit down in it! This is not an overly complicated device, so using one would be very easy even if we don’t provide detailed instructions. Just remember that most recliners are not meant for prolonged sitting periods. When seated in a recliner, it’s essential to be active when possible. Take short breaks or move around every once in a while, because being in any chair for too long can cause different medical problems. Putting an end table near you will also be helpful when reading or watching TV while seated in your comfy chair.


There are plenty of benefits to owning a recliner chair. It is designed to be comfortable, and there are tons of different designs that you can choose from! You can find chairs with cup holders or footrest features! Even your back gets a benefit from a recliner chair – you can lean back and take pressure off your lower back, which will make sitting up straight much easier.

Recliners present an alternative to traditional couches, where people sit on the ground or cushions. However, for those who enjoy sitting on the floor, it also provides comfort and convenience as one can pull their feet up onto the seat.

What is the difference between a recliner and a sofa?

  • There are a few key differences between recliners and sofas.
  • First, recliners typically have a smaller footprint than sofas, making them a good choice for smaller spaces.
  • Second, recliners typically have a built-in footrest, allowing you to rest your feet comfortably while you recline.
  • Third, many recliners offer a variety of adjustment options, allowing you to find the perfect position for relaxation.
  • Finally, recliners are often more affordable than sofas.


Imagine that it is 9 in the evening, and you have arrived from work. You are so exhausted that it is hard to place one foot in front of the other. You are unlocking your front door with your keys and sitting on your comfy recliner chair. The recliner is so soft that you don’t want to stand up.

The recliner is a great invention that offers a tremendous amount of comfort for a reasonable price. We recommend you read other posts on our website.

Last updated: 25/04/2023

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