What is a Glider Recliner?

Are you looking for some comfy furniture? If you are, then perfect! Glider recliner is a fantastic choice, and you will love it! This discusses everything that you need to know. I explain what a glider recliner is and move to more important things to say. So, keep reading for more information.

Glider recliner Vs. Rocket recliner

Before diving in, it’s worth mentioning that most people often get confused between a glider recliner and a rocker recliner. Although fundamentally they are similar, they are two different things. The difference lies in the construction and the movement. A glider recliner is a modern version of the classic rocking chair. Unlike a rocket glider, it can move back and forth horizontally with a sliding motion. Some glider recliners can even swivel.

The glider recliner is, therefore, more comfortable than a rocker recliner. It’s very smooth, and you won’t have to worry about getting your toes trapped, which is a problem with most rocket recliners. You also get options for different models with different features, which is excellent!

Some features of glider recliner

So now that you know what a glider recliner is, here are some of the features worth noting. Glider recliner comes in different types and locking systems. Depending on the model, the comfort level varies. Some can take care of your baby as well when they sleep. It’s one of the comfiest chairs.

If you want to rest your legs, you can go for those that come with comfortable ottomans. It’s easy to access them, and you can control them with the levers on the recliner. There are also pockets on the sides where you can keep your stuff, including remote control, phones, your favorite book, and many more. So, it’s the complete chair for you to relax! There are many options for reclining positions, so you can select the ones you like the most. But do bear in mind that not all glider recliners tilt back.

Don’t forget about the special edition nursery glider. This provides special features that can be useful for people with special needs. Check out the list of best nursery glider recliners in another article.

You can also get creative with upholstery. Depending on your preferences, you can choose your favorite colors and designs from a range of options. There are also companies that custom build the upholstery for specific glider recliner models. If you want added comfort, you can always go for gliders with springs underneath. But it’s worth mentioning that the cost goes up with more features.

The glider recliner, by default, looks bulky. But that’s its nature because of the other comfort features and a sturdy metal base. The padding is excellent for maximum comfort, and if you want a chair that can make you feel at ease and relaxed, it’s the perfect one to buy!

How to choose the best glider recliner

Choosing a glider recliner can be difficult, especially for new ones. Although almost any recliner can make you feel comfortable, there are some things that you can run through before you decide to buy. So, if you want to make the right decision and go for the best, here’s what you should consider.

  • Check the overall construction of the chair and its durability. Some models may get squeaky over time, so ensure that all the joints and frames are robust.
  • Pick the correct size to fit in your room. You can get different size variations, so it’s best to have a clear picture of what size works in the room.
  • The height of the glider is another crucial factor. So, pick the best one suited for you so that you can comfortably touch the floor with your feet.
  • You can also get picky with the upholstery. It’s always good to have strong fabric that’s easy to wash, not toxic, and soft enough for comfort.
  • Make sure that the glider recliner suites your indoor home decor.
  • Check the padding based on your references. By default, the padding on the glider recliner is comfy, but if it sags when you sit, you can go for something firmer.
  • Versatility is a crucial factor when buying a glider recliner. So, if you want the best, go for the one that has all the features like 360 degrees swiveling, ottoman, side pockets, and so on.
  • Above all, make sure that you check the warranty on the product so that if anything happens in the first thirty days, you can always find a solution for the glider recliner.

Cleaning and maintaining your glider recliner

Once you buy the comfy glider recliner, you also need to clean it often. Depending on the recliner, it can get tricky because of the padding and other features. But don’t worry. If it’s your first time, here’s how you can go about it and have it cleaned in no time.

  • Start with a cleaning schedule. You can clean it once or twice a week, an ideal starting point. Usually, it doesn’t get too dirty, so it’s okay even if you tend it once a month.
  • Find the dirty areas in the glider recliner. Usually, it’s the area where you sit and rest your arm and the vertical section that rests your spine.
  • Get a good shop vac and start cleaning those areas.
  • Purchase a portable vacuum that can fit in the smaller gaps between the pads. It’s the most challenging area to clean, and things get stuck in those areas. So, the vacuum helps to keep those areas clean and tidy.
  • You can also clean the area underneath the recliner. Most of the dirt and things that get stuck in between the cushions tend to fall underneath, accumulating over time. So, make sure you clean them by fully reclining your chair to give you cleaning access.
  • Use a damp cloth for the upholstery (mainly leather) and wipe off all the dirt.

Simple right? Now you don’t have to worry about keeping your glider recliner clean. All you need is a good vacuum and a towel, and you can schedule the cleaning dates suited for you.

How to fix a glider recliner?

Glider recliners can develop problems over time, and it can be troublesome if you don’t know how to deal with them. But don’t worry. There are ways to tackle this, so find out more about it. Keep reading.

Possible areas to check for problems.

The first thing you can do is start looking for areas that can cause the problems. You can start by checking the construction and building of the chair. There could be manufacturing problems causing your chair to tilt, shake, make noise, and so on. Unfortunately, if it is indeed a manufacturing problem, there’s nothing you can do about it except check for the warranty. But if the problem lies elsewhere, there are solutions.

The padding on the chair is one of the most common problem areas. But it’s also the easiest to fix because you don’t have to remove anything. In general, it’s not entirely a structural problem, and if you feel uncomfortable, you can resolve the issue by simply adding more pillows.

Another area to consider is the general structural problems such as loose framework and loose screws. Too often, these things crop up after use, but you can fix them yourself. You can look at the menu and find the areas where the nuts and screws are and tighten them up. Lastly, do ensure that your floor is stable and even. Most people blame the recliner, but it turns out the culprit is the uneven floor that makes the chair feel unstable.

Top four glider recliner

So, what are some of the best glider recliners you can go for? There are tons of them you can find in the market, and it can get overwhelming when you go shopping for one. But to ease some of that tension, here are the top five glider recliners that you can look at first for the best purchase.

Monte Luca Glider Chair

Monte is a fantastic company that makes premium gliders, and the Luca Glider also comes with an excellent ottoman. Design-wise, it’s got a classic look with sleek edges and comfy armrests. It looks minimal with a modern touch, so it’s perfect for home decor as well. Unlike most of the other bulky glider recliners, this one can change the aesthetics of your room because of its design.

One thing that makes it stand out from the other gliders is its durability. The fabric over the chair is premium quality and can withstand some harsh treatments, including frequent spills. Over time, users experienced that it looks fresh if you clean them regularly, which is excellent. So, it’s worth the purchase if you want something that looks sleek, durable, and fresh after years of use. The best part is that you can also leave out the ottoman when you buy the glider.

DaVinci Olive Glider

For most people, price is a significant factor. Typically, the best glider recliners are expensive. But if you are short on budget, don’t worry. You can still get a great gliding recliner for almost half the price of the premium ones!

The DaVinci olive upholstered swivel glider is perfect for a budget-friendly purchase. The design is neat and does not have a bulky appearance, and it also comes with an ottoman. The sturdy base ensures that it’s stable, and the high back makes you feel comfortable when you lean. It’s got a 360-degree swivel feature which is excellent for flexibility. The upholstery work is fantastic. The glider also leaves no room for toddlers to get hurt by inserting their fingers. So, if you have kids at home, this is the ideal recliner to get.

Babyletto electric recliner

If you want something a bit more techie, the Babyletto electric recliner and swivel glider are excellent options. Design-wise, it looks neat with smooth edges, and it’s perfect if you have babies at home. With the electric recliner button on the chair, you don’t have to worry about waking them up anymore. It has excellent upholstery work and is durable for the long run.

The electric recliner by Babyletto has many features that make it stand out. It can swivel 270 degrees, and the best part is, it has a USB port! So now you don’t have to worry about getting up from the seat to charge your devices. Everything is at your disposal, and you enjoy some quality time on the chair uninterrupted.

Although it does cost a bit more, it’s worth the purchase for what you get. So, it’s worth considering, especially if you have babies at home.

Babyletto tuba swivel glider

For some people, the width of the recliner also matters. Most standard glider recliners are not wide enough, and it’s challenging to accommodate more significant-sized persons. So, if you are one of those people concerned about the size, the Babyletti tuba swivel glider is one of the best options available. It’s got a nice wide seat that can make anyone feel comfortable irrespective of the size.

Design-wise, it looks neat with well-rounded edges. The padding is excellent, and the comfort level is fantastic. Another thing that makes this recliner stand out is the wide space, and it allows you to move freely while seated. So, for those that have babies, its’ perfect! It has enough room to move your hands while you feed them, which is excellent.

Overall, you can expect premium comfort levels, including excellent upholstery work, and the space you get with the extra-wide width is fantastic.


What is the difference between a recliner and a glider?

A recliner is a piece of furniture that allows you to adjust the backrest and leg rest to your desired position. Of course, a glider recliner reclines too, but it comes with an added feature. Similar to rockers, a glider will allow you to move forward and backward but on a linear path instead of an arched path.

Which is better, glider or rocker?

It depends on your preferences. Some people prefer the gliding motion, while others find the rocking motion more relaxing. Ultimately, it is a matter of personal preference.

What is the best recliner for sleeping?

Some people find that recliners are more comfortable for sleeping than beds. However, there are specialty recliners that are designed specifically for sleeping. These recliners often have a higher backrest and leg rest to support your body in a more comfortable position.

What are some of the benefits of using a glider recliner?

Glider recliners offer many of the same benefits as regular recliners. They are comfortable, allow you to customize your position, and can be a great addition to any room. However, glider recliners also have the added benefit of the gliding motion, which can help you relax even further.

Is a glider chair necessary?

Again, this is a matter of personal preference. Some people find that the gliding motion helps them relax, while others find it unnecessary. If you think you might benefit from a glider recliner, then it is worth considering.

What is the difference between a rocking chair and a glider?

Rocking chairs have a curved base that allows the chair to rock back and forth. Gliders, on the other hand, have a linear base that allows them to glide forward and backward.

How much does a glider recliner cost?

Glider recliners generally cost more than regular recliners. However, the price will vary depending on the features and quality of the recliner.


So, there you have it. These are some of the essential things to know about glider recliners so that you can decide for yourself which suits you best. You can follow these simple steps to check the best glider recliner in the market, what features they provide, the different price ranges, which suits best for a family with babies, etc. Fixing and resolving issues is not difficult as long as you read some of the instructions on the manual. Also, when you buy one, make sure that you check the warranty offers so that you can return it if it has any manufacturing problems.

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